Bad Beat Jackpot: 2 hits in 6 days!

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The idea behind the Bad Beat Jackpot is that when someone loses with a very big hand, such as KKKK against AAAA, the loser in fact wins the BBJ. It’s the best bad beat story in poker.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving (see below), and with a payout structure which is so player-friendly that anyone playing at the same stakes as the BBJ hand is rewarded with a share of the booty… you just need to remember to opt in!

This is easy – simply click on the BB icon in the bottom right of the screen when you’re playing at eligible (€20 max and higher) Cash tables, and you’re good to go (Note that the BBJ opt in facility is available only on the Classic software).

As for BBJ hits, we’ve already had quite a few since the beginning of 2019, with two more in the last week. First, in a €20 max game, with the BBJ at €16,504, 5555 ran into a 5-high straight flush. 13 players had opted in at that stake, with each winning €126 for their trouble.
There was another hit yesterday, this time at a €100 max table. The BBJ at the time of the hit – which saw JJJJ lose to QQQQ – was €16,027. Only 2 players across the stake had opted in, so each saw their bankroll increase by a juicy €801!

This should already be more than enough to get your Bad Beat Jackpot juices flowing, but an additional incentive to get involved while you’re at our Cash tables is our 32Red Poker exclusive Bonus Prize should you win the BBJ at our tables – a €1,500 Live Events package.

Take me to a Bad Beat Jackpot table!

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