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I mentioned a while ago that 32Red Poker now gives you more ways to use your Redbacks (RB). Remember that you earn Redbacks while you play, whether it’s on cash tables, in a sit & go tournament or scheduled multi-table tournaments. Quite simply, for every $1 you generate in rake or tournament fees, 32Red rewards you with 10 Redbacks and, as well as being able to use them for 32Red Poker’s multi-table tournament buy-ins, you can now play for ‘free’ in the Sit & Go section too (watch out for ‘RB’ next to the buy-in info).

I recommend the exciting world of Heads-Up tournaments. In fact there’s such a good selection on offer it’s worth taking the time to see which particular format suits you best. For example you can choose from a simple €5+0.50 HU match-up – which will cost you around 750 Redbacks – to win the €10 prize, start another one, and so on, or for the same RB750 outlay enter a 4-player HU winner-take-all tournament, win the same two matches and instead pocket €20 for 1st place. And if this challenge seems doable, then there are 8-player HU tournaments with a 70%-30% split for the two finalists. This means that winning the first two matches guarantees you a minimum payout of €12, and a €28 return for your RB750 if you win the final! Note that buy-ins go up to €10+1, while 8-player tournaments are available for €1+0.20/RB163 and you can play 1-on-1 HU for as little as $0.10+0.01 or 11 Redbacks!

As well as deciding between the number of players you must also choose between so-called Normal, Super-Turbo and Extreme formats. These are quite different in terms of blind levels and thinking time, so it is important that you find what’s right for your game. Normal HU means 8-minute blind levels, 25 seconds response time and a 60 second time bank, while in a Super Turbo you get 5 minutes, 20 seconds and 45 seconds respectively. Extreme lives up to its name with 2-minute blinds, only 15 seconds to make your decision and a 30-second time bank – considering that (with starting stacks of 1500 chips) in this case after 10 minutes the blinds will already be up to 100/200 whereas in the Normal format you’d be only a quarter way through the 15/30 level, the conditions can be drastically different.

Whichever you play in, remember that in these tournaments it is imperative you adhere to the age-old sporting golden rule of taking the matches one at a time. And remember, too, that it’s great fun!

Good luck at the tables!


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