3 more 32Red BoM (€1,800) package winners!

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€1M Battle of Malta – Win a €1,800 package and be part of Team32Red!

We recently reported how the same 32Red player has won a €1,500 €1M Battle of Malta (26-31 October) package by hitting a royal flush in our Flush Royale tournament – for the second time. There are of course, numerous ways to get your hands on what has become our version of a golden ticket.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we hold either package or €550 Main Event Seat Finals, and there’s now even extra incentive… The new-look Malta package is worth €1,800 (up from €1,500).

The Sunday MPNPT 5 Package Final was a bumper event, with these juicy packages attracting lots of entries. When the dust settled, three more 32Red players each emerged with a €1,800 package.

These were vinniewho (2nd), TH3KIDM8 (6th) and DNIPRO2010 (7th), adding more power to an already very impressive Team32Red. We’re proud of our players representing us around the globe, not least the one-for-all attitude that is exactly what we try to promote at 32Red.

Battle of Malta Event Schedule

Poker isn’t all about winning money. Of course, that’s a bonus, but our giving players the opportunity to experience both the excitement of tournament poker and the holiday atmosphere that pervades these festivals is what we’re all about.

So, with this in mind, we hope that you make the most of our comprehensive, player-friendly satellite structure so that you, too, can find yourself winning packages and seats and wearing Team32Red colours at events such as the €1M Battle of Malta! The quest starts at a mere 55 cents, so what are you waiting for? It’s a proper no-brainer, and you could find yourself escaping the wind and rain for the warmer, inviting weather on the popular Mediterranean island!


€1M UCOP – Broaden your horizons!

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When we think about the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) that’s going on right now, with €1,000,000 in guaranteed prize money on offer, it’s only natural to see the money aspect. There is, after all, lots of it on offer! But it would be a mistake to let hard cash distract us from all that poker’s rich tapestry has to offer.

Poker – particularly tournaments – is a game that provides us with excitement, a challenge, the thrill of the chase and all manner of elements that make it so entertaining. Of course you should be aiming to win, to boost your bankroll here and there. But it’s the fun factor that keeps you playing.

This is why, as well as the more obvious attraction of the UCOP series, which features 88 events over a fortnight, the tournaments have been selected to offer a wide range of variants and formats…

We want our players to emerge from the UCOP experience having found new aspects of the game they normally wouldn’t have come across. And to make it easier from a bankroll point of view there’s a full schedule of satellites that makes all the events affordable.

So, whatever your favourite game is or your level of experience in tournament poker, get involved in this great series and you might find new avenues to explore as well as sharpen your game on the virtual poker battlefield.

Thanks to the €15,000 Leaderboard – which rewards not only tournament performances but also your sharing your UCOP adventures via social media, you could even find yourself being the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe! There’s also the overall winner’s prize… That’s €3,000 in cash and two fantastic €1,500 MPN Poker Tour packages – but it’s not all about the money, is it?


Fish Party: Another day, another Jackpot Hit

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Some people – let’s call them pessimists – see that a jackpot has been hit and think it’s no longer worth bothering to get involved. It’s too late. The chance has gone. Woops – read on…

Less than a week ago the progressive jackpot was hit in a €5 Fish Party game, with each of the three players in this fun, turbo Sit & Go format winning thousands in return for their very modest stake.

Did that mean there’d be a long wait until the next hit? Take a wild guess! Over the weekend another €5 game saw another jackpot being hit. This time the total had reached €25,476.21, and Cudrios (1st for €12,738.11), Arnoldukas (2nd for €7,642.86) and darude9 (3rd for €5,095.24) found their bankrolls increasing by vast amounts within minutes of the first cards being dealt.

Fish Party prizes are determined by a spin of the Fish Party slots game once all three players have registered. There are five buy-in levels – €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50 – and each has its own progressive jackpot!

So, don’t miss out – dive in!


Cash Game Festival: New Leaderboard, Next Venue…

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A new Cash Game Festival Leaderboard started over the weekend, and now you have a new event to win a €1,500 VIP package for in the shape of Tallinn (21-25 November), the Cash Game Festival’s home.

Now firmly established as one of the international poker scene’s most buzzing series, this is the perfect target for online players who simply prefer cash games to tournaments and have thus far not had any natural events to aim for that are tailored exclusively for them.

Cash Game Festivals continue to break records at venues around the globe for the number of cash tables running simultaneously. The norm nowadays is non-stop action, with a variety of games and buy-in levels, from start to finish.

Winning one of the two €1,500 VIP packages via our ongoing Cash Game Festival Leaderboard (we also give away €1,000 in cash prizes) gives you hotel, money for travel/expenses, €500 in stake money and a VIP Hospitality package. This means that, as part of Team32Red, you get the full poker holiday experience on and off the tables.

And because we embarked on a partnership with Cash Game Festival to reward our loyal cash game fans, qualifying is a simple matter of having the usual fun at our cash tables. Automatically collect Redbacks (and, of course, enjoying our 30% Instant Rakeback deal while you play) and secure a top 40 spot on the Leaderboard. This earns you a place in one of our 8 or 32-player Freerolls, each with a package and €500 in cash.

Have fun, good luck, and we’ll see you in Estonia!


€1M Universal Championship of Poker

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€1M Guaranteed across 88 Events

Sunday sees the start of what promises to be an action packed two weeks of the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP). Loads of tournaments, plenty of variety in terms of format, buy-ins to suit all bankrolls and a nice round number as far as prize money goes: €1,000,000!

We like to do things to the max at 32Red, so to jack up the tension to fever pitch there’ll be a €15,000 Leaderboard in which to get involved. You earn points through both tournament performances and simple tasks that help spread the poker word, such as sharing your UCOP adventure on social media.

For some it will be the glory that counts, because the overall winner can call themselves Greatest Poker Player in the Universe as well as be awarded a trophy that will confirm this boast. But the prizes are worth winning, too, with €3,000 in cash and two €1,500 MPN Poker Tour packages going to the overall winner, and thousands in prizes for many more.

With dozens of tournaments to do battle in and a host of juicy guaranteed prizes, you could well see your bankroll get a nice boost this month, and topping off the series is the UCOP Main Event (23rd September), which will break the all-time UCOP record thanks to the prize fund of €100,000.

Remember that you can enjoy UCOP on our latest state-of-the-art software, which is available for laptop, tablet and mobile phone so that you can get the most out of 32Red Poker wherever you are… Have fun, and good luck!


Fish Party: Dive in – the water’s full of cash!

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A Fish Party jackpot was hit last night, and that means all three players in the turbo Sit & Go won a share of the booty, which had reached €38,968.77 at the time! Not bad for a layout of €5…

Prizes in this format are determined by a spin of the fish party slots game once all three players have registered, and the return could be anything from twice the buy-in to hundreds of thousands!

There are five buy-in levels – €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50 – and each has its own progressive jackpot. Even the €1 level currently stands at over €7,500, while for the €50 game it’s an eye-watering €377,000+

Yesterday’s €5 Jackpot game was won by NeoNyx7, who was rewarded with a whopping €19,484.39. Djcitir finished 2nd for €11,690.63 and 3rd placed omahahaii had to ‘settle’ for €7,793.75, which must be the best prize for finishing last that that player will ever receive…


32Red Player hits Jackpot … again!

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We love it when 32Red players hit jackpots and win big prizes, and when England’s Dale Harper won a €1,500 MPNPT Tallinn package for hitting a royal flush in our Flush Royale tournament in 2016, he was rather excited, too.

Since then, numerous others have found themselves proud members of Team32Red, enjoying big money poker festivals around the globe thanks to a €1,500 package won in a single hand in our popular €3 buy-in nightly tournament.

The most recent jackpot winner is… Dale Harper. Yes – the Yorkshireman has done it again! Perhaps Dale should change his alias, dezzie82, to Lucky#2 because he’s won a bumper €1,500 package to the biggest MPN Poker Tour event yet – the hotly anticipated €1M Battle of Malta (26-31 October).

Like last time, he had to wait for the royal flush to materialize on the last two streets before celebrating. He was dealt Qh Jh – not as strong as AJ in 2016, but it doesn’t matter when you’re Dale Harper! The Flop came Js Ks 10h so you could be forgiven for barely even entertaining the prospect of the Ah and Kh providing a miracle by appearing on the Turn and River to fill the royal flush.

But this isn’t your ordinary player, this is Dale Harper of Doncaster, Flush Royale’s Chuck Norris, and the only two cards to give him his second jackpot win dutifully arrived!

We asked Dale how he felt when he hit the runner runner royal – this is what he said: “I couldn’t believe lightning could strike twice but it did! Roll on Malta…”

Roll on Malta indeed. From a €3 investment Dale bagged a €1,500 package, and he could parlay that into big money in the €1M extravaganza.

So could you! As well as Dale’s route and other Specials, we have Package/€550 Seat Finals every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with ‘feeder’ satellites daily, and buy-ins starting at a mere 55 cents.

Click here for more details on how to qualify, and we (and Dale) will see you in Malta!

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Record €14 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot: It could be you!

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Yes, that’s €14 million and rising! It’s smashed the record for the biggest ever online slots jackpot and it’s waiting here at 32Red’s Mega Moolah Casino Slots game for someone to hit.

This is THE time to take a break from whatever you’re doing to have a go at walking away with millions and make history in the process. Just think what you could do with all that shiny cash…

The previous record online slots win was 13 million, won by a British soldier. Butcher, baker, candlestick maker – who cares? Win this baby and you won’t be turning up to work again.

The Mega Moolah jackpot has already been triggered six times this year, with the average amount won over 5 million, yet this bursting-at-the-seams jackpot is nearly three times bigger than these already massive payouts! It WILL hit, someone WILL win, and the running total is continuing to rise every second.

Click here to play, have fun, and good luck!

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The route to High Society just got smoother!

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that the €215 buy-in, €7.500 Guaranteed High Society tournament is only for high rollers. You can earn a spot for the weekly event (Sundays at 19:30 GMT) via ‘feeder’ satellites that start at a mere €5.50.

And we’ve just made it even easier to qualify – we’re lowering the minimum amount of players needed for the twice daily Turbo Rebuy Feeder to 3 Seat Mega Feeder to… ONE!!!

If just one player registers the tournament will still kick off, with one €55 seat guaranteed. This means if you’re the only one who bothers, you sail straight into the €55 stage for only €5.50!

Success there and you’re automatically registered for the €7,500 High Society, and for a fraction of the actual €215 buy-in.

High Society


Tournament Details

– €5.50 buy-in Turbo Rebuy Feeder to 3 Seat Mega Feeder at 17:20 & 20:10 GMT, Monday-Saturday and 13:12 & 14:20 GMT, Sunday.

– €55 buy-in 3 Seat Mega Feeder to High Society at 16:00 GMT, Sunday.

– €215 buy-in, 7.500 Guaranteed High Society every Sunday at 19:30 GMT.

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Cash Game Festival – What’s the big deal?

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Cash Game Festival

The best cash games in town!

32Red is proud to be partners with the exciting Cash Game Festival and, given the success story that has seen these cash game events become so popular, here’s a brief explanation of what the buzz is all about.

Whereas you expect to see poker tournaments in casinos around the globe, a festival that focuses exclusively on Cash Games might at first seem less likely but, as soon as you think about it for a moment or two, the idea is perfectly natural! 32Red Poker has countless cash games running, after all, so why wouldn’t there be demand for those players who favour cash over tournaments to be able to enjoy playing cash games in a festival of their own?

And that’s where Cash Game Festival – the brainchild of Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk – comes in, having identified this gaping hole in the international poker scene and subsequently devising and honing a player-friendly set-up that not only provides plenty of action across multiple formats and stakes, but also an exciting and even feverish atmosphere to go along with it.

This is why we run an ongoing fortnightly Cash Game Festival Leaderboard – based, simply, on racking up Redbacks (poker loyalty points) while you play cash and qualifying for one of two Freerolls, each with a €1,500 VIP package and €500 in prizes!

The idea is to build up a Team32Red presence at these events, with a package giving qualifiers Accommodation, Travel/Expenses, a VIP Hospitality Package and a cool €500 in stake money. Additionally, our players get to play on the Live TV Table, while the venue-related VIP Hospitality Package is tailored to give qualifiers an all-round holiday experience in popular destinations such as London, Bratislava, Tallinn…

So there you have it – if you like to play cash games, now you have the chance to experience the thrills and spills of a Cash Game Festival holiday courtesy of 32Red. Have fun, good luck, and we’ll see you at the next Festival – Bratislava (19-23 September)!

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