€32K Cash Drop: Latest News

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Our €32K cash Drop is up and running, so players are advised to enjoy maximum fun at cash tables in order to make the most of this promotion, which runs until 21 August.

With €5 ‘dropped’ randomly into cash players’ accounts every five minutes(!) until €25,000 is given away, there’s plenty to play for and, as we always like to do at 32Red Poker, we’ve thrown in the added thrill of a €5K Leaderboard to spice up proceedings.



Each time you’re rewarded a cash drop (which goes straight into your account and is available for immediate use) you receive a point towards the Leaderboard, which boasts 275 cash prizes, with €500 going to the eventual winner. And there’s more – whoever occupies the top spot at the end of the promotional period will receive a special bonus prize in the form of a fantastic, all-inclusive €1,500 package to a MPN Poker Tour event, while the runner-up will win a €550 MPNPT seat. With the Tour taking in venues that have thus far included Vienna, Sofia and Tallinn, and Morocco playing host in November, these prizes are well worth fighting for!



At the time of writing the Leaderboard is taking shape, with gradus40 and SannyW leading the challenge with 3 points each, 17 players hot on their heels with 2 points and a further 155 making their presence felt after securing a point. All of these players have at least once been the recipient of a €5 cash drop, so join them in the quest simply by having fun at our cash tables, pick up some free cash and battle for the extra prizes. You can keep up to date on your progress by checking out the Leaderboard’s morning updates.

Enjoy your time playing cash games, and good luck!

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Fish Party Jackpot Poker

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Every so often something comes along that adds a bit more spice to online poker, and at 32Red we’re proud to launch Fish Party, which is sure to be a hit. It sounds fun, and it is fun, because it combines the excitement of Sit & Go poker with a progressive jackpot, and even throws a bit of online casino slots into the mix!

If you’re a Sit & Go fan, Fish Party may well be your new favourite form of poker entertainment. If you’ve yet to experience the joys of Sit & Go play, then what better place to start than a game with tiny buy-ins and potentially enormous payouts? Moreover, for those with limited time put aside for poker this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the thrills and spills of competition (and win some cash, too!).


The format consists of 3-player tournaments with buy-ins to suit all bankrolls, ranging from €1 to €50. Once you’re seated at a Fish Party table, the prize pool will be determined at random with the help of a themed mini slots game. Typically it will be winner-takes-all, but with bigger prize pools it’s shared. For example, the lowest buy-in Fish Party S&G might have a €6 prize for the winner, but anything above €100 is split 50%/30%/20% so that everyone is guaranteed a juicy payout.

With only two players to compete against to bag the booty, jackpots as high as 5000 times the buy-in, and with a progressive jackpot, there’s certainly plenty to play for, and a great deal of fun to be had.

As for tactics and strategy, the dynamic can be a little different to the more traditional set-up, not least because at the start of the tournament you’re already down to only three players, who are all tantalisingly close to the prize. This could lead to varying styles being adopted, from ultra cautious to overly aggressive. Some will play only premium holdings while others might well come out all guns blazing with pre-flop all-in attempts from the off – in fact it’s not unusual to find yourself up against one of each of these players! As is often the case with poker, the situational element means picking up information and getting a feel for the opposition as you go along.

Dive into Fish Party Sit & Go poker, have fun and win big! Good luck!

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Bad Beat Jackpot… Another Hit!

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If you’re new to 32Red Poker and not yet opting into the Bad Beat jackpot, then here’s a reminder why you should make a habit of it when you’re playing cash games. It’s not rocket science – it’s a simple matter of clicking on the BB icon and you’re good to go.

As well as the progressive jackpot having chunky prizes for the main protagonists, the player-friendly payout structure also rewards opted-in players with a share just for playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand.

The latest hit happened on a €200 Max table, with the jackpot total running at €22,637.71. Four of a kind, Jacks, ‘lost’ to KKKK, and a couple of the players at the table had remembered to opt in, thus adding juicy amounts of cash to their bankrolls. Moremannen, the Bad Beat winner, won a massive €9,507, while table share winner felson1 earned €2,716!


Meanwhile, three other players at the same blind level had opted in, and were rewarded for clicking the BB icon with €452.75 each…

We like to give away fantastic prizes at 32Red, so we recently added a great bonus prize for the BBJ winner in the form of a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package!

Have fun at the tables. Good luck, and remember to opt in…

Play Big Money Poker in Morocco!

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MPNPT Morocco (10-13 November, 2016)

Gone are the days when the point of playing poker was nothing more than actually playing poker, to the point that it didn’t really matter where. Since the online poker explosion the game has become almost universally accessible, and the poker world is no longer exclusively populated by what many saw as the mercenary old guard who were intent on nothing more than grinding out a profit – today’s game is more akin to golf or chess or other recreational pastimes. It’s a fun challenge, with poker having the advantage of offering players the chance to win life-changing amounts of money!

Qualify for International Poker Festivals

Ironically, now that the game can be played wherever we can find an internet connection, it’s possible for online poker rooms to offer all poker enthusiasts the opportunity to qualify for big money ‘bricks & mortar’ events, and the qualifying process is such that it can be done for pennies.

This is exactly what we’re doing at 32Red Poker! As the MPN Poker Tour has grown in stature, so has the number of 32Red players attending poker festivals in places such as Tallinn, Vienna and Sofia increased. We’re now very proud to be so well represented on the international poker circuit, and we want to keep it that way by giving you the chance to enjoy big money poker, sea and sands at the next leg of the MPNPT, in Morocco, 10-13 November, 2016. Held at the luxurious Mazagan Beach Resort, complete with a golf course, spa, restaurants and nightclubs, this is an event that’s well worth qualifying for. And the guaranteed prize fund is €125,000…


Win a €1,500 Package

If you’re ready for a poker holiday in an exotic location, then you can buy a €1,500 package via 32Red Poker, but it’s a great feeling to sit down to play after winning your way there, so we’re hosting a range of qualifying tournaments and bankroll-friendly satellites.

The €1,500 package includes the €550 entry to the Main Event (€125,000 Guaranteed), entry into the €110 Side Event, accommodation, including breakfast (for you and a guest) for four nights at the Mazagan Beach Resort, €250 towards travel and expenses and an invitation to the MPN Players Welcome Party.

Satellites and other qualifiers come in various forms, and offer a range of entry level buy-ins. Go to Tournaments > Satellites in the poker lobby for tournament listings, including so-called ‘feeders’ to latter stage satellites such as the weekly Sunday Package Final.

As always, have fun at the tables, and good luck!

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Referendum Freerolls: Part 2 – Results

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As the old cliché goes, a week is a long time in politics, and a great deal happened after the UK voted to leave the European Union. At 32Red Poker we held our own unique poll in advance of the big day in the shape of two €500 Freerolls – namely Remain and Leave. Players were invited to choose one or the other, with the result being Remain 40% and Leave 60%

Millions of people signed a petition in the (futile) hope of getting a second vote, but we have our own rules at 32Red and decided to give players a second chance to have their say, and, of course, to enjoy another two €500 Freerolls!

The results proved quite interesting. The run-up to our aptly named Referendum Freerolls: Part 2 saw our original poll result virtually repeated exactly, with entries hardly altering initially from 60%-40% in favour of Leave. However, we can report that, when the dust had settled, opinion was much, much closer than last time, with the final numbers being:

Remain 49%

Leave 51%


So there you have it. Our UK poker community had initially ‘voted’ overwhelmingly to leave the EU but, only a week or so later – perhaps influenced by the subsequent bizarre goings on in British politics, the 20% gap had narrowed to the point of being almost level…

We hope our players found the re-vote interesting and that fun was had in these bonus freerolls. We endeavour at 32Red to provide as much poker enjoyment as possible, whether this is in the form of such freerolls, opportunities to win packages for big money poker festivals and a host of ongoing promotions. Have fun, and good luck at the tables!

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32Red Poker Referendum Freerolls: Part 2

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Since the UK voted to leave the European Union last month there’s been a clamour for a re-vote. We have our own rules at 32Red Poker, so we’d like to have a re-run of our unique pre-referendum poll and host two more €500 Freerolls! No need for a petition – we just want to give you another opportunity to have your say, as well as another chance to play a fun tournament and win some cash…

The two freerolls – each with €500 in guaranteed prizes – will be held at 8pm (UK time) on Sunday 3 July. Register for either the Remain or Leave tournament according to how you feel about the UK leaving the EU, and we’ll announce the results the following day to see if our poker community’s opinion has changed since our initial poll result, which was:

Remain 40%

Leave 60%


At the time of writing the entries thus far reflect Remain 41%, Leave 59%

Are you a Leave voter who now regrets your decision? Did you vote Remain but now feel excited at the prospect of the UK going it alone? Have your say in our Referendum Freerolls: Part 2 and have fun and win money along the way.

Don’t forget that registering for both Remain and Leave tournaments means forfeiting your right to a cash prize. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the tournaments schedule(s) in the Poker Lobby to take advantage of the great range of bankroll-friendly tournaments available at 32Red Poker.

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Poker Rule: Opt in to the Bad Beat Jackpot!

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Thanks to the Bad Beat Jackpot, you can win big by losing an ‘unlucky’ hand at 32Red, and you can also earn a share of the jackpot booty just by playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of receiving a cut of the progressive jackpot prize is remember to opt in when you play at our cash tables, and it’s simply a matter of clicking on the BB icon.

Recently, quite a few players were more than happy that they opted in when the jackpot was hit three times during a six-day period. Here’s a rundown of what happened so that you can see how it’s possible to boost your bankroll by hundreds of euros and more even if you play at €20 max tables, for example.

June 19th saw the BBJ hit on a €100 max table when the running total was at €18,977.50… Four of a Kind, Jacks, lost to KKKK, which meant that the two players who had invested a few seconds opting in with a mere click of the BB icon each found themselves €948.87 richer simply because they were playing €100 max, too!


A day later, this time on a €20 max table, and with the Jackpot standing at €17,723.86, 5555 lost to 8888. This time three players had opted in, each pocketing €590.79!!


Are you getting the idea…?

On June 25th the BBJ was hit yet again, on a €50 max table. The Jackpot had reached €18,720.53 when a Queen-high straight flush lost to a royal flush(!), leading to a great example of just how much you can win by opting in and being ‘there’ when the jackpot is hit: two players – kuilu8 and Gustavsberg – who had opted in and were at the jackpot table were each rewarded with €1,560! Meanwhile, the only other player who had opted in saw his bankroll increase by €624, just for playing at the same blind level!


As an additional incentive, the latest development at 32Red Poker is that the actual BBJ winner will also receive a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package!

Have fun at the tables. Good luck, and remember to opt in…

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When a Bad Beat is great news

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It’s an unspoken rule of the poker world that we’re all guilty of breaking at one time or another – telling someone our bad beat story. Hang around a poker tournament during a break and you’re guaranteed to witness someone animatedly recalling a hand in which everything was going perfectly until disaster struck and a cruel turnaround of fortune saw the storyteller snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

At 32Red, poker fans have a chance of actually rejoicing when they suffer such a reverse thanks to our player-friendly, multi-payout Bad Beat Jackpot. See your four eights lose to four nines on the river and, as long as you’ve opted in, you’ll win the biggest payout share of the progressive jackpot – your bad beat will, for once, be great news.

The jackpot prize money is distributed in such a way that involvement even at the same blind structure is enough to qualify for a chunk of the money. All you need to do is opt in by clicking on the BB icon, and you’re good to go.

Due to the value of the ‘losing’ hand being lowered a while ago, the jackpot tends to be hit more often than we might expect. In fact, during the last few days it’s been hit twice, with quads losing to straight flushes, and so few players remembering to opt in that they had four-figure sums added to their accounts!



Let bad beats be good news – opt in when you play at our cash tables at 32Red!

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Another Flush Royale Hit!

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Our €3 buy-in Flush Royale tournament, which is held every night at 8pm (UK time), isn’t just a fun, popular fixture because it’s a cheap buy-in tourney with €500 in guaranteed prizes. There’s also a special prize for hitting a royal flush – namely a fantastic €1,500 package to the next leg of the MPN Poker Tour, which will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, 11-14 August.

A royal flush has always been seen as an extra special kind of ‘achievement’ in poker – if we win a few euros with a royal in a cash game, or one of many hands in a tournament, our excitement is simultaneously tinged with a feeling of disappointment that we didn’t receive any more than is the case with ‘normal’ hands that go our way. However memorable, these events are ultimately no different from when we win with king-high.

This is not the case, however, with Flush Royale, and numerous 32Red Poker players have found themselves with more than just a fond memory after hitting a royal flush. The latest recipient of Lady Luck’s fortune is Ronald Alino (alias: RapsCC). Ronald, who hails from Toronto, Canada, has been a 32Red player for well over a decade. He’s also taken full advantage of the bankroll-friendly satellite structure we provide so that poker enthusiasts can make the most of the qualification process to find themselves at big money poker festivals around the globe. Thus far Ronald has qualified for events in Dublin, Tbilisi and Vienna, enjoying some exciting times both at the tables and in and around a collection of European capital cities.

The €1,500 Tallinn package includes the €550 buy-in for the Main Event, €100 buy-in for the €15,000 side event, four nights for two at the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel and €250 towards travel/expenses, and this time Ronald won the prize with a single hand after hitting the royal flush.


Here’s how it happened… Dealt Jc 10c, Ronald joined two other players to see the Flop bring Kc 8c Ks. All three checked and the Turn was the Ac, meaning the Qc would fill the magical hand. Put all-in by an opponent holding a K, Ronald duly called and Christmas came a couple of seasons early when the river was indeed the Qc!!

In Ronald’s words…

“32Red continues to offer great tournaments like the Flush Royale. I was lucky enough to win a MPNPT package by winning a hand with a royal flush. I had Jc 10c and called preflop. No one raised and there were two other people in the hand. The flop came Kc Ks 8c. Everyone checked. Turn Ac. First player to act checked, I checked and the other player in the hand shoved all in with Kh 4h. The player who initially checked for some reason used up all the time he was allowed to take – which was over two minutes – and then folded. For those two long minutes I had to continue to play six other tables while carefully avoiding an accidental misclick and folding a royal flush draw. I then called in the hope of the Qc. River Qc. I wasn’t sure if I had won the bonus because no one on the table seemed to notice and/or didn’t care. All I know is that I am going to play in the next MPNPT event thanks to 32Red.

I’ve been to three MPNPT events in the past and it gets better each time. I would say it is a good experience for any poker player. I look forward to playing in the next event and hope to be fortunate enough to win more packages in the MPNPT satellites.”

So after missing a visit to Tallinn when it first played host to the MPNPT last year, Ronald will now get a chance to see Estonia’s pretty capital in August thanks to a hand in a €3 buy-in tournament. Easy game, poker…

Remember that at 32Red Poker there are numerous qualifying routes to MPN festivals, with satellites starting as low as 25 cents! Go to Tournaments > Satellites in the Poker Lobby to see the schedule, and keep tuning in to 32Red Poker to look out for special satellites, too, where you can win €500 MPN seats as well as the €1,500 package.

Have fun, and good luck!

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Bad Beat Jackpot – it could be you!

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If you’ve not been opting into our player-friendly Bad Beat Jackpot while playing at the cash tables then you’ve missed out on a chance of some juicy cash prizes. The jackpot keeps getting hit, and opted in players keep being rewarded.

There’s even more reason to opt in because we’ve added a great bonus prize to the Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker – now the winner will receive a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package, too! The Estonian capital, Tallinn, plays host this summer (11-14 August), and whoever hits the Bad Beat will also be awarded this fantastic package to the €150,000 festival.

Don’t forget that you only need to be playing at the same blinds when the crucial hand hits to be eligible for a share of the money, and opting in couldn’t be easier – simply click on the BB icon!


The latest jackpot hit came at a €20 max table, with the running total having reached € 29,661.56… This time four of a kind, sevens, ‘lost’ to four tens and the 13 players who had opted in each won a bankroll boosting €228.16… Don’t miss out – opt in!

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