Fish Party: Another day, another Jackpot Hit

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

Some people – let’s call them pessimists – see that a jackpot has been hit and think it’s no longer worth bothering to get involved. It’s too late. The chance has gone. Woops – read on…

Less than a week ago the progressive jackpot was hit in a €5 Fish Party game, with each of the three players in this fun, turbo Sit & Go format winning thousands in return for their very modest stake.

Did that mean there’d be a long wait until the next hit? Take a wild guess! Over the weekend another €5 game saw another jackpot being hit. This time the total had reached €25,476.21, and Cudrios (1st for €12,738.11), Arnoldukas (2nd for €7,642.86) and darude9 (3rd for €5,095.24) found their bankrolls increasing by vast amounts within minutes of the first cards being dealt.

Fish Party prizes are determined by a spin of the Fish Party slots game once all three players have registered. There are five buy-in levels – €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50 – and each has its own progressive jackpot!

So, don’t miss out – dive in!


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