Mission Freeroll: €50K to be won!

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There’s another one of those no-brainer promotions happening at 32Red (9-25 March) that you’d be a fool to miss. Mission Freeroll puts a very tasty €50,000 worth of prizes on the line for you to take full advantage of.

Easy Money

Two €1,000 Mission Freerolls will be held every day during the promotion, at 5pm and 7pm GMT, and to get your hands on tickets all you need to do is play in any of the qualifying games – namely €10 Max and higher Cash games, Sit & Gos with minimum buy-ins of €2 and Scheduled Tournaments with a minimum buy-in of €5 – and complete simple daily tasks (e.g. winning a NLH pot at showdown with less than a pair).

Bonus Bonuses

In addition to the daily €2,000 in prizes we’ll be awarding the winner of each Freeroll an Immediate Bonus that can be anything from €250 to €1,000!

And to make your playing time as flexible as possible, the tickets will remain valid for up to 7 days, so you can choose when to jump into the action.

And that’s it. So, have fun at the tables, pick up free tickets and good luck in the Mission Freerolls!

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€50,000 King of Hearts

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Father Christmas might not be around for a few months, so we’re bringing some early festive spirit to the summer at 32Red in the shape of our wonderfully simple €50,000 King of Hearts promo.

We like to have numerous promotions on the go at the same time, and August is no exception, with this one being literally free money. The set-up is as follows: every time you show down a flush in Hearts at an eligible cash table, we’ll credit your account with €5!

This is an instant, no-strings cash prize that’s available to you immediately and, just to keep matters nice and simple, merely showing down the Hearts flush is enough to earn the reward – we don’t care of you win the hand, the money will go into your account regardless!

The promotion begins at 00:00 (GMT) on August 11th and ends when the last of the €50,000 has been awarded, the point being nothing more than to reward our players for enjoying their poker at 32Red.

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€32,000 Depositors’ Freerolls

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In poker, as in life, it’s always a good idea to have goals. This month your task is to make minimum deposits, qualify for special Depositors’ Freerolls that boast €32,000 in guaranteed prizes, and then win loads of cash – and maybe get your hands on the €1,500 MPN Poker Tour Malta package and €550 seat that are up for grabs. How’s that for a plan? 

This particular promotion runs for three weeks from February 6, with the three tournaments taking place on three consecutive Tuesdays, each at 6:30pm (GMT), starting on February 14. The guaranteed prize funds increase with each event, beginning with €5,000 for the opener, €10,000 for the tournament on February 21 and a whopping €15,000 pool for the finale on the 28th. 


In order to be eligible to play you need only make a deposit of €10 or more during the qualifying period of each of the freerolls. This is enough to earn your seat at the virtual baize with a starting stack of 1,000 chips. However, we’re giving players the chance to earn themselves some extra ammunition in the form of an additional 2,000 chips! The good news is that, to be able to sit down with a bumper 3,000 stack, the only requirement is that you do what you were planning to anyway – i.e. play poker! Simply achieve 100 or more raked hands in the seven days before a freeroll and we’ll award you the extra 2,000 chips. Easy. 

If you’re new to tournaments, freerolls provide a perfect – and very entertaining – way to learn the ropes, and if you take full advantage of this promotion you’ll have three bites at the cherry and some juicy prize money to aim for along the way. Have fun and good luck!

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Double Winnings for ‘mcrobo’

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Play for a €20,000 Jackpot every night at 32Red Poker!

Play for a €20,000 Jackpot every night at 32Red Poker!

‘mcrobo’ doubles his winnings on 32Red’s Jackpot Tournaments!

Next time you see the alias ‘mcrobo’ playing at the 32Red Poker tables, make sure to congratulate him for his performance in last night’s Jackpot Tournaments.  Not only did he finish 4th on the 123 game winning €92.68 but he also claimed the top spot on the 321 game banking a further €365.76.  This brought his tournament winnings up to €458.44, which we then doubled in conjunction with our Jackpot Tournaments promotion.  In total ‘mcrobo’ ended up with a €916.88 thanks to a good day’s work at the 32Red Poker tables.

Here’s what ‘mcrobo’ had to say:

“When I made the first final table, I was really excited, on the second game I was hovering about 11th for sometime and managed to get a double up to put about 3rd so it was a matter of holding onto my chips and playing tight and aggressive in both tournaments. When I took down the first one after a serious heads up battle there were about 5 players left on the other final table and it was a matter of keeping my head above the water as there were two massive chipstacks there, the adrenaline rush was unbelievable as I knew EVERY hand I was getting involved in was for the €20,000.00 Jackpot as well as the double winnings, unfortunately when we were down to 4 payers I made a move with Ace 10 only to be called by Ace Jack and with a flop of Jack Jack Nine and no help on the turn or river my jackpot dream was over. I am still over the moon at receiving an additional $645.00 to my bankroll and I am all out to achieve this again, it was certainly one of the most exciting games I have played online.”

€20,000 Jackpot

32Red’s ‘Jackpot Tournaments’ will pay a straight €20,000 Jackpot to any player who can win both the 123 game and the 321 game in the same night. Players making both final tables in the same night (as ‘mcrobo’ did last night!) will double their winnings.

Do you have the stones to play 2 tournaments simultaneously, and the skills to finish 1st on both?

If so, then come and play 32Red’s  Jackpot Tournaments every evening at 18:30 (UK time),  there’s a €20,000 Jackpot with your name on it.

Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

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Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

Winning the Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker would make anyone’s day a special one, especially this close to Christmas.  With over $100,000 already in the pot it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will hit.  It could be next month, or next week, or even in the next couple of minutes!

The jackpot continues to rise, each day at a faster rate as more and more players try their luck at 32Red’s Bad Beat tables.  Here at 32Red Poker we’ve kept a record of every Bad Beat Jackpot winner since it was first hit in 2005 by DOCTORHOWSER – his jackpot back then stood at $32,484.90.

Click here to view past Bad Beat Jackpot winners at 32Red Poker.

Mega Moolah’s Jackpot now at 2 MILLION!

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Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot at 32Red Poker

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot at 32Red Poker

32Red Poker is also home to a varied selection of casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Pokers and Slots.  One of our progressive slots – Mega Moolah – currently boasts a jackpot prize of over 2,000,000.00!

That sort of payday is something us mere mortals can only dream about, but one thing is for certain – if you don’t play you will never win.

To play Mega Moolah simply click on the Casino Tab in the 32Red Poker lobby.  You will find this progressive slot game under the tab named Jackpot Games.

Who knows, your next spin may just be life-changing!

“harryr” wins 32Red’s €100,000 Guarantee!

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32Red's €100,000 Guarantee, Every Sunday!

32Red's €100,000 Guarantee, Every Sunday!

“harryr” wins 32Red’s €100,000 Guarantee!

750 entrants took part in Sunday’s €100,000 Guarantee at 32Red Poker but only one player claimed that 1st position and banked over €26,000 in prize money.  A huge round of applause goes out to player harryr who beat 749 players to that top money spot – well done harryr!

€100,000 Guarantee – In the Money:

1st harryr € 26,702.69
2nd FlickItBack € 15,060.21
3rd TMS1234 € 9,612.90
4th Iingonberry € 6,942.65
5th _GargameL_ € 5,767.74
6th ch3ckra1s3 € 4,699.64
7th mektkingen € 3,631.54
8th joocs € 2,563.44
9th alkolax € 1,815.77
10th playerready € 1,281.72
11th A_Henriksson € 886.52
12th Ibet_youFold € 886.52
13th cookiedough € 886.52
14th Aquarius72 € 886.52
15th gokveld_25 € 886.52
16th Josekk € 886.52
17th birkey € 886.52
18th sparks31 € 886.52
19th Blasting69 € 886.52
20th LisaWalsh € 886.52
21st tessa00 € 587.45
22nd EmilMaTTsson € 587.45
23rd wasuphomiez € 587.45
24th Kjempeglid € 587.45
25th MisterVogt € 587.45
26th Maximus-712 € 587.45
27th SkubTilTaget € 587.45
28th Rekrapmas € 587.45
29th TEANfilas € 587.45
30th sI2-rb-gg € 587.45
31st ElDuderino67 € 427.24
32nd bopez € 427.24
33rd jadedjason € 427.24
34th DonFrosty € 427.24
35th jusc € 427.24
36th T00LB0X € 427.24
37th handgrenates € 427.24
38th lfliPgood € 427.24
39th cocamusic € 427.24
40th cenciata € 427.24
41st Kung7stahl € 331.11
42nd Nvouss € 331.11
43rd harrikins1 € 331.11
44th webmus € 331.11
45th pokergirl90 € 331.11
46th DO-DIT € 331.11
47th oleksiykorin € 331.11
48th pipecleaner € 331.11
49th carlitos288 € 331.11
50th DrunkAgain € 331.11
51st BENGDK € 267.02
52nd VinnieGans € 267.02
53rd GlneudlonG € 267.02
54th Rickyroodido € 267.02
55th vesslan123 € 267.02
56th Doctor_Fun € 267.02
57th Nice_Hair € 267.02
58th CURRYSAUCE € 267.02
59th TIMANGIU € 267.02
60th Furbs € 267.02
61st zzz219 € 213.62
62nd ChipLieder85 € 213.62
63rd LostCause € 213.62
64th SndThCookies € 213.62
65th Lynggaard € 213.62
66th Bergmannen € 213.62
67th MillionairenowTY € 213.62
68th Siina € 213.62
69th pkrm4gic € 213.62
70th melini € 213.62
71st JCHelmet € 160.21
72nd needcash € 160.21
73rd gosub0b € 160.21
74th Abattoir € 160.21
75th Merxmerxmerx € 160.21
76th nelsson € 160.21
77th sitting_duck € 160.21
78th _Tele_ € 160.21
79th peterthepain € 160.21
80th Maggie-moo € 160.21