32Red’s Poker Manager

Hello, my name is Nick Diaz and I work for 32Red PLC as a Poker Marketing Manager. Our team work relentlessly to meet the needs of the 32Red Poker community and we’re always looking to build and improve on our poker offering.


A little about myself:

At the age of 18, I left Gibraltar (my home town) for the UK where I studied languages at ‘Kingston upon Thames’ university. There I discovered the wonderful world of Poker, to which I dedicated my free time learning the game and hoping I would one day play poker for a living. Becoming a successful poker player wasn’t as easy as I had initially thought, so upon finishing my studies, I landed a customer services position at 32Red (who had literally just setup business) and continued on my destined path to becoming a successful poker pro. Over 10 years since that day… and I’m still chasing ‘the’ dream, but I now dedicate my efforts to sharing that dream with the players at 32Red Poker. As Poker Manager I am dedicated to online poker, and as a player myself, believe I am in a privileged position to understand player needs. I will continue to work my ‘Aces’ off to ensure that 32Red Poker delivers nothing but the best poker product and first class service to you all.

Good luck at the tables!