Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit, paying out multiple players who opted in and were playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €49,473 when four of a kind, twos, lost to four nines. Five players at that limit opted in, each receiving €989 for simply clicking on the BB icon!


Do the same – don’t miss out…

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Flush Royale Jackpot Winner Heading For Dublin

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Everyone and his dog, whether or not they play poker, has heard of a royal flush, the dream hand. We all tend to come close to getting it and, no doubt, will have played some hands pretty badly simply because staying in a hand longer than we should increases our chances.

32Red’s exclusive Flush Royale tournament offers a jackpot for hitting a royal flush, the latest being a €1,500 package to the Dublin leg of the MPN Poker Tour. Near misses are one thing, actually making the elusive hand is another – but Shirley Lal (aka PoKeRiZeR) did just that, and she will join her fellow 32Red Poker players in Dublin, September 2-6, battling it out in the €250,000 Main Event.

With a €300 Guaranteed prize fund, the €3 rebuy Flush Royale, which takes place every night at 8.30pm UK time, is already a fun tournament even without the Jackpot, and Shirley won’t have given much thought to Dublin when dealt Kd Jd until, that is, the flop brought Ad Td 8d…

Shirley sent us a screenshot of her diamond royal flush

Shirley sent us a pic of her diamond royal flush

With the nut flush in the bag, she was tantalisingly close to filling a royal flush with the Qd. Alas the first bite of the cherry brought a blank, but the proverbial ‘luck of the Irish’ might have played a part in delivering the Qd on the river, and it was time to clear the diary for early September!

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32Red Players Heading for Dublin

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There’s still plenty of time to qualify for the Dublin leg (September 2-6) of the successful MPN Poker Tour, and all sorts of ways to win either a €1,500 package or the €500 buy-in. And it couldn’t be more bankroll-friendly, with satellites starting at only 22c.

Given the fact that the Main Event has a guaranteed prize fund of €250,000, there’s no wonder the qualifying process has proven popular.

Thus far Angus Dunnington (AngusD), Adrian Nica (Lawliet1) and Bruce Shannon (BIGSHANN0615) have all won packages. 32Red players have also managed to win their €500 seats: namely Simon Millard (Bada_Bing72), Samuel Welbourne (barrelinmonroe), Simon Taylor (TTayseer555), who would have been unlucky not to progress after poor fortune led to successive near misses, and the aforementioned Adrian Nica (Lawliet1), who now has a useful re-entry to add to his package win.

For information about the qualifying process click here. Remember, too, to keep your eyes peeled for our Specials tournament section in the Poker Lobby, the Saturday Surprise, for example, often having MPN Poker Tour prizes to win.

Festival of Speed at 32Red Poker

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One of the attractions of online poker is the tempo of the play and how the game runs nice and smoothly. This brings with it a lot of flexibility in terms of thinking time, the rate at which blinds increase in tournaments, and so on.

Speed is the theme of 32Red Poker’s latest promotion, the Festival of Speed, which runs July 10th-26th, 2015. Spread over three different sectors of the varied poker output, there’s something for everyone, and it’s anyway worth trying out all three parts of the festival as carrying out three simple tasks will see €5 being added to your account.

First, the Super Turbo Micro Stakes MTT Series provides a daily fix for multi-table tournament fans as well as a great opportunity for those new to tournament poker. With tournaments held every day at 8pm UK time, and very low buy-ins (from 50c to €2), the focus is on speed. There’s also the matter of there being €15,000 in prizes!

If you’ve not yet experienced the fun and potentially profitable Blazing Cannon game, then now is a good time. This is a game to which you are sent after completing 20 raked hands at the Blaze Poker tables. You fire a poker chip from a cannon to win up to €100! The idea behind Blaze Poker is that as soon as you fold a hand you’re transported to a new table, straight into a new hand – no waiting around.

Also during the festival there will be Added Money Turbo SNGs to take part in where up to €20 will be added to the prize pool.

Just to make sure you appreciate that being part of the Festival of Speed is a no-brainer, if you get involved in all three parts of the promotion you can receive €5 as part of the Festival of Speed Achievement promotion. Fulfil three simple tasks (win a hand while playing in a turbo tournament, play Blazing Cannon and win a prize, play a scheduled tournament) and collect €5.

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New ‘Hot’ Slot at 32Red Poker

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There’s a new slot game to enjoy at 32Red. The aptly named ‘Hot as Hades’ is, as the name suggests, themed around the Greek god of the underworld. Accessed via the Casino tab in the 32Red Poker lobby, the game features a quest to Mount Olympus, complete with mini-films with 3D graphics and great animation. Expect to both see the funny side and to taste a bit of the Classics, thanks to the presence of Medusa, Poseidon and Zeus and, of course, the three-headed Cerberus.

When scatter symbols trigger the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus game, players can win up to 100,000 coins, and that’s a lot of coins…

Meanwhile, your funny bone will be in for more action next month when we release our Bridesmaids Online Slot. Based on the film of the same name, this is an online casino’s spin on the chick flick genre, and promises comedy, great features and wins aplenty!

2 more Dublin packages won at 32Red

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Two more 32Red Poker players have battled their way to the Dublin leg of the MPN Poker Tour, earning two of the three €1,500 packages available in a hard-fought MPNPT Sunday Package Final. Vladimir Pastushenko – whose alias is ‘DNIPRO2010′ – had already qualified for the MPN events in both Tallinn and Tbilisi. He found his way to the Sunday Final by winning a ticket in one of our twitter giveaway promos.

Also qualifying was Angus ‘AngusD’ Dunnington, 32Red‘s longtime poker ambassador. He earned his Sunday Final ticket in another satellite and will be looking forward to a second chance at the MPN Poker Tour after being in the Tallinn leg.

Remember that you can literally qualify for pennies as satellites start at 22c!

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MPN Poker Tour Dublin Seat Winner

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Another 32Red Poker player is on the way to Dublin!

Ireland’s capital will host the next leg of the MPN Poker Tour in September, and at 32Red there are all sorts of ways to earn your place in this €250,000 guaranteed event. In this case “barrelinmonroe” battled through a €75 buy-in MPNPT Seat Only qualifier to win a Main Event €500 seat.

As well as the buy-in for Dublin it’s also possible to get your hands on a €1,500 package that includes hotel accommodation, spending money and an additional buy-in for a €120 side event. Satellites start at 22c, so check out the qualifying options now and start playing.

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

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We like a nice juicy jackpot at 32Red Poker – one such being the Bad Beat Jackpot where, to add a bit more spice, the jackpot’s biggest winner achieves the goal by losing a hand; hence the name. See your AAAA lose to a straight flush, and your ‘compensation’ for the bad beat is the lion’s share of the jackpot.

This progressive jackpot keeps increasing until it is hit, at which point varying shares of the booty are paid out to those who are involved by virtue of their simply opting in – even playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand then makes you eligible for a payout!

Our latest hit came has been hit came at a €20 max table, with the jackpot value being a whopping €71,329. Four of a kind, fives, ‘lost’ rather poetically to 6666. Two 32Red Poker players, malcb and checkrise, happened to be at the table in question and, because they had opted in (by simply clicking on the BB icon) they each received a ‘table share’ payout of €2,734.28! Nice.

In fact across the stake 16 players had had the foresight to opt in, and they were each rewarded with a cool €356.64 for doing so. When at the cash tables, don’t miss out… opt in.

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32Red Player Qualifies for Dublin

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Poker is an ‘everyman’ game rich in potential for every player, regardless of the size of their bankroll. At 32Red Poker we like to give all our players a chance to experience all aspects of the game, and one such is the MPN Poker Tour.

The next stage of this successful tour will be in Dublin in September, and the qualifying quest can be embarked upon for as little as 22c – a poker proverbial no-brainer given that the packages you can win are worth €1,500!

This weekend ‘Lawliet1’ – who has been playing at 32Red for over six years – won a Dublin package in the MPNPT Sunday Final. Earlier he played in our exclusive Saturday Surprise, which had a buy-in of only a few euros but five €190+10 tickets for the Sunday Final on offer.

Note that this is just one way to get your hands on a €1.5K MPN Poker Tour package. Satellites are available at various stages of the process, so you can start at whatever level suits you best.

Have fun, good luck, and we hope to see you on the MPN Poker Tour!

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Be Part of Our €50K Cash Drop

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We say that good things proverbially ‘drop’ on to our laps – well it’s time for another €50,000 Cash Drop at 32Red Poker where, quite simply, we’re going to randomly ‘drop’ cash on to our cash games.

All you have to do to be in contention for free and instant money is play at our Real Money cash tables between June 12-25 and, every five minutes, we’re going to award someone with €10. The money is credited to accounts immediately so you can do you what you like with it – play a great value multi-table tournament, try out some Sit n Go poker or simply continue at the cash tables. This last option is probably a good idea anyway because we’re going to keep making these €10 ‘drops’ until we’ve given away €40,000.

And there’s more – there’s a further €10,000 on offer in our Leaderboard, where those who win these drops earn points to be eligible for more cash prizes (1st prize is €1,000).

So play cash games and wait for money to drop into your account! Good luck.

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