Call, Raise, Pass the Poppadoms… and win a €1,500 package!

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One reason that we’re proud of our latest software platforms is the flexibility it gives our players. The perks of online poker are no longer limited to sitting in your underwear in your darkened living room while contemplating your next move. Of course, that’s still a perk, but so is being able to play ‘on the move’…

This facility is exactly what enabled Mick Smith to take part in the 8-player Cash Game Festival London freeroll that he’d qualified for while also enjoying a meal out at an Indian restaurant with his friends.

To earn a place in this and the 32-player freeroll – each with a €1,500 VIP package and €500 in cash – players simply rack up Redbacks at our Cash tables with the aim of finishing in the top 40 on the Leaderboard. Mick had managed to qualify and, with the prospect of winning a fantastic package for the first Cash Game Festival of 2019 (London, 30th January – 3rd February) too good to resist after two weeks of earning the chance, he gave it a go. As the starters and other culinary goodies kept arriving, Mick was simultaneously enjoying a tasty meal and an exciting poker challenge.

Mick: “This particular Saturday had been planned for some and we had arranged with 10 other friends to meet for a few drinks and a curry. As soon as we sat down, I frantically tried to connect to the restaurant wi-fi and proceeded to play whilst eating…”

Such dedication is what 32Red Poker players are made of but, understandably, Mick’s fellow diners initially didn’t fully appreciate why he was paying more attention to his phone. However, after explaining what was at stake, they soon became interested and even watched avidly until the end, when he emerged victorious, a €1,500 package to the good: “I got a round of applause when I announced I’d won”

… and what was the lucky meal he’d eaten along the way? (in case other players seek to emulate him when next dining out) … Chicken Nagaria.

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Our Cash Game Festival Leaderboard pays out two packages and €1,000 in cash every two weeks via the two freerolls, so hit the Cash games and you could be joining Mick in London as part of Team32Red.


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