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Our Prima software continues to be tweaked, and here are the latest developments that will further enhance your online poker experience at 32Red Poker, whether you’re playing on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile!

Bet Slider Configuration

You can now configure your pre- and post-flop bet slider settings for both No Limit and Pot Limit games. To access the configuration options, select Bet Slider in the Table Settings menu options from the table or lobby menu…

Pre-flop configuration is configurable by multiples of the Big Blind, with default amounts being 2.5x, 3x and 4x the Big Blind, and the facility to adjust by increments of 0.1 Big Blinds.

Post-flop bet slider amounts are configurable by a percentage of the pot, and you can adjust the amount by increments of 5%.

Remaining Players in Tournaments

It’s now possible to view the number of players remaining in a tournament. You can find this information in the Tournament Info panel, accessed by selecting the [i] icon on the poker table.

The ‘My Position’ information is expressed as x/y, where x is your current position and y is number of remaining players.

Opponent Information

Information about opponents can be viewed, notes made and colour indicators applied. For example, desktop players can right click an opponent’s plaque to view their count of achievement badges…

Colours and notes are automatically saved and can be viewed, edited or deleted at any time. Notes and colour indicators are stored and shared across all Prima platforms, and any notes or colours from the Classic poker download client are imported to the new platforms. (Notes or colours assigned to an opponent are cleared if the opponent changes their alias).

On mobile devices this same panel is accessed by tapping on an opponent’s plaque, when notes can be viewed but not edited.

Tournament Break Fish Party Games

During tournament breaks you’ll notice Fish Party advertisements being displayed, enabling you to be automatically seated at a buy-in of your choice. You may close the transparent advertisement at any time, and it will anyway close a few seconds before the tournament resumes.

We hope you enjoy these latest additions to our constantly evolving software, and that you continue to have fun at the tables…

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