32 Days of Poker… Better than Christmas

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While it’s true that talk of Christmas always seems to come earlier every year, Christmas itself never does. But our 32 Days of Poker starts at the beginning of December and, by the time Santa Claus has arrived, we’ll already have given away 25 days’ worth of festive goodies.

We’ve even put together a special advent calendar in the form of a Christmas tree complete with baubles, each one representing what you can look forward to every day of the month. We start, for example, with a €250 Freeroll on the 1st December at 9pm UK time. It’s free to enter, and you’ll get a bonus of having double the standard starting chips simply by having made 25 raked hands in the seven days before the tournament.

This isn’t by any means the only freeroll during the promotion, and the prize funds go up as the month progresses. Meanwhile, there are bonus chips galore – again increasing, every Friday, to total 190! And all you have to do to collect them is log on at 32Red Poker!

We even have non-poker goodies in store for you because it’s fun to make the most of what the Poker Lobby has to offer – namely our fantastic online Casino. This is accessible directly from the Poker Lobby, and you can use your poker account to play. However, this being the festive season, we want you to enjoy some time playing casino games ‘on the house’ and, to get you started, we’re giving away free spins at some of our most popular slots games. Win a hand in a Hold’em game with pocket fours on Day 6, for instance, and we’ll reward you with 10 free spins (each worth 15 cents) on our Tomb Raider game…


Go on, click on it 🙂

Those of you who have been following the exploits of your fellow 32Red players who won their places on Team32Red at various MPN Poker Tour events around the globe (the most recent being in the very luxurious, opulent surroundings of the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco – see pics!) can win a €1,500 MPNPT package during the promo, with the New Year’s Special (1st January) boasting 10 packages!

We also have an additional promo ready that will run in tandem from 16th December. The theme is the ‘cash drop’ – €2 literally ‘dropped’ into someone’s account during a cash game, every five minutes for a whole three weeks, combined with qualifying tournaments for places at the Vienna 9: €32K Cash Game Adventure, a big money cash game in Vienna in January!

This is just a taste of what to expect in our 32 Days of Poker. To find out more see our schedule of daily offerings, or click on the relevant bauble on our advent calendar for further details. We hope you have a month’s worth of festive poker fun at 32Red!

Find out more

32 Days of Poker

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Xmas is coming, but we want to start giving things away already – hence our 32 Days of Poker, festive offerings with something for everyone throughout December. There are free tournaments with juicy guaranted prize funds, every Saturday at 9pm (UK time), the grand finale being the €2,500 Freeroll on 26 December, which features a €1,500 package to the MPN Poker Tour in Vienna.

Meanwhile, there are free bonus chips (for example, merely logging into the 32Red Poker lobby on Friday 11 December will earn you 10 free pending-bonus chips), free spins on some of our 125 casino games available via the poker lobby (the task being as easy as, perhaps, winning a hand with pocket fours in Hold’em) and a New Year Special that has 10 MPNPT Vienna packages guaranteed!

Check out the schedule here, see our special advent calendar and click on our baubles to find out what’s on offer each day.


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It’s that festive time of year again, and at 32Red Poker we like to make sure you’ll remember December for being a great poker month. From Monday 1st December, right through to Thursday 1st January 2015, our 32 Days of Poker will feature a range of festive goodies. Check out what’s on offer by clicking on the corresponding bauble on our special seasonal tree… Read more

32 Days of Poker

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For lots of people Christmas might be no more than visiting relatives we’d rather avoid, politely eating brussels sprouts at awkward family dinners and a couple of weeks on a diet of turkey and aging mince pies. Add to this an annoying blizzard of Christmas-themed television (even the cinemas join in) and tinsel and decorations and loads of other Christmassy stuff as soon as you set foot out of the house, and the chance to enjoy some poker will be a welcome oasis of calm.

Luckily for you, 32Red Poker’s fun-filled 32 days of Poker is here. Running from December 1st until January 1st, the extended Xmas festivities have something for everyone, from value-added tournaments to bonuses and, of courses, presents in the form of Freerolls.

It’s a lovely load of baubles… simply click here to visit our special advent calendar, with 32 baubles decorating our 32Red tree. Behind each bauble a surprise awaits for each of the 32 days. On Thursday 5th December, for example, there’s a €5+€1 buy-in €100 added Flush Royale tournament at 9pm UK time (hit a royal flush and win the €1000 jackpot!), while on Day 20 you can receive 50 bonus chips just by logging on!

The Xmas season’s specials culminate in the Goodbye €2013 Freeroll tournament on 28-29th December (9pm UK time on both nights; play 2013 raked hands during December to qualify) followed by the Hello €2014 Freeroll on Wednesday 1st January (5pm UK time).

If Blaze poker is your thing, the Blazing Cannon game will also have a Xmas theme (from Monday 2nd December). To qualify for the Blazing Cannon feature simply win 20 raked hands on any €0.05/€0.10 or €0.25/€0.50 Blaze tables and the game will launch, complete with snow and Father Christmas, and a chance to win €100…

Good luck at the tables! Have fun, and keep checking out what Christmas goodies are coming your way during the 32 Days of Poker.

32 Days of Poker!

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We might have been bemoaning the fact that as far as shops and television ads are concerned Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but at least we know that with 32Red Poker we’re in for some tasty treats once December arrives.

Until January 1st, each day brings at least one Christmas surprise, from free money (the present we all like but dare not ask for) for racking up Redbacks, to freerolls, added-value tournaments, free tickets and an assortment of other goodies.

Whether it’s Christmas cheer we’re after in the shape of Survivor tournaments with a buy-in of one cent(!), Multiplicity events that require just a single raked hand in the previous seven days(!!) to enter or the ever popular Everyone’s a Bounty events at €5 + €0.50, these are far better things to find in our Christmas stocking than the usual fare of chocolate coins and a few nuts…

The main event to make a note of in the festive diary is the Goodbye 2011 €5,000 Freeroll, which starts at 9pm on Tuesday 27th December – perfectly timed for when the usual Christmas ‘fun’ has started to wind down – and resumes for those still in contention on Wednesday 28th at 9pm. With a nice and sober set up of a 5000-chip starting stack and 20 minute blind levels, this will offer us an opportunity – safe in the knowledge that there’ll be plenty food and drink left over – to settle down to some ‘proper’ poker, with enough poor souls still recovering from the previous days to donate enough to maintain a healthy virtual pile…

To see 32Red’s Poker Tree click HERE and get clicking on the baubles to see what’s on offer…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the 32Red tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

A quick word from Angus Dunnington

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

32 Days of Poker – 2nd Half

I hope you’re all taking advantage of 32Red’s festive 32 Days of Poker promotion. Very ‘enthusiast-friendly’ in that there’s something for everyone, there is also the added bonus of being able to pick up coupons that qualify you for the Goodbye 2010 tournament on December 27th (continued on the 28th, should you survive the ups and downs of Day 1…). The only way to participate in this freeroll is by collecting at least one coupon during the days of the promotion, and it’s a good idea to make room for the tournament in your post-Christmas diary in view of the generous guaranteed prize pool of $5,000! What’s more, with each coupon worth 500 starting chips it is worth taking time to rack up those coupons to boost your starting stack (of course chips can disappear completely in the time it takes to eat a turkey sandwich, but being able to earn extra starting chips as you take part in the daily events is a nice touch).

Anonymous Tables – Tips

Meanwhile, more musings on 32Red Poker‘s increasingly popular Anonymous tables. Expect to see more big pots (and thus increased variance) because, as the name suggests, anonymity will mean the stronger players and grinders won’t be so easily aware of each other and will consequently have more skirmishes than would be the case on a ‘normal’ table. And while these experienced players can ‘hide’, the same goes for the less experienced, thus bringing about some potentially interesting (and exploitable) situations.

We can also take full advantage of our anonymity by manipulating the opposition’s perception of us. This can be done by, for example, limping or min-raising on the button instead of the standard 3xBB raise. By craftily engineering actions that are sure to alert the more shrewd players we are then able to set them up, knowing what kind of ‘punishment’ they have in mind and hopefully having a nasty surprise in store. Don’t forget that any assessments we make about others could be false, too. Such cloak and dagger tactics really do make Anonymous tables a great place to improve our game.


€5,000 FREEROLL ‘GOODBYE 2010’

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32 Days of Poker this Christmas

Join us as we bid farewell to 2010 and welcome the arrival of 2011.  We hope you have all had an amazing year with 32Red Poker and we look forward to an even better year ahead.  Those of you who have collected your Coupons during the 32 Days of Poker period will be able to take part in our €5,000 ‘GOODBYE 2010’ Freeroll on December 27th at 9pm GMT.  Please find below a list (in alphabetical order) of players that have qualified to our €5K Freeroll and the number of Coupons they have collected so far.  Remember, each Coupon is worth 500 starting chips!

€5,000 ‘GOODBYE 2010’ Freeroll … Coupon Holders!  (Updated 27/12/10 @ 12:00)

778778 1
55667788 1
_BigGL_ 1
_FEAR_ME_ 11
_Pat_ 2
1TrickPony 3
2easy4y 4
2hottie01 1
2raul2 1
32MichFran32 5
32RDisco 1
32redvip 1
7lettters 3
84ian 3
acejez 1
Adetrick 1
adzbouk 2
alanbphoto 1
Andreeva 4
andy1964 1
andybell1977 2
andyjofish 1
Andzons777 4
AngusD 14
Apollo1308 1
applepie59 1
artistupoker 1
autkest 3
autosrj 3
b0unc3 3
BadWolfOne 11
Bafiorka 2
baineno111 6
balo666 1
bamba3 1
banton1 3
Baygon 1
beano672003 4
bearsRus 6
benwkenobi 1
betweenyou 2
bigken2k7 7
bigu1 2
billwadd 2
bjani 2
Black17 1
bobstar11 2
Boricco 1
bremensha12 6
brock1 1
Bulinda 1
bumer120 1
buzzyon 1
caitiernan 5
caljo7 3
Callum_Ryan 2
camiti4ever 2
camshirl 1
canbetmoess 3
cappyt-59 5
celia 2
cfr1907 1
chabeeka79 8
cheechee 1
chincheta9 2
Chiwis007 1
choo160 1
Chriscall 4
chumley0 3
citysharon 2
clem 2
cnacwolfie 3
collin0111 1
cottenbear45 1
coxlaud1 1
crazyhoot 3
Crespo25 2
DaMatrix 10
danny32209 1
Dan-The-Dog 4
DarkRalph 4
davetheone 2
dci_assassin 4
deemci3 1
derek42julie 4
deval12 7
dhufish 3
diiingdong 1
dills74 3
dj101248 2
djr300 1
DK38 1
dm1988 1
dnomyar1 2
DNY200 5
dominf 1
DonBhoy 7
DonChatoman 2
DontGiveMeJJ 1
Dreamkiller4 4
dugong 1
ECFC1975 6
Edzinsh89 9
evghenie 1
evilbow007 2
Farsan_Baloo 2
Filozof12 2
filozof767 3
Fish4chips12 5
fistik333 1
flipnfill 4
Fourgrand 4
fradger69 1
fyrzymyrzy 1
g_m_more 6
GauravHitman 3
GazBlades 4
gemrp 4
GeoffA 1
gill007 1
gizmo175st 6
glceud 3
goallie 2
goforthenick 2
going4gutgut 1
goldendice 1
gonnaeatyou 2
Greenhead 1
GregLM 1
griffter 2
grizzilyuk 2
haihaigamer 1
hanator6 2
hashhh 3
Haz1x2 1
heniek31 3
Higgs24 2
higgy56 7
Holt3nd3r 1
horba1988 3
Huggy04 4
Ians81 1
IceManRox300 1
Igotdanuts1 2
Impromtu 1
ingentingen 2
InsaneAces 7
invisibility 3
Iron1973 1
JABBA147 3
jacccobi888 2
jacesaces 1
jachin 2
Jamesp362000 5
Jardemyren 4
jebeshajduk 1
jimjamjim 1
jodie3 3
joe99 1
john44nhoj44 8
johnny313 3
johnnyboy 1
jorad208 1
jvtelemark 5
k00p1 1
kablonk333 1
kalabbbb 3
kalviitis 1
Kian 3
kingNevsta 1
kk2008 3
kondrad4444 2
konradk188 1
kristina41 1
KROMgod 3
La_Molly 1
LadyLoon 3
Larren 1
LeknoKPL 1
leopoker 2
lhbn 5
lil_J 6
Lili-LaFae 1
lillegut 1
Linda_s 1
Lini 2
linlinwon 3
lintay 1
llh1234 1
Lucky4Leon 3
lucypig 1
luvspud 1
lvaici 3
LX7 3
M_Ederz 1
mackem22 2
MadMurphee 2
mafiniscool5 1
Maggerholm 5
maggie2010 5
maguf 1
MakBsc 1
malcb 6
mam48 5
mamuku222 2
Manu0Exeter0 10
MarkyMark032 1
Matt362 7
matty4686 1
maxelsen 1
mcrobo 3
MDK24 1
Memo-HB 2
Mercer666 1
Mgielka1 1
MiaTheBest 1
mick1987 1
mihaicjxxx 1
militas 2
miss_ing_rid 1
misu_unic 1
modennys 2
mosul0505 1
MPA3b 1
MrHandsome69 3
Muck__Off 1
mudmaster007 1
muppetdonk 1
murakanator 1
Murleen1986 1
mylo114 8
Neooo 1
nev_o 3
nhggfu1 2
nicelife 2
nicgeo 1
NixieJ 1
Nobler_ 1
ominieks 1
onlinetells 6
ooblio 9
PaddyJGD2006 3
Painkiller23 6
Pam0767 1
Pastieman 7
Paul_Moyler 1
paulo1975 1
PBsef 10
Pelelele16 1
perns 1
perturbed 2
PeteGO78 10
piankaa 2
pilsen1971 10
Piotr6660 1
playpoker000 3
pmcthe1 3
podh_2k11 1
poetsFINTONA 2
PokeGrabber 1
pokeman25 1
Poker13God 1
pokermalc 5
Postman_Ste 2
Pred1ctable 1
pushpush 2
qpr303 1
ralphy10 1
rami3304 1
redcloud1 1
Rhjoydgg 1
RiverChaser_ 4
RoboSquirrel 3
RomanticasZb 1
roseandcrown 4
RRadziu31 2
rugg1 11
run355 1
runninglea 2
russ11 1
saft_suse 5
sammyace19 1
Sanyomano 1
SashaSku 2
Saturn40 2
Saxtogue 2
sb1wsb1w1111 3
scousemaster 1
SDL8700 3
ShonkyO_o 1
sirustv 1
siwrexham 1
slinks 1
Slobi 3
smellyfinger 1
smith0001 1
smithsonno1 1
snakeeyes11 5
Snowsmile 4
Solvendo 1
SonicMan555 1
spades4fun 1
spiersey1 1
spilari 4
squidward 4
sspslagelse 2
stachu7 1
Stan648 4
stealth90 7
steviec7 9
studaces 3
super668 7
sutzu 1
Swish2k 5
SyrusDaVirus 4
TaadsSSaads 8
takis_1984 2
TamirSimchi 1
tasedano 1
tatydt89 3
taytoman2000 1
tcbkitty 3
teebo73 1
tehnuub 2
tennistosse2 2
TheKingBet 4
theplague27 2
thequietman 7
TheRookie5 2
thesheikster 2
thornton21 1
tibiszosz 4
tigger7732 3
tilkepierke 1
tink44 1
TomRoyal 2
toonboy1 8
trevor371 2
turkelton 1
Twidget 3
twm74 1
uk837shane 4
vectrav6 1
vegasjj49 6
victoria200 1
Vikla_76 3
visulmeu7222 1
warbirds 6
wasskeithr70 1
WelshMackem 1
whiskyjock26 9
WilcoDP 2
willtord13 1
wowshebangs 5
xkatykatx 6
xSTENAx 11
XxR00KiExX 1
Yorkie42888 1
Yorkieman 2
Your_round 3
Zcromag 1
zwiero 1

32 Days of Poker this Christmas

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32 Days of Poker this Christmas

Packed with a selection of generous gifts and goodies, our 32 Days of Poker promotion is once again making Christmas headlines across the poker industry. With 32 days of non-stop poker action and tons of exciting surprises in store for players this December, you’d be mad to miss this year’s festivities at 32Red Poker.

Our poker entertainments this Christmas includes 32Red’s exclusive Be the Bounty tournaments where each week we’re giving away free iPads and up to €1,000 in bounty prizes. We are also putting up hundreds of Euros in added money on our very own Everyone’s a Bounty tournaments where you can win €5 for every player you knock out. Watch out for our fantastic Freerolls with prize pools of up to €1,000 and don’t miss our Lottery events on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Click here to visit our famous Christmas tree!

Multi-Tabling at 32Red Poker (Part 2)

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Not surprisingly there is no guaranteed recipe for success when it comes to multi-tabling, but the good news is that playing two, three or four tables simultaneously is by no means two, three or four times more difficult than focusing exclusively on a single table. In fact a key aspect of your game can be made even easier by multi-tabling – namely hand selection. We are all guilty (with just one table) of ignoring logic pre-flop by throwing money into the pot with mediocre hands, either because we simply like the look of them (don’t get friendly with 73 suited, for example, because it gave you a big win a couple of times and is now your favourite hand – in fact if you must have a favourite I suggest AA) or because we overestimate their potential in certain situations. Boredom is another excuse (if you’re bored you’re doing something wrong), and another reason why multi-tabling could be for you. Adding a table or two ups your hands per hour rate considerably, giving you less time to talk yourself into making poor pre-flop decisions (note the imperative optimistic poker player’s approach – less time can be a good thing) and essentially forces you to tighten up this vital part of the game so that you can be properly selective and thus confident that when you do get involved in a hand you have more strength. There is also a positive knock-on effect in that you reduce the number of times when poor pre-flop play puts you in an awkward post-flop situation that tends to compound the problem – with your attention required elsewhere the need for clinical, logical decision making means simply letting go of potentially troublesome hands in order to focus on hands that really do have legs (if you will). To sum up, even going from one to two tables affords you better concentration, getting you into the habit of sensible hand selection by increasing the rate at which you are dealt genuinely playable hands – multi-tabling helps tighten up your game.

32 Days of Poker…

Now is a great time to give multi-tabling a try thanks to 32Red Poker’s feast of freebies and specials that can be found every day during the 32 Days of PokerClick on a bauble and see what’s on offer for that particular day. For example several days are set aside for giving you free money, with 10 euros going into your account for every 500 Redbacks earned! If you’re used to playing a single table this is a perfect opportunity to open up a second in order to double your Redbacks tally. Fortunately there are quite a few days with this particular offer, so as you progress you’ll be able to add another table or two.

Other events include freeroll and bounty tournaments (with generous prizes) and qualifiers for the main event, the €5000 Freeroll ‘Goodbye 2010’ which takes place 27-28 December, nicely slotted between Christmas and New Year. And don’t worry about qualifying, as just by taking part in an event you receive a coupon that entitles you to enter – each coupon is worth 500 chips, so start racking them up to boost your stack even before a card has been dealt! Oh – there are also iPads up for grabs.

Good luck at the tables!