Bad Beat Jackpot Hit: It pays to opt in!

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

When the Bad Beat Jackpot is hit – and it’s just been hit – it pays to have opted in. Failing to simply click the BB icon before playing at our Cash tables rules you out. Don’t miss out – opt in! Merely playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand is enough for a share of the spoils. You’ll see, below, what a difference a click makes!

Winning the progressive Bad Beat jackpot involves losing with a big hand – in other words, suffering a so-called bad beat. Of course, in this case there isn’t any actual suffering, rather a sizeable boost to your bankroll.

The latest hit came at a €20 max table, with the Jackpot Value when hit being €20,156. Four of a Kind – tens – lost to a Queen-high straight flush. The Hand Winner, NamasteGi, collected a cool €5,039 share… And (excluding the main table) how many players bothered to opt in? Answer: 1. Correct – just one player clicked the BB icon, and the reward was €1,007!

It’s not long until Christmas, and a nice present would be a €1,500 Live events package… Win the BBJ with 32Red Poker and you can choose between the MPN Poker Tour and Cash Game Festival. Have fun at the tables, good luck, and opt in to the BBJ!


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