Bad Beat Jackpot Hit (we’re not surprised any more)

Published by Nick - 32Red Poker Manager on

If you’ve been keeping up with the number of times we report on the Bad Beat Jackpot being hit, then you’re probably remembering to opt in when you sit down to play at our Cash tables.

For those of you not yet acquainted with how the BBJ works, it’s a very special case of a player who loses with KKKK versus AAAA, for example, actually winning the Jackpot! It’s the ultimate in Bad Beat stories. And more than that – anyone playing at the same blind level as the BBJ when it hits gets a share of the spoils.

Just remember to opt in – by clicking the BBJ icon in the bottom right of the table – in order to make sure you’re eligible. Note that the BBJ pays out at Cash games of €20 max and higher, and that you can opt in only via our Classic Software.

The latest hit came at a €20 max table with the progressive Jackpot at €16,726. Four of a Kind – Fours – lost to a 5-high straight flush. Meanwhile, the number of players who opted in across the stake and who weren’t even playing at the main table was just three, so each saw their bankrolls increase by a juicy €557!

Finally, we don’t do things by halves at 32Red Poker, so if you win the BBJ when playing with us you’ll win an exclusive Bonus Prize in the shape of a €1,500 Live Events package! Have fun at the tables, and don’t forget to opt in…


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