The Transparency of the Minimum Raise…

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No Limit Hold’em is so-called for a reason – unlike Limit poker, where our betting choices are defined by the limit put on how much we can add to the pot at each betting juncture, NL affords us literally unlimited flexibility.

However, when presented with such an abundance of choice we are also given the opportunity to make mistakes, and the minimum raise is one such fundamental part of the NL game that in some respects – for the vast majority of players – is best avoided altogether.

Let’s see why… Read more

Short-handed No Limit Poker Tips

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Years ago, when first introduced to online poker, we would start off on the No Limit path by sitting down at full-ring games, where the conventional, solid ABC approach tends to be a good foundation on which to build a repertoire of strategies. It’s a good idea to do the same today, not least because it teaches us to have patience and appreciate the (relative) value of starting hands.

However, short-handed poker is so popular now that we tend to try out the murkier waters of 6-player tables earlier in our careers, and it’s important to appreciate the implications of there being fewer players at the table. Read more

Poker Psychology – We should be so lucky…

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Most of us like to think of ourselves as being optimistic. Yet when it comes to luck we tend to be negative in that we feel good things seem to happen only to others, and that we appear to be going through life missing out.

Of course some people will have more than their fair share of good fortune, while others will be on the other end of the scale. However, luck is linked to a frame of mind in that if we have the right kind of attitude we are going to benefit on more than one level. Read more

Poker Psychology – Know Yourself

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Poker is no different to all sorts of other sports, games and activities that have in common a high level of personal effort and input. It’s not a team exercise. Lady Luck plays her role, of course, but that evens itself out over time and consequently renders luck’s contribution irrelevant.

Ultimately we’re left to our own devices and, this being the case, it’s imperative we understand ourselves as well as possible in order to get the most out of our abilities and skills and – equally important – address and reduce the detrimental impact of our weaknesses. Read more

Turbo Tournaments: Modern Poker

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I’m not too sure when the proverbial ‘good old’ days of poker were because today’s internet oriented game is so rich in variation and choice that it’s difficult to imagine a more appealing environment. What is clear, though, is that purists past and present would not consider turbo tournaments to be ‘proper’ poker. Yet not only are these the face of the modern game, but it is worth putting in some effort in order to take advantage of those players who believe the format to be lacking in skill and – fortunately for those looking for an edge – who play for fun or because they mistakenly believe turbo tournaments to be ‘easier’ than more traditional competition (or simply because they tend to be over quite quickly – always an attraction to those with limited time). Read more

Flush Royale Jackpot Hit!

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Jackpots are good. The word in itself already conjures up a bit of excitement, and the prospect of hitting a jackpot adds a bit of spice to the game, whether it’s for a Bad Beat (when a big hand ‘loses’ to a bigger hand) or for finding yourself with a Royal Flush, as is the case for 32Red’s fun Flush Royale tournament, where a whopping €1000 is waiting for anyone who manages to hit poker’s magical hand using both hole cards.

One such player who did this – and on New Year’s Eve, no less – is LuckyRacoon (yes – someone called Lucky saw good fortune come his way; funny old world). No doubt happy to see in the New Year by playing in the well structured, €250 Guaranteed tournament, LuckyRacoon was dealt Ad Qd, got jiggy with it and the flop came Ah Kd 9s. His opponent had K9 and thus hit two pair, and the poker gods sent through the ether the Jd on the turn and then what must have been a beautiful looking Td to complete the royal flush. And with it a welcome €1000 jackpot.


He had this to say:  It was a great start to my 2014, when on New Years eve, i played the 32Red Flush Royale tournament, starting at 9pm, and gaining popularity, day, by day, including a few 32Red regs, and thanks to 1 regular (Juicy-puice) hitting Her 2 pair on the flop, helped me to see the river card, and very fortunately, i hit my royal flush, and in so doing, i had a nice little bonus of €1000. I bubbled the prize pool, but felt only fair to the rest of the players; can’t be too greedy ;)

A big thanks goes out to Nick Diaz, and all at 32Red, for putting on great promotions, and i hope they all continue. You have now got one great big fan :)

For those looking to get their hands on the jackpot, the Flush Royale tournament is held every night at 9pm (UK time) and has a buy-in of €5+1, 1500 starting chips, 8-minute rebuys, €5 rebuys (1500 chips) and a €7.50 add-on (3000 chips).

Good luck at the tables!Luck

New 32Red Poker Achievements

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Our Achievements system, which is designed to help players have fun while they learn and develop their game and, ultimately, receive virtual badges as a reward, is getting bigger and better.

There are three new Achievements to aim for, each with a nice twist. The first, entitled Royal Treatment, is described thusly: ‘One must have one’s butler deliver poker’s highest possible hand to earn this badge!’ Clearly the ‘Royal Bank’ task for this quest for the badge means making a royal flush (in any game), and it is understandably classed as ‘hard’ in terms of difficulty. The ‘Royal Flogging’ badge (have you spotted the theme?) involves losing at showdown to a royal flush and is also a toughie…


But even more difficult, and thus a bigger feather for your proverbial poker cap, is the ‘Lady Fingers’ badge, for which you must lose with a full house against someone’s straight flush.

The beauty of the Achievements system is that there is something for everyone, with some of the tasks (and their various components) being easier than others. There’s no time limit within which badges must be won – you simply learn and earn at your own pace. Another advantage of Achievements is that the incentive for badges means exploring aspects of both the game itself and what 32Red Poker has to offer.

Note that Play Money poker fans can also take part in Achievements.

Good luck at the tables, and earn those badges!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Christmas Comes Early with 32Red’s Blaze Cash Drop

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There’s no need to wait until Christmas Day for gifts because we’re giving away over €10,000 in the form of a €10 Cash Drop every ten minutes, from 9-15 December! The promotion will run exclusively on our fantastic 6-max Blaze Poker tables. The lucky recipients are notified and paid immediately, and there is the added bonus of everyone at the table being alerted to the fact that you’ve just become €10 richer (there’s nothing like a bit of old-fashioned green-eyed envy to induce in your opponents a dash of tilt).

If you haven’t tried out our Blaze Poker tables already, the beauty of this format is that clicking on the special ‘Quick Fold’ button automatically folds your hand (without waiting for the play to reach you) and immediately sends you through the ether to a new table with a new set of hole cards, and a new set of opponents. Whenever you’re dealt a two-card helping of rubbish or you don’t want to play a further part in a hand, simply Quick Fold and move on to pastures new.

Apart from having advantages in terms of helping you tighten up your game (or avoid being too loose) because impatience should no longer be an issue, Blaze Poker also gives players more hands per hour with which to make the most of our excellent 30% Rakeback deal. Multi-table, and the rewards are even greater, of course.

Meanwhile, getting involved in the Blaze Cash Drop also means you have a chance to be transported to our fun Blazing Cannon video game – win 20 raked hands and you earn a shot at a €100 prize. Once you’ve played the game you’re dealt back into your cash game. Click here to find out more.

Good luck at the Blaze Poker tables!

32 Days of Poker

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For lots of people Christmas might be no more than visiting relatives we’d rather avoid, politely eating brussels sprouts at awkward family dinners and a couple of weeks on a diet of turkey and aging mince pies. Add to this an annoying blizzard of Christmas-themed television (even the cinemas join in) and tinsel and decorations and loads of other Christmassy stuff as soon as you set foot out of the house, and the chance to enjoy some poker will be a welcome oasis of calm.

Luckily for you, 32Red Poker’s fun-filled 32 days of Poker is here. Running from December 1st until January 1st, the extended Xmas festivities have something for everyone, from value-added tournaments to bonuses and, of courses, presents in the form of Freerolls.

It’s a lovely load of baubles… simply click here to visit our special advent calendar, with 32 baubles decorating our 32Red tree. Behind each bauble a surprise awaits for each of the 32 days. On Thursday 5th December, for example, there’s a €5+€1 buy-in €100 added Flush Royale tournament at 9pm UK time (hit a royal flush and win the €1000 jackpot!), while on Day 20 you can receive 50 bonus chips just by logging on!

The Xmas season’s specials culminate in the Goodbye €2013 Freeroll tournament on 28-29th December (9pm UK time on both nights; play 2013 raked hands during December to qualify) followed by the Hello €2014 Freeroll on Wednesday 1st January (5pm UK time).

If Blaze poker is your thing, the Blazing Cannon game will also have a Xmas theme (from Monday 2nd December). To qualify for the Blazing Cannon feature simply win 20 raked hands on any €0.05/€0.10 or €0.25/€0.50 Blaze tables and the game will launch, complete with snow and Father Christmas, and a chance to win €100…

Good luck at the tables! Have fun, and keep checking out what Christmas goodies are coming your way during the 32 Days of Poker.

32Red Poker Achievements

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Achievement is a word we tend to use rather rarely these days – usually because we don’t achieve as much as we would like. But that’s going to change now thanks to 32Red Poker Achievements. This is a system aimed at helping players have fun, learn and develop their game as they play and, with each milestone reached, enjoy a sense of achievement during their poker quest.

Everything and anything about poker is covered in Achievements, a set of varied tasks (each broken down into points, or ‘Pips’) being carried out to earn badges. The more you learn and experience, the more badges you are awarded as your Achievements list broadens. These are also badges of honour in that you can display a badge at the poker table when you play.

There’s also an added bonus for poker fans whose significant others might view their passion for the game with less than average enthusiasm – now you can say that your time devoted to poker has goals and meaning, that your efforts will be rewarded with ‘official’ acknowledgement!

Master Achievements and earn badges

Master Achievements and earn badges

As far as learning and experience are concerned, Achievements offers up tasks that mean you’ll find out all sorts of new stuff, both about the game itself and the snazzy features and facilities at 32Red Poker that you might otherwise not have discovered or appreciated.

With tasks and their components ranging from easy to achieve to the more taxing requirements, there’s something for everyone and – to emphasise the ‘each at their own pace set-up’ of the system – you simply tick off points and receive badges here and there as you go along.

From trying out different poker variants to winning a pot with each of the 169 Hold’em starting hand combinations, there’s a smorgasbord of poker to get your hands on and notch up achievements.

The one-for-all, everyman badges system is also available to those Play Money enthusiasts who have not yet ventured into real money games.

Good luck at the tables, and earn those badges!

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