Bad Beat Jackpot Fever

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If you’re not opting in to be eligible for a share of the Bad Beat Jackpot, then you’re missing out! It continues to be hit, and opted in players at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand are collecting.

The progressive jackpot total was €16,623.73 when four of a kind, sixes, lost to four sevens on a €100-max table. Only two players at the €100-max tables opted in, each receiving €831.18 for simply clicking on the BB icon! Do the same – don’t miss out…

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit…AGAIN!

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There must be something in the air at 32Red Poker because the Bad Beat jackpot keeps getting hit. The latest lucky opted in recipients had barely had time to count their money when, with the progressive jackpot total at a juicy €30,894, another qualifying hand appeared on a €50-max table. This time an 8-high straight flush coincided with a 10-high straight flush!

Don’t forget that you can opt in by simply clicking on the BB icon, while playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand is enough for a share if the spoils. 10 players did exactly this, and each won €280!

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit!

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The Bad Beat jackpot has been hit yet again!

The progressive jackpot total had reached €33,026 when a qualifying hand appeared on a €20-max table, four of a kind, jacks, ‘losing’ to four kings…

Opt in by simply clicking on the BB icon, and you can win a share of the booty just by virtue of playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand. This time 12 players who were not at the actual table did this, and each received €275!

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit!

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The Bad Beat jackpot has been hit! With the progressive jackpot total at €33,862 a qualifying hand came on a €50-max table when four of a kind, sixes, ‘lost’ to four tens…

Remember that if you opt in (by simply clicking on the BB icon) you can win a share of the spoils just by playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand. The three players (not even at the table!) who opted in each received €1128.74 – for a simple click!

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€5,000 in Cheltenham Poker Freerolls

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And they’re off! We like to celebrate horse racing’s biggest meeting of the year, the Cheltenham Festival, at 32Red Poker, so this year we’re hosting four great freeroll tournaments – one for each day of action. It will cost you nothing more than a few raked hands, and we’re giving away €5,000 in prize money!

All tournaments start at 8.30pm UK time, and first off (Tuesday, March 10) is the €500 Champions Day Freeroll for which the entry requirement is merely 1 raked hand in the previous 24 hours. You can increase your chances or try again should you fall at the first hurdle (ahem) with €1 rebuys and a €1 double-value add-on.

Then comes the €750 Ladies Day Freeroll (50 raked hands during the week to play) to mark the meeting’s nod to the fairer sex on Wednesday March 11. Of course women are successful online poker players, so chauvinists beware!

Everyone will be hoping for the luck of the Irish on Thursday March 12 when the Guaranteed prize fund of the St Patrick’s Thursday Freeroll is €1,250 (you’ll need only 100 raked hands in the previous month to play this one).

Finally, on Friday March 13 the going could be rough in our 100% free €2,500 Gold Cup Day Freeroll.

And don’t forget that if you want to place bets on any races at the Cheltenham Festival itself you’ll find great odds at 32Red Sport – your poker account is all you need to start betting.

Weekend Freerolls: €2,500 in Guaranteed Prizes

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Take full advantage of a freeroll frenzy at 32Red Poker this weekend because we’re giving away €2,500 in Guaranteed prizes over four tournaments. Maximum possible reward for zero outlay is what we’re all about, and there’s something for everyone in terms of tournament format.

Starting at 5pm UK time we have a €250 Flip Freeroll in which everyone is all-in, every hand, until a winner finally emerges victorious. This is followed by a good old Classic Freeroll at 9pm – the entry requirement for this freezeout is just a single raked hand, and there’s €500 up for grabs in guaranteed prizes.

Log on again at 5pm (UK) on Sunday for the exciting €750 Survivor Freeroll. In this format, at the end of a specific time period the lowest stacks are eliminated, with the final 10% or so of the survivors each receiving an equal share of the prize fund.

The grand finale is the €1,000 Classic Freeroll at 9pm, for which you’ll need to make 32 raked hands to take part.

Have a great weekend of freerolls, and enjoy some fun poker!

Win Your Way to Poker in Tbilisi

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32Red Poker is certainly a great place to try your luck at qualifying for ‘live’ poker festivals around the globe. The latest place on which to set your sights is Tbilisi, the historic Georgian capital, which this Spring will play host to the latest leg of the MPN Poker Tour.

Going from strength to strength, this tour is well worth winning a place in, and satellites start from (literally) pennies! Given that your potential reward for such a tiny investment is a €1,500 package, there’s no excuse for not giving it a go. Furthermore, there’s a format to suit all poker tastes, so whether your favourite tournament game is a standard No Limit Hold’em Freezeout, Sit n Go, Turbo or Rebuy you can plug away at the package to your heart’s content. To add some fun value there are even Flip format qualifiers, where everyone is all-in every hand (you don’t even have to be logged on to take part – merely registering is enough).

Remember that satellites and qualifying tournaments in general are unique in that your aim is to progress through the stages toward earning your seat, rather than ‘making the money’ – it’s a good idea to keep that in mind as you play, as well as the fact that these packages offer an opportunity to win big money (the most recent MPN Poker Tour, in Tallinn, boasted more than €20,000 for 1st place).

Meanwhile, the package alone is a bumper prize, including free buy-in to the Main Event, hotel accommodation for the festival for you and a guest, money towards travel/expenses and a drinks reception to get you in the mood…

Live poker is great fun and never fails to be a rewarding experience for poker fans, so give yourself a chance to play for big money in an exciting atmosphere in Tbilisi…

Click here to find out more.

Have fun, and good luck!

Be a Tour Player of the Year at 32Red Poker

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Giving the buzz of a ‘live’ poker festival a try is already enough of an incentive to get involved in our qualifying satellites, but now you could be in with a shout of earning a prestigious Player of the Year title. This year sees the introduction to the MPN Poker Tour of a new Player of the Year race, with tournaments at MPN Poker Tour festivals during 2015 counting towards the overall leaderboard.

The eventual winner will not only be the proud owner of a unique trophy but will also earn the right to free entry into all the MPN Poker Tour main events in 2016! The leaderboard will be powered the Global poker Index, which provides rankings for top live tournaments.

Click here for opportunities at 32Red Poker to qualify for live poker festivals, and this time next year you could be looking forward to a host of top quality poker tournaments for free!

The Bad Beat jackpot has been hit!

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With the progressive jackpot total at €30,802 a qualifying hand came on a €400-max table when four of a kind, Jacks, ‘lost’ to four Queens…

Remember that if you opt in (by simply clicking on the BB icon) you can win a share of the spoils just by playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand. The two players at the table who opted in each received €2,310, while the sole opted in player at the same stake earned €770 for a simple click!

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AngusD’s experience at MPNPT Tallinn…

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Like many people, poker is a passion. I love to play poker and, of course, I find myself thinking about poker. Anyone who has read my articles knows I particularly like to think about how we think about poker – the psychological aspect of the game fascinates me. While there’s more psychology in online poker than people might consider, the ‘live’ format presents us with a different set of questions and situations because we can both see and hear our opponents (and, don’t forget, we’re also exposed).

Not surprisingly I always look forward to poker festivals which, fortunately, also tend to take place in some interesting parts of the world. Tallinn was no exception, the pleasant-on-the-eye Estonian capital being the perfect setting, and the Olympic Casino Olümpia, part of the luxury hotel, Radisson Blu Olümpia, where our players were staying, the perfect venue.

After an enjoyable evening with my fellow 32Red Poker players and indefatigable 32Red Poker Manager, Nick Diaz, the evening before the Main Event, I sat down at my table the following afternoon and had a look at my opponents, who all hailed from Estonia and a couple of other former Soviet countries, with the exception of a Scandinavian and an empty chair. As it happened this chair proved decisive, because while it remained empty I couldn’t have been happier. However, the late arrival of a talkative, dominating Swede, seated to my left, seriously cramped my style. The dynamic of the table changed completely due to a combination of his endeavours to steer it his way and the table’s apparent willingness to let him, despite what seemed to be almost cliched behaviour on his part. His big river bluffs were believed and his big river bets with the nuts were called, and he gleefully engineered a mountain of chips.

I sat there trying not to get too frustrated. A couple of attempts to get involved with my potential benefactor/nemesis backfired. In one particular hand with the Swede and one other I had Ac, 6c and the flop brought Ad, 6s, 7c… There was no point my being aggressive as previously the table bully had backed off completely at the sniff of trouble, so I let him build the pot as the Turn delivered the very welcome 2c, and the third player stayed in. My two pair and a nut flush draw, conveniently out of position, was looking very promising whether or not I hit the flush. I wasn’t thinking about the other player too much; I simply put him on a decent hand – AK, for example, which he should have been raising with, but perhaps he was concentrating his efforts on trapping the Swede rather than scaring him off. The River was the 8d, and I again checked. The bet inevitably came – not all-in this time – and was met a call from the third player. I smelled a rat and called with my two pair. I was right about the other player – he had effectively misplayed AK. Alas the Swede had been sitting there with 9d, 5d and had filled his gutshot on the river. He got lucky but, to be fair, he had also made his own luck for much of the day and had been reading players well.

But in a poker story reminiscent of Icarus (who flew too close to the sun, remember), after building up loads of chips and putting himself well in contention, our ‘hero’ saw his stack(s) dwindle as poor river bluffs contrived to secure a fairly rapid demise, thus demonstrating that a failure to adjust can have serious consequences. Having said that, copious amounts of alcohol won’t have helped him, either, and therein lies another lesson.

I was eventually eliminated just before the end of Day 1 when, finding Aces for the first time, I managed to get all-in against a big stack, but his pair of fives found a third playmate on the Flop.

And that, as they say, was that.

I went out of a side event with another good hand, this time my Q-high straight running into a K-high straight. C’est la vie.

A nice festival, in a nice place, with a good bunch of 32Red Poker players.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

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