Bad Beat Jackpot Hit at €70K!

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There are big jackpots at 32Red Poker, and one of the most interesting is the Bad Beat Jackpot, which not only pays out large sums to very lucky ‘losers’ (e.g. when 8888 loses to AAAA), but also those involved both in the hand itself and even anyone who opted in at the same blind level.

This time the progressive jackpot had ballooned to a juicy €70,261.06 when four sixes lost to an ace-high straight flush at a €200 max table. The eight players at these stakes who had opted in by simply clicking on the BB icon each received a tidy €780.67 for their shrewd thinking…

Play for the Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker!

Remember to opt in!


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Team 32Red Expands for Dublin leg of MPNPT

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Poker is fun, and winning is a nice bonus. Ronald Alino, from Toronto, Canada, who goes by the alias lil_J, is no stranger to winning at 32Red Poker. He earned himself a great ‘bonus’ over the weekend when he won Sunday’s MPNPT Package Final, pocketing a €1,500 package for Dublin’s hosting of the MPN Poker Tour (2-6 September). No stranger to the tour, having taken part in Tbilisi, let’s hope Ronald tastes success in Dublin.

Those of you who’d like to try out the atmosphere of a poker festival – not forgetting the €250,000 in guaranteed prizes in the Main Event in Dublin – can still win a seat or a package in our nightly Last Chance satellites. These run every evening (at 7pm UK time) until 30 August.

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Last Chance MPN Poker Tour Satellites

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If you like the idea of ending the summer with some exciting live poker, then at 32Red Poker during the second half of August we’ll be running a packed schedule of Last Chance Satellites for the MPN Poker Tour in Dublin (2-6 September). In fact we’re guaranteeing €20,000 in seats and packages, so take a look at the schedule and sort out your poker diary for the next fortnight!

The tournaments start on Monday, 17 August with a €20 rebuy offering two €500 seats for the €250,000 guaranteed Main Event. Note that all tournaments start at 7pm BST, running until 30 August. Remember, too, that you can enter the qualification quest at any point of the process, and satellites start with buy-ins as low as 25c!


Good luck, and maybe we’ll see you in Dublin…

mitaka & all3css11 qualify for Dublin

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Team 32Red Poker’s assault on the MPN Poker Tour in Dublin (2-6 September) is gaining strength, with two more talented players winning their way to the €250,000 Main Event. Dimitar Dimitrov (alias: mitaka) had already played in the Battle of Malta back in 2013, and won a €1,500 package after emerging victorious in a battle of 32Red Poker fans. Meanwhile, Nicolae-Alexandru Preda (alias: all3css11), who had previously qualified for Tbilisi, won the €500 seat in the weekly (Tuesday) final.

The satellite set-up to qualify for festivals such as Dublin are fun, a bankroll-friendly way to learn and, of course, offer players an opportunity to get their hands on big cash prizes – satellites start as low as 25c, so what are you waiting for…

Keep your eyes peeled this month for numerous tournaments with €1,500 packages on offer. For more details about how to qualify for the MPN Poker Tour click here.

Mission5: Poker Goals at 32Red

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Like life, the attainment of poker success is very much a mission. We set ourselves goals, try to achieve them and, hopefully, have a lot of fun along the way. At 32Red Poker we want to help you gain experience while simultaneously adding to your bankroll, so we’re giving away instant rewards of €10!

How it Works

As usual with our promotions, it’s simple – all you have to do to collect your cash is complete five ‘missions’ during August. And it’s easy:

  • Get dealt pocket Aces in Hold’em
  • Make a bet/place a blind at a Blaze Poker table
  • Make a bet/place a blind at an Anonymous table
  • Play a Sit & Go tournament
  • Play a Satellite tournament

Once you’ve managed these we’ll put €10 into your account. Simple. You’ll be able to get the most out of Blaze Poker, where there’s no hanging around waiting for hands to finish because as soon as you fold you’re transported to a new hand at a new table, straight into the action. And if you find that others’ use of poker tracking software cramps your style you’ll love our Anonymous tables.

Meanwhile, enjoy the excitement and convenience of Sit & Go poker, and don’t forget to try out the ultimate poker mission – qualifying for big money live events via our satellites.

Have fun with Mission5 at 32Red!

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More MPNPT Dublin Packages Won at 32Red Poker

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You still have a month or so to qualify for the MPN Poker Tour in Dublin, 2-6 September. Given that satellites start at 25c, the package is worth €1,500 and the guaranteed prize fund in the Main Event is a cool €250,000, a poker session with Dublin in mind couldn’t be more bankroll friendly, fun and potentially profitable.

With this in mind, three more 32Red Poker players won packages over the weekend. Kevin Greathead (kevathallam) played the €5 rebuy Saturday Surprise Special and, emerging the winner of the package on offer, will be very happy that he did. Meanwhile, everyone else at the final table received a €190+10 satellite ticket for Sunday’s MPNPT Dublin 20 Packages Gtd special tournament. Vladimir Pastushenko (alias: DNIPRO2010), who seems to have the knack of qualifying for the MPN Poker Tour, won one of these tickets, and he made great use of it a day later by picking up another package. Lawson Lietjuan (Lawliet1), another previous qualifier, also took one of the 20 packages.

For more details about how to qualify for this exciting tour, click here.

Win one of 20 MPN Poker Tour Dublin Packages

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Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant, friendly capital, has given us the likes of Oscar Wilde, U2 and even the phrase ‘chancing your arm’ (apt words, indeed, for poker fans).

The city will play host (2-6 September) to the MPN Poker Tour, where the Main Event of what promises to be a fun, exciting poker festival will have a guaranteed prize fund of €250,000. We’ve been running satellites to suit all pockets and players at 32Red Poker, and at 7pm UK time, Sunday 2 August we will be holding the MPNPT Dublin 20 Packages Gtd special tournament which, as the name suggests, will have 20 €1,500 Dublin packages to win!

The satellite process being what it is, you can qualify for qualifiers, with buy-ins to kick off your MPN quest starting at a mere 25c. Meanwhile, at 8pm on Saturday 1 August, our Saturday Surprise Special has a buy-in of €5 and offers a €1,500 Dublin package for the winner and €190+10 satellite tickets (for use in Sunday’s 20 Packages tournament) to the other players at the final table!

See you in Dublin…

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit, paying out multiple players who opted in and were playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €49,473 when four of a kind, twos, lost to four nines. Five players at that limit opted in, each receiving €989 for simply clicking on the BB icon!


Do the same – don’t miss out…

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Flush Royale Jackpot Winner Heading For Dublin

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Everyone and his dog, whether or not they play poker, has heard of a royal flush, the dream hand. We all tend to come close to getting it and, no doubt, will have played some hands pretty badly simply because staying in a hand longer than we should increases our chances.

32Red’s exclusive Flush Royale tournament offers a jackpot for hitting a royal flush, the latest being a €1,500 package to the Dublin leg of the MPN Poker Tour. Near misses are one thing, actually making the elusive hand is another – but Shirley Lal (aka PoKeRiZeR) did just that, and she will join her fellow 32Red Poker players in Dublin, September 2-6, battling it out in the €250,000 Main Event.

With a €300 Guaranteed prize fund, the €3 rebuy Flush Royale, which takes place every night at 8.30pm UK time, is already a fun tournament even without the Jackpot, and Shirley won’t have given much thought to Dublin when dealt Kd Jd until, that is, the flop brought Ad Td 8d…

Shirley sent us a screenshot of her diamond royal flush

Shirley sent us a pic of her diamond royal flush

With the nut flush in the bag, she was tantalisingly close to filling a royal flush with the Qd. Alas the first bite of the cherry brought a blank, but the proverbial ‘luck of the Irish’ might have played a part in delivering the Qd on the river, and it was time to clear the diary for early September!

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32Red Players Heading for Dublin

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There’s still plenty of time to qualify for the Dublin leg (September 2-6) of the successful MPN Poker Tour, and all sorts of ways to win either a €1,500 package or the €500 buy-in. And it couldn’t be more bankroll-friendly, with satellites starting at only 22c.

Given the fact that the Main Event has a guaranteed prize fund of €250,000, there’s no wonder the qualifying process has proven popular.

Thus far Angus Dunnington (AngusD), Adrian Nica (Lawliet1) and Bruce Shannon (BIGSHANN0615) have all won packages. 32Red players have also managed to win their €500 seats: namely Simon Millard (Bada_Bing72), Samuel Welbourne (barrelinmonroe), Simon Taylor (TTayseer555), who would have been unlucky not to progress after poor fortune led to successive near misses, and the aforementioned Adrian Nica (Lawliet1), who now has a useful re-entry to add to his package win.

For information about the qualifying process click here. Remember, too, to keep your eyes peeled for our Specials tournament section in the Poker Lobby, the Saturday Surprise, for example, often having MPN Poker Tour prizes to win.

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