Poker by the Sea: MPNPT Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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There’s more to poker than sitting around in your underwear playing at our Anonymous tables… Of course, that might well describe your perfect scenario, but what about playing in a fun-filled, action-packed €150,000 poker festival on an all-inclusive holiday package, a stone’s throw from miles of beach, courtesy of 32Red?

That’s what’s in store for you when you win a €1,500 package for the next installment of the MPN Poker Tour in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria’s popular resort, 5-8 July.

Each €1,500 package includes the €550 entry to the Main Event (€150,000 Guaranteed). entry to the €150 Side Event, all-inclusive accommodation for you and a guest for four nights at the Wela Hotel Sunny Beach, €250 for travel/expenses and an invite to the Players Welcome Party.

If the lure of the Black Sea coast, poker, restaurants and bars is too much to resist, or you simply want a fantastic summer poker break, then you can buy straight in via 32Red. Alternatively, most find their way on to Team32Red via one of the numerous qualification routes we offer – with the satellite structure starting at a mere €1 we’re proud of our unrivaled possibilities to win €1,500 packages and €550 Main Event seats.

Whether it’s hitting a royal flush in our daily €3 buy-in, €300 Guaranteed Flush Royale tournament (which will instantly earn you a package!), winning the BadBeat Jackpot, beating off rivals in our Specials or simply doing the business in our regular ‘Final’ satellites, there’s no shortage of ways to get packages and seats at 32Red.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Specials and other tournaments that feature packages and seats, check out the Poker Lobby (Tournaments > Satellites), and we’ll see you by the pool (or on the beach…).

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Another Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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If you’re not opting into the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot when you play at our cash tables, then you could be missing out on a juicy share of this player-friendly, multi-payout set-up. Remember that even playing at the same blind level as the winning hand is enough to earn you a cut of the booty!

Opting in is easy – simply click on the BB icon and you’re good to go. The most recent hit was at an Anonymous €20 max table, with the jackpot standing at €32,038.64. Four of a kind, tens, lost to four kings.


A total of six players had opted in across the stake, each seeing a very welcome €533.97 added to their bankrolls.

Don’t miss out – opt in!

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Two more Bad Beat Jackpot hits!

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It seems like the virtual ink is rarely dry when it comes to the Bad Beat Jackpot. Not long after a recent win, it’s been hit twice within days, so if you’re not opting in, you’re missing out! It’s easy – simply click on the BB icon and you’re good to go, eligible for a share of the money merely by playing at the same blind level as the key hand.

Within the last few days the progressive jackpot was hit first at a €20 Max table with the running total standing at €8,333. Four of a kind, fours, was ‘beaten’ by 8888, and 32Red Poker player, LosSantos360, earned €897 for being at the same table. Meanwhile, 12 players each received €64 just for playing at the same stakes!


Another hit soon followed, this time at an Anonymous €50 max table. The jackpot was at €7,639.56 when four of a kind, sixes, lost to a 7-high straight flush. 32Red player ‘unnouveau’ saw €848.84 added to his bankroll for being a table share winner, and eight more players at the same blind level won €84.88…


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Carnevale: Win Money Anonymously…

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Poker is already a thrilling game, and Anonymous tables allow you to add to the intrigue by having your alias kept secret. Now at 32Red Poker you have the chance to add to your bankroll, too, thanks to our €25,000 Carnevale Promotion, which will run April 1-19. There are some big prizes worth winning, and the more hands you play at Anonymous Tables the better your chance of earning some welcome free money.

A chief attraction of Anonymous tables (marked with a red ‘A’ in the Hold’em Poker Lobby) is that the hidden aliases mean you can play without being up against opponents using data-gathering software to dissect your game. It’s poker at its purest and, understandably, it’s become an incredibly popular form of online poker.

Depending on how many raked hands you rack up at real money Anonymous tables during the April 1-14 promotional period, you’ll earn entry to one of three Carnevale Freeroll tournaments which, between them, boast €5,000 in prize funds as well as hundreds of qualifying places for the final on Sunday, April 19 at 6.30pm GMT, which has €20,000 on offer. All take place on Saturday, April 18 at 6.30pm GMT. (Note that you can also guarantee a place in the Final with 3000 raked hands).

See below for rake requirements and tournament details (click here to find out more).

Have fun and enjoy playing anonymously!

32Red Poker interviews muffty

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muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

 So where/how did you originally hear about 32Red Poker?

muffty: Ive been a 32Red player for many years now but I am sure I opened my account via a banner ad on a poker forum.

32Red: Did you have any problems registering your poker account?
muffty: The only issue I had was the MPN ruling of only one network alias however the excellent customer support team liaised with security and sorted it. Read more

Anonymous tables: Hand distributions

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Anonymous tables: Hand distributions

As predicted, it did not take long after their introduction for Anonymous tables to become very popular at all levels. Indeed this new format, in doing away (by removing everyone’s identity) with players’ being able to use exploitative software such as data mining tools, has revolutionised online poker to return us to a more level playing field.

But this isn’t to say that certain elements of the game such as hand distribution are now completely redundant. With this in mind, those players who have hitherto not involved themselves with poker software – and are thus unlikely to have studied the implications of hand distribution – will improve their game by giving the subject some thought now, even as they sit down at Anonymous tables.

We can use hand distributions to help us decide what to do in specific situations, such as whether/how much to bet/reraise, calling bets on the river, bluffing and so on. And, remember, we must also be aware of our own hand distributions and how our opponents perceive our ranges.

Of course in order to address this part of the game as well as possible on an Anonymous table we need to very closely observe the play, getting into the habit of paying proper attention to the action regardless of whether we’re involved in a hand. Don’t switch off and watch television, for example, every time we fold, as this means missing out on information, all of which is important over time.

The more experience we have, the more we understand about what kind of hands people tend to get involved with, how these ranges (hand distribution) widen as position improves around to the button, and how different styles and personalities lead different players to favour different ranges. Armed with this combination of experience and observation we should be able to get a good enough idea of our opponents’ varying ranges to exploit them accordingly.

When we first sit down it is fair to assign players an initial ‘standard’ hand distribution that we can modify as play develops. Thus a starting point for an under-the-gun (UTG) raise in an unraised pot might be a range of, for instance, AA down to JJ, plus all AK hands and AQs. Then after someone has raised UTG with KQ and, a couple of minutes later, QJ from the same position, we can widen this particular player’s range considerably. If he is opening with QJ, then it is quite probable his range UTG is something along the lines of AA-88, AK-AT, KQ-KT, QJ-QT. While it is important to have as much info as possible in determining plausible hand distributions, we could then put this player on a range for Button raises as wide as AA-55, AK-Ax, KQ-K9, QJ-Q9, JT-J9, T9s-65s.

It shouldn’t take long to learn something useful about players’ ranges, how they act and react within their range, or even that some players give little or no thought to positional considerations when raising pre-flop. Even if accumulating all this information doesn’t succeed in helping us during a given session, the process itself is clearly going to help improve our game as we grow more used to following the action and incorporating an appreciation of hand distribution into our play.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador

A quick word from Angus Dunnington

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

32 Days of Poker – 2nd Half

I hope you’re all taking advantage of 32Red’s festive 32 Days of Poker promotion. Very ‘enthusiast-friendly’ in that there’s something for everyone, there is also the added bonus of being able to pick up coupons that qualify you for the Goodbye 2010 tournament on December 27th (continued on the 28th, should you survive the ups and downs of Day 1…). The only way to participate in this freeroll is by collecting at least one coupon during the days of the promotion, and it’s a good idea to make room for the tournament in your post-Christmas diary in view of the generous guaranteed prize pool of $5,000! What’s more, with each coupon worth 500 starting chips it is worth taking time to rack up those coupons to boost your starting stack (of course chips can disappear completely in the time it takes to eat a turkey sandwich, but being able to earn extra starting chips as you take part in the daily events is a nice touch).

Anonymous Tables – Tips

Meanwhile, more musings on 32Red Poker‘s increasingly popular Anonymous tables. Expect to see more big pots (and thus increased variance) because, as the name suggests, anonymity will mean the stronger players and grinders won’t be so easily aware of each other and will consequently have more skirmishes than would be the case on a ‘normal’ table. And while these experienced players can ‘hide’, the same goes for the less experienced, thus bringing about some potentially interesting (and exploitable) situations.

We can also take full advantage of our anonymity by manipulating the opposition’s perception of us. This can be done by, for example, limping or min-raising on the button instead of the standard 3xBB raise. By craftily engineering actions that are sure to alert the more shrewd players we are then able to set them up, knowing what kind of ‘punishment’ they have in mind and hopefully having a nasty surprise in store. Don’t forget that any assessments we make about others could be false, too. Such cloak and dagger tactics really do make Anonymous tables a great place to improve our game.


Anonymous Tables are Changing the Poker Landscape

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Now that Anonymous tables have proved – as predicted – to be quite a hit, with the vast majority of poker fans no longer having to worry about their opponents knowing so much about their game, here are a few more thoughts about what many consider to be online poker’s purist version of the game.

Heads Up

An important implication of the anonymous factor is how the terrain of 32 Red Poker’s Heads Up cash games will change. Because heads up is a more specialist discipline, inexperienced players looking to try it out might usually have been intimidated by the regulars, who like to lurk in the shadows armed with their database and other software. But heads up cash is no longer the domain of the ruthless, as Anonymous tables have eliminated these tools and forced these players to survive solely on their own (natural) resources. Now ‘building a profile’ means finding out information and using it the old-fashioned way – by actually playing (in the dark) and learning about the opponent as they go along. Of course good players remain good players, but now the so-called ‘bum hunters’ are essentially having to do without the edge they have hitherto relied on. At least now we can all start on the same level footing that the cloak of anonymity affords us.


Note how the definition of ‘skill’ will be different with Anonymous tables. The aforementioned bum hunters would prefer to call what they do measured, deliberate game selection, and they would be right. It is indeed a skill, as are the other aspects of exploiting weaknesses and poor habits discovered through data-mining. But some players’ approach to the game has become so focused on the software that they will feel rather under-dressed on an Anonymous table, less confident in making decisions which require a certain level of analysis, and without the software that has saved them time and made the process conveniently mechanical. Observations must now be carried out ‘manually’ and over a much shorter time-span; it’s important to follow the game as closely as possible continuously.

Anonymous tables have returned poker to the realms of position (ourselves and others), pre-flop decisions, post-flop play, hand ranges, stack sizes and so on. Good players who use tracking and other software will still appreciate this part of the game, but many won’t. We are all learning and striving to improve, but thanks to Anonymous tables we are at least all taking the same route.


32Red adds more Anonymous Tables

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Play on 'Anonymous Tables' at 32Red Poker

Play on 'Anonymous Tables' at 32Red Poker

A quick update on 32Red’s Anonymous Tables…

Following an in-depth review of our Cash Tables offering at 32Red Poker, we have increased the number of Anonymous Tables available at each stake range, from 8 tables to 24 tables.  You may also notice that the naming convention for these tables has changed – the old format included the min buy-in, and the new format details the max buy-in. The purpose for this of course being to encourage players to play at games that are suitable for their bankrolls.

While these tables continue to gain popularity, it may be of some benefit to some players to read up on some Anonymous Poker Strategy.

Anonymous Poker Strategy

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Play on 'Anonymous Tables' at 32Red Poker

Play on 'Anonymous Tables' at 32Red Poker

Anonymous poker strategy will evolve over time and certain approaches might prove more successful than others – or at least it might pay to avoid doing certain things. From what I have seen thus far (including my own indulgent play) there is a tendency to try to concentrate too much on one of the perks of complete anonymity, with more loose aggressive play, bluffing and general bullying of apparently cautious players. This is clearly a profitable means of exploitation when executed properly but can lead to serious trouble when overdone. When someone is up to these tricks on a ’normal’ table with identities of players on show, or perhaps have a track record of using such tactics, then they are aware that their opponents might well be onto them and they adjust accordingly. While people should be equally conscious of their play being closely observed at an Anonymous table they will be considerably less concerned, and will also tend to target the newer arrivals. So, let’s say, for example, that you sat down at a €0.20/0.40 Anonymous table with €20 and identified such a player. Assuming there is no waiting list, you simply leave and immediately return with a bigger stack as a ‘new’ player – you’re not only ready to punish the culprit but also you are armed with potentially useful reads on all the other players, too.

Incidentally, now is a good time to say hello to fellow 32Red Poker ‘veterans’ and introduce myself to the newer devotees. Having represented 32Red in both domestic and international poker festivals it is great to be back, doing my bit supporting what has proved over the years to be a top quality online poker room. And of course I look forward to playing at the tables, too! I might occasionally turn up for punishment in the Be the Bounty tournaments and, family life allowing, I fully intend to get down to some good old-fashioned, classic poker on the Anonymous tables, where I won’t be saying hello…

Good luck!


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