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Richard Clarke recently won a €1,500 package at 32Red Poker for the MPN Poker Tour in Prague (2-5 May). This in itself is an impressive feat, but winning tournaments has become quite a habit for the 32Red regular who uses the alias TheSundayLizard.

In the following interview he gives us an interesting, personal insight into what makes him tick and how he has raised his already effective game to a new level. He even shares with us a few amusing ‘dislikes’ which might well resonate with a lot of our players…

Q: TheSundayLizard – what’s the story behind your poker alias?

A: My nickname has been Lizard for as long as I can remember, so when I got into poker it made sense to be called Richlizard (Rich being my Christian name, of course). I haven’t played poker regularly for quite a few years but when my personal life took a bit of a change towards the end of 2018, I decided to start playing again. At first, it was just on a Sunday… and that’s where TheSundayLizard came in! I now play most nights of the week, so the alias is a bit of a misnomer, really.

Q: Do you prefer online or live Poker?

A: It depends what for! If it is for socializing then of course it would be live. The problem there is I tend to take it a little too far on occasion which probably doesn’t help my reason for being there – to play poker.

So if I am being honest, live poker has always been for socializing for me, and if I want to see any kind of regular profit then it would have to be online. Having said that, I haven’t got too bad results from live poker – for a drunk!

Q: Tournaments or Cash Games? Or both?

A: Tournaments

Mr Clarke with fellow Team32Red players Paul Johnson and Richard Ward


Q: Why 32Red Poker?

A: For many years, my forum (Kracked Kings) was using Stan James on the Microgaming network. Many of us met and became friends with Nick Diaz when we saw him on the MPN Poker Tour. So when Stan James stopped their poker service, it was natural that we moved over to Nick and 32Red Poker.

Q: You’ve racked up twenty-five 1st place wins at 32Red Poker in 2019 alone! Have you made a conscious effort to improve this or that aspect of your game?

A: Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for telling me. Well, the answer is yes. I have quite a reputation for losing my temper and the inevitable tilt that comes with it. It’s an area I have always struggled with and Twitch followers will know all about it. But I think – or hope – I now handle those areas much better due to the audio-books I regularly listen to while out walking my dog before a long session.

Q: You’ve had success across a range of our tournaments and formats (Mosh Pit, Deepstack, Early Bird, King Tusk, The Most Interesting, etc.). Do you have any favourites?

A: I like the Deepstack games as there is plenty of play, but I guess my favourite game is the 8.30pm Early Bird. As a 1R1A, you don’t see any real lunacy and, again, there is plenty of play if you manage to make it to the add-on stage.

Richard ‘TheSundayLizard’ Clarke


Q: Which tournaments in particular would you say most suit your style, and why?

A: Anything without the word TURBO in it. I despise short blind levels with a passion, probably because – in my opinion – it reduces skill level and most likely the luckiest player will win, rather than the most skillful.

Q: Do you use a HUD?

A: No

Q: Worst thing about 32Red Poker?

A: It would be unfair to compare with Stan James as we had a longstanding partnership with them. So nothing really to complain about.

Alan Hayter (left), Richard Clarke (middle) and Richard Cunningham (right)


Q: Best thing about 32Red Poker?

A: The network, obviously. The games are numerous and well represented and are mostly good formats. Then, of course, there is the management team, always around to help or socialize with, especially on the MPNPT.

Q: You’ve had plenty of Live tournament experience, including as part of Team32Red – do you approach playing live differently to online?

A: Yes. Putting the inevitable hangover aside, it is important to remember that you are not playing 8 tables at once, so a more patient approach is necessary. The mental side has to be completely different, too. I find it very easy to allow myself to get annoyed with the player at the table who thinks we are all there for his benefit. You know the one… hoodie, sunglasses, massive headset, asking for chip counts on the first hand, talking non-stop about nothing but himself and generally holding the game up so everyone is aware what a superstar he is. It’s not his issue of course, it’s mine… so I might just invest in a massive headset!

Q: Word on the streets is you’re quite the avid pool player. Which would you consider yourself being most skilful at, pool or poker?

A: Haha. I love playing pool and if my eye is in I can compete with most. The problem is it doesn’t stay in long and I play mostly for fun… until I lose, then I get the raging hump and don’t know what to do with myself… maybe I should invest in a headset!

“Oh go on Boris. Crack a smile 😂”


Q: If you had to compare your poker face to that of an animal’s, which animal would that be?

A: I am too angry at the thought of the time-waster at the table and losing at pool to give this question any serious thought.

Q: And finally, will you be joining Team32Red at MPNPT Prague?

A: Short and sweet… yes. See you at the bar! I will be the one in a sparkling new headset.

If you’re feeling inspired after reading this interview, check out our comprehensive tournament schedule, which also features a user-friendly qualification set-up for the MPN Poker Tour.

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