(Yet Another) Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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The beauty of the Bad Beat Jackpot is that it could hit at any time. And so we find ourselves, a day after the announcement of a hit at one of our popular €20 max tables, announcing the second BBJ hit in as many days…

And this one came at a €20 max table, too. This stake is the lowest at which the Bad Beat Jackpot features and, consequently, tends to be the level which attracts most players. But, of course, the magic hand could be hit at any eligible stake.

The key issue for our cash game players is that only by opting in will you be eligible for a share of the jackpot when it does – inevitably – hit. Remember that the payout structure isn’t limited to the main protagonists – you need only to be playing at the same stakes as the actual hand to be rewarded with a slice of the jackpot pie. So, the next time you sit down to play at a qualifying cash table, simply click the BB icon in the bottom right corner to opt in, and you’re in contention. (Note that qualifying tables are €20 max and above, and that the BBJ opt in facility is available only on the Classic Software).

Bad Beat Jackpot

The latest hit came with the progressive Jackpot at €17,753. Four of a Kind – Jacks – lost to a Jack-high straight flush. As it happened, perhaps because players didn’t expect a hit so soon after Sunday’s (oops), not a single player on any other table at that stake had opted in. Had just one done so, they would have seen their bankroll increase by €1,775 just for clicking on the BB icon…

If the last two days’ events haven’t been enough of an incentive, we’ll remind you that a BBJ winner playing at 32Red Poker will also receive a €1,500 Live Events package! Have fun at the tables, and don’t forget to opt in if you want to be in with a chance of picking up a juicy chunk of cash when the BBJ hits.

Take me to a BBJ table, right away!

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