Chasing Redbacks


Chasing Redbacks (June 5 – July 2)

It’s the one-fits-all promotion! Chasing Redbacks pits you against … you. You don’t have to be bothered about competing against other players because the whole point of this promo is that you simply continue enjoying the smorgasbord of poker we put together at 32Red. You can diversify, try out new formats or games, or just keep on playing the same games, hitting the same tables that you always do. The key is to have fun. Then, at the end of each of the two chases, we’ll tally up how many Redbacks you’ve racked up and reward you with a bonus…


The more Redbacks you accumulate, the bigger the no-strings-attached cash prize that will be added to your account – note that this is on top of the 30% Rakeback you’ll have already earned from picking up loyalty points playing cash games and in tournament fees and so on.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – for four weeks! The first Chase gets underway June 5 at 00:00 GMT, running for a fortnight until 23:59 GMT on June 18 when, a minute later, the second half of the promotion begins with a fresh Chase, ending at 23:59 GMT, July 2.

So let’s get down to business – you can keep tabs on your progress under My Account > View My Loyalty Points  and we’ll sort out the rest when the dust has settled.

Have fun, good luck, and collect those Redbacks

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