Multi Table Launcher

The Multi Table Launcher is a cash-game feature designed to facilitate multi-tabling.

The new Multi Table Launcher icon Multi Table Launcher icon is located on the bottom right-hand side of the table view, above the Best Hand display and to the right of the Bad Beat Ticker. This feature is available for the race track and arcade tables views (currently not on mini view). The icon is only displayed when a player is seated. Once the player is seated, the icon appears with a speech bubble informing them that they can play more than one table at a time with an option to be seated at a similar table

The speech bubble remains open until the player closes it and the icon remains visible.

If the player selects the 'Don't show me this again' checkbox, the speech bubble is not displayed on any subsequent tables, however the icon remains visible.

A tooltip is displayed when hovering over the icon, with the following text:

When a player clicks the icon, a similar table is launched with the following rules.

The system will always display a table exactly the same as the player’s current table. If none are available, the following criteria will then be applied when looking for a similar table:

Players are only seated at an empty table if there are no non-empty tables available, i.e. a table that has players seated, but is not full.

The following tables are not considered:


This feature is currently on trial and if proven to be successful may be added to our Sit & Go Tournaments