Bad Beat Jackpot Multi-Hits!

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Regular 32Red players have no excuse for not opting into the progressive Bad Beat jackpot when at the cash tables. Apart from the potentially massive payouts for the winning hand (which goes to bad beats such as four kings losing to four aces), as well as those involved in the pot and at the table itself, anyone playing at the same blind level of the hand in question is also eligible for a share of the jackpot! As long as you click on the BB icon to opt in, you’re in the running for a chunk of cash when the jackpot hits.

And, just to remind you that this does indeed happen more frequently than you might imagine, the jackpot has been hit three times during a four day period! First, on €20 max table, with the running total at a whopping €50,215.48, four queens ‘lost’ to four kings. Even the 18 players who had opted in at that blinds level enjoyed a generous payout, each receiving €278.97 for their shrewdness. Not long after, on the same day(!), there was another hit, this time on a €50 max table, 2222 being pipped at the post by 4444. The Jackpot was then at € 45,329.52, so the 10 additional opted in players at the same stake pocketed €453.29…

Within three days history repeated itself, again at a €50 max table, and the excitement must have been almost unbearable when, with the progressive jackpot at €43,499.12, KKKK came up against a straight flush. 15 players had wisely clicked the BB icon to be opted in and, due to their playing at the same stakes, were rewarded with €271.86 each!

Get involved with the Bad Beat Jackpot, have fun, and good luck!

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32Red Poker interviews muffty


muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

 So where/how did you originally hear about 32Red Poker?

muffty: Ive been a 32Red player for many years now but I am sure I opened my account via a banner ad on a poker forum.

32Red: Did you have any problems registering your poker account?
muffty: The only issue I had was the MPN ruling of only one network alias however the excellent customer support team liaised with security and sorted it. Read more

32Red’s BadBeat Jackpot passes the 100K mark!

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32Red’s 100K+ BadBeat Jackpot

That time has come around again when 32Red’s Badbeat Jackpot has reached the too-big-to-ignore level, having recently passed the magical $100,000 mark. What tends to happen now – rather like the rollover lottery effect – is that the increased interest generates accelerated progress and the subsequent rapidly growing jackpot in turn creates more traffic, the cycle continuing until someone is ‘unlucky’ enough to lose a qualifying hand and pocket their share of a massive payout. If you’re not playing on a Badbeat Jackpot table, then it won’t be you.

Remember that everyone sitting at the table where the Badbeat hand is played receives a share of the Jackpot, even those who fold pre-flop!

In order to qualify for the Jackpot (which is built up through the accumulation of each hand’s one-off contributions), the losing hand must contain Four-of-a Kind, 8’s or better, both hole cards should be included and the hand must go to a showdown (see Terms & Conditions for other information).

It is worth keeping in mind that the Badbeat Jackpot tables will play a little bit differently to normal tables as a pair of eights is a potential Jackpot winner, whereas a pair of sevens is merely a pair of sevens. Consequently players are going to be more willing than usual to get busy with 88 pre-flop in the face of aggression, for example, while suited connectors bring with them the prospect of straight flushes and therefore also take on more significance than would normally be the case.

Good luck at the tables,

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador

It’s great being a 32Red player!

Get up to 50% Rakeback at 32Red Poker

Get up to 50% Rakeback at 32Red Poker

Unless for the last few days you’ve been living in a cave (or at least one that doesn’t have internet) you’ll be aware of certain online poker rooms with customers from the US having massive problems, which in turn has proved very bad news for the players on those sites.

Fortunately, 32Red has for years not accepted US players and thus has avoided any such catastrophe for themselves or their players, and I must say, as a 32Red veteran, it is the excellent security provided by 32Red that I try to emphasise to new players when recommending they join. It’s not for nothing that 32Red has such a solid and reliable reputation in this regard. The recent blowouts of hitherto big name online poker rooms should serve as a reminder that the guarantee of playing on a secure, well-grounded site – as opposed to those that fly, in reckless Icarus fashion, too close to the sun – is an imperative when choosing where to enjoy your poker time.

So it’s not all bad news for poker players. In fact for some (us) it’s very good. To reward its loyal players 32Red has introduced a whole smorgasbord of generous promotions. These will appeal to all sorts of players, but the most outstanding is the new and exclusive Rakeback Boost promotion which has just started and will run until 31st July. This gives players the opportunity to earn up to 50% rakeback thanks to a weekly bonus on top of the juicy 30% already available. Every week, rake between €250 and €499 from Monday to Sunday to earn an additional 10% rakeback, added to your account on Monday! And if you rake €500+ from Monday to Sunday there’ll be an additional 20% rakeback added.

As well as this bonus rakeback 32Red is also rolling out the following promotions:

  • $200,000 added to the Bad Beat Jackpot (currently over $270,000 and rising…).
  • Main event of the Easter Festival increased to €750K.
  • Magic Hands promotion now runs until end of April.
  • €2,500 ‘New Player’ Freerolls (weekly, no deposit required), click here.
  • €2,500 Added ‘New Player’ Turbo Tournaments (weekly, €1 buy-in), click here.

I hope you continue to enjoy poker in 32Red’s safe hands.

Good luck at the tables!


Don't miss the €750,000 GUARANTEE this Easter!

Don't miss the €750,000 GUARANTEE this Easter!

$50,000 BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

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$50,000 Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

$50,000 Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

The Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker has quickly reached $50,000.00 and it continues to grow at a fast pace!

We all remember how Kancik2006 clinched just shy of $30,000.00 back in September 2010, will you be the next Bad Beat winner?

Click here to view past Bad Beat Winners!

32Red’s BadBeat Jackpot soars past $120,000!

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32Red\'s Bad Beat Jackpot

32Red Poker‘s Bad Beat Jackpot has just left the $120,000 sign behind as it continues on its fast-paced course towards $150,000.  The question on everyone’s mind is…”Who will win the next Bad Beat Jackpot?”  Why not take a look at 32Red’s previous Bad Beat Jackpot payouts and see if you can figure out when the next BadBeat jackpot could hit?

Remember, to qualify for the BadBeat Jackpot the losing hand must contain 4-of-a-kind, 8’s or better and 4 or more players must be dealt into the hand.  The hand must be raked and the best hand of the winner and the loser must include both the hole cards and the hand must go to a showdown.

The BadBeat Jackpot applies to specific 32Red Poker tables only and players must be seated at one of these tables and actively participate in the hand to qualify for any payouts.