Final Call for Malta!

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Not long left now…

All good things come to an end, and Sunday will be your last chance to win a €1,800 package for the €1M Battle of Malta! The MPN Poker Tour’s record-breaking event will be held on the popular little Mediterranean island between 26-31 October. The €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 5 Package Final (7pm UK time), guarantees five filled-to-the-brim €1,800 packages!

You’ll find a full schedule of satellites – including Feeders – in the Poker Lobby, our aim being to take as many qualifiers as possible to Malta. We are always very well represented by Team32Red nowadays, but this will be something else again…

The Package

To help explain why so many players want to be involved, here’s a taste of what the (upgraded) €1,800 package includes:

  • €550 buy-in to the €1,000,000 guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event.
  • €150 buy-in to the “MPNPT Battle” Side Event.
  • Accommodation (including breakfast) for 5 nights, for you and a guest.
  • €200 towards travel/expenses.
  • MPNPT @ Battle of Malta last longer competition, with one €1,500 MPNPT package on offer to each of the three players who last longest in the Battle of Malta Main Event.
  • Access to VIP chill-out room next to the main tournament hall.
  • Invite to the Players Welcome Party.
  • Access to the VIP area in the main Battle of Malta party.
  • Access to all other Battle of Malta player parties.

Battle of Malta Tournament Schedule

Not surprisingly, as well as the juicy action at the tables, there’ll be a lot going on elsewhere, too. Throw in the great weather that sees Malta provide an escape from the dark and dreary winter nights, and there’s plenty of incentive to bag a package.

Have fun, good luck, and we’ll see you in Malta


Prepare for the €1M Battle: 5 more €1,800 packages guaranteed!

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The temperature is hotting up – at least in Malta, which is preparing to host the €1M Battle of Malta, 26-31 October. This will be the MPN Poker Tour’s biggest ever event, which is reflected in the value of the latest packages to be won.

So, we’re giving our players plenty of notice about the upcoming €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 5 Package Final, which will guarantee five €1,800 packages!

Options this October: hide away from the gloomy weather, or escape to a popular Mediterranean island known for sun, sea and loads of other things you could be enjoying, with some big money poker thrown in. All courtesy of 32Red…

It’s a no-brainer. In fact, this is the perfect time to earn a place on Team32Red. Even the Side Event which package winners also win the buy-in to promises to be a tasty competition. Meanwhile, a host of activities and parties and general non-poker fun mean that the €1M Battle of Malta will be a great holiday both on and off the tables.

As well as logging on on Sunday (kick-off is 7pm UK time, with two hours late registration) and simply buying in directly to the mega satellite, there are numerous ways to sit down at a bargain price. If you go to the Poker Lobby and take a look at our schedule, you’ll find a range of so-called Feeder satellites to this and other Package/Seat weekly finals. And to make the qualification process as player-friendly as possible, we’ve made it just 55 cents to start the quest!

Have fun at the tables, and we’ll see you in Malta…


New €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!)

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7pm Daily (UK time) at 32Red Poker…

We’re nothing if not flexible at 32Red, and sometimes even good things can be favourably tweaked. Our new nightly €3.30 buy-in €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!) tournament is a perfect example. This will replace our popular Flush Royale tournament, but retains the style and set-up. And the star prizes are well worth making this your regular evening poker treat!

There’s a pretty obvious clue about the new twist in the tournament’s name. Our 3-player Fish Party Sit & Go games have become a player favourite, with progressive jackpots at all five buy-in levels and no shortage of jackpots being hit. It made sense to combine a popular tournament with a popular Sit & Go, so the €300 in prizes includes €100 in Fish party tickets.

Hit a Royal Flush, win a €1,500 Live Events package!

This feature is what makes Fish Royale so special. Our players can find themselves on Team32Red at a big money international poker festival by seeing their €3.30 buy-in turn into a €1,500 package! And this happens just by hitting a Royal Flush… Use both hole cards to make a Royal Flush and, as long as the hand reaches a showdown, a €1,500 Live Events package is yours.

You even get to choose between the MPN Poker Tour and Cash Game Festival, with both visiting interesting places around the globe.

So, join us every evening at 7pm (UK time) for this player-friendly tournament that pays out Cash, Fish Party tickets and a €1,500 Live Events package for a royal flush. To spice up proceedings you can take advantage of €3.30 rebuys and a €3.30 monster add-on. Have fun, and good luck!


Another 10 BoM Packages Guaranteed this Sunday!

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You can’t have too much of a good thing – certainly not at 32Red Poker. Last weekend’s €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 10 Package Final eventually saw 13 juicy €1,800 packages won. So – we’re rolling out another one on Sunday!

That’s another (minimum) 10 packages for what is building up to be an unforgettable poker festival (26-31 October). And, as well as simply buying in for Sunday’s mega satellite, you can win the €200 ticket via our comprehensive qualification structure.

In fact, you can start the quest for Malta at 55 cents. Check out the full schedule of satellites – including ‘feeders’ to Sunday’s Final – in the Poker Lobby and you’ll find tournaments that suit your bankroll, throughout the day, every day.

As for the venue of MPN Poker Tour’s biggest ever event, the decision to return to Malta is perfect timing. The weather on this tiny Mediterranean island during the festival is sure to be a pleasurable contrast to the usual rain and cold. And there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy various activities and events away from the poker table, where the €1M Battle of Malta is going to be a humdinger.

Team32Red is always well represented at MPNPT festivals, and we want to have a presence that mirrors the record-breaking numbers we’ll see in Malta. Have fun at the tables, and we’ll see you there…


10 BoM Packages Guaranteed this Sunday!

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How does a €1,800 package for the €1M Battle of Malta (26-31 October) sound? Precisely. We’re guaranteeing at least 10 of them in the €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 10 Package Mega Final.

This is a fantastic opportunity to find yourself as part of Team32Red at the MPN Poker Tour’s biggest ever event. With this in mind, here’s an early reminder to free your diary from 7pm (UK time) on Sunday…

We also want to give you plenty of time between now and then to make the most of our great value satellite tournaments.

For example, there’s a €22 buy-in MPNPT €200 Ticket Satellite at 6:45pm today. You’ll find the details for this and other so-called Feeder satellites in the Poker Lobby.

The €1,800 package is well worth getting your hands on, a few highlights being:

  • €550 buy-in to the €1,000,000 guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event.
  • €150 buy-in to the “MPNPT Battle” Side Event (29th October).
  • Accommodation for 5 nights at the 5 star Intercontinental Hotel or the new H Hotel for you and a guest (including breakfast).
  • €200 towards travel/expenses.

So, have fun, good luck, and we’ll see you at the big event on the tiny island!


32Red Player hits Jackpot … again!

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We love it when 32Red players hit jackpots and win big prizes, and when England’s Dale Harper won a €1,500 MPNPT Tallinn package for hitting a royal flush in our Flush Royale tournament in 2016, he was rather excited, too.

Since then, numerous others have found themselves proud members of Team32Red, enjoying big money poker festivals around the globe thanks to a €1,500 package won in a single hand in our popular €3 buy-in nightly tournament.

The most recent jackpot winner is… Dale Harper. Yes – the Yorkshireman has done it again! Perhaps Dale should change his alias, dezzie82, to Lucky#2 because he’s won a bumper €1,500 package to the biggest MPN Poker Tour event yet – the hotly anticipated €1M Battle of Malta (26-31 October).

Like last time, he had to wait for the royal flush to materialize on the last two streets before celebrating. He was dealt Qh Jh – not as strong as AJ in 2016, but it doesn’t matter when you’re Dale Harper! The Flop came Js Ks 10h so you could be forgiven for barely even entertaining the prospect of the Ah and Kh providing a miracle by appearing on the Turn and River to fill the royal flush.

But this isn’t your ordinary player, this is Dale Harper of Doncaster, Flush Royale’s Chuck Norris, and the only two cards to give him his second jackpot win dutifully arrived!

We asked Dale how he felt when he hit the runner runner royal – this is what he said: “I couldn’t believe lightning could strike twice but it did! Roll on Malta…”

Roll on Malta indeed. From a €3 investment Dale bagged a €1,500 package, and he could parlay that into big money in the €1M extravaganza.

So could you! As well as Dale’s route and other Specials, we have Package/€550 Seat Finals every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with ‘feeder’ satellites daily, and buy-ins starting at a mere 55 cents.

Click here for more details on how to qualify, and we (and Dale) will see you in Malta!

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Do like Robert Kacinski and see the world courtesy of 32Red

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Thanks to our partnership with both Cash Game Festival and MPN Poker Tour we’re able to give our players the chance to qualify for exciting poker events around the globe, and one such is Robert Kacinski.

In June Robert was playing in our nightly €3 buy-in, €300 guaranteed Flush Royale tournament when he hit a royal flush, thus winning a €1,500 package to July’s MPNPT Sunny Beach!

This is exactly what we love to see happen to our players, and Robert, from Poland, is now looking forward to yet more fun as part of Team32Red when he attends the much-awaited €1M Battle of Malta in October! This time it cost him a bit more – €5.50, to be precise…

That was the buy-in for a Flip satellite yesterday afternoon to win a €200 ticket for the evening’s Sunday 5 Package Mega Final. With the Flip format everyone is all-in every hand until a winner remains, so he didn’t even have to actually play to win. Then, when he did play, he survived long enough in the Final to win another €1,500 package!

To sum up, in a matter of weeks Robert bagged €3,000 worth of poker packages for less than €10, and who knows what he might win in the €1M Battle of Malta?

With a full schedule of feeder satellites and package/seat Finals every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and the qualifying quest starting at a mere 55 cents, this is why Team32Red is made up of these stories, and why we endeavour to provide such opportunities!

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mitaka & all3css11 qualify for Dublin

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Team 32Red Poker’s assault on the MPN Poker Tour in Dublin (2-6 September) is gaining strength, with two more talented players winning their way to the €250,000 Main Event. Dimitar Dimitrov (alias: mitaka) had already played in the Battle of Malta back in 2013, and won a €1,500 package after emerging victorious in a battle of 32Red Poker fans. Meanwhile, Nicolae-Alexandru Preda (alias: all3css11), who had previously qualified for Tbilisi, won the €500 seat in the weekly (Tuesday) final.

The satellite set-up to qualify for festivals such as Dublin are fun, a bankroll-friendly way to learn and, of course, offer players an opportunity to get their hands on big cash prizes – satellites start as low as 25c, so what are you waiting for…

Keep your eyes peeled this month for numerous tournaments with €1,500 packages on offer. For more details about how to qualify for the MPN Poker Tour click here.

Battle Of Malta 2013

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The island may be tiny but it ended up hosting a big poker game!

The Battle of Malta tournament got off to a great start at the Portomaso Casino, with the number of entries meaning that the final prize fund more than doubled the originally advertised guarantee of €200,000.  Poker remains a massively popular draw, and Malta was a great place to host such an event.

32Red Poker‘s interest was in the form of qualifiers Cornelia Lupu (Romania), Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Szabolcs Szigeti (Hungary), Roger Deans (UK) and Marko Vukic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)…

A bit about Malta

Thanks to its location, the tiny island of Malta has for a long time been important strategically, with the Romans, Arabs, the Knights of St John, French and the British being amongst the numerous powers who have ruled over the years. Having being admitted to the United Nations in 1964 (the same year it began independence from the UK), Malta joined the European Union in 2004 and, being a very popular tourist destination, is sure to be a fun poker venue.

Malta is plumb in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Malta is plumb in the middle of the Mediterranean.


The Venue

Having already hosted the World Poker Tour and other such high tournaments, the Portomaso Casino’s reputation precedes it as an excellent poker venue. Apart from having the biggest poker room in the country, the hotel is also well placed for players to relax both during and after their time battling away for survival.

The picturesque Portomaso Casino (tower)

The picturesque Portomaso Casino (tower)


Calendar of Events

Thursday, September 26
9am Players started to arrive at Malta Luga Airport and were transferred to their respective hotels.
2pm Main Event (€500+€50), Day 1A.
8pm Satellites to BOM 2013. Buy in €50 + €5
10pm Opening reception for package holders.
Friday, September 27
2pm Main Event (€500+€50), Day 1B.
Saturday, September 28
1pm Main Event, Day 2. Location: Portomaso Casino.
6pm Siege of Malta “Second Chance” Tournament (€100+€10), Day 1.
11pm Official BOM Party opens its doors.
Sunday, September 29
2pm Main Event, Day 3 and Final Table.


Tournament Structure

Claiming a player-friendly structure, the organisers were satisfied that the 20,000 chip strong starting stacks and 60-minute blind levels provided the participants with a nicely balanced tournament structure over the four days’ play.

Tournament Structure, Starting Stack: 20,000 Chips

Tournament Structure (20,000 Chips)


Battle Of Malta – Day 1a

Day 1a saw 417 players battling it out for fame and fortune, an impressive number given that the previous year’s tournament had a total of 349 players in total. 110 of them managed to survive the opening day, but, unfortunately, Dimitar was not one of them.

Dimitar Dimitrov, Day 1A

Dimitar Dimitrov, Day 1A

“I made it to 55k chips, but in a hand with AKo I 3bet an agresive player … I had position and the flop came QJ3, he checked and I decided to check after him.  A 7 came on the turn and he made about 2/3 pot bet. I almost folded but a voice inside my head said “call him – he’s bluffing!” I called thinking that all AK and 10 was good for me plus I also had a chance to catch him on a bluff. The river card was an Ace and he went all in for about 8k. I called and saw 77 in the hand and so I dropped to about 30k. After that I lost about 15k with a good starting hand but nothing on the flop … I pushed with 44  on my last hand.”

– Dimitar Dimitrov

Opening Party

The Opening Party was held at the luxurious Villa Rosa Palace in St. Julians, Malta, where we all got a chance to relax and meet other players. While a local DJ kept us entertained with the latest in dance music, friendly waitresses kept our glasses full with free champagne!

Battle Of Malta – Day 1b

Day 1B proved equally as popular as the opener, with the Portomaso Casino welcoming another 471 hopefuls into the arena and generating a massive prize fund of €440,000!  Three of the 471 were from the wacky television stunt group The Dudesons, although only Jukka survived.

A slice of pizza before the big battle!

A slice of pizza before the big battle!

Battle Of Malta – Day 2

The other four 32Red Poker players all made it to Day 2 – Marko with 66,500 chips, Szabolcs 39,700, Roger 29,200 and Cornelia 32,400. Cornelia exited first when her AJ ran into queens.  Szabolcs followed, queens being overtaken by AK.

Roger, meanwhile, was experiencing the dubious thrill of being the short stack as the money approached, succeeding in making it into the last 100 places after finding himself down to a mere three blinds with 106 players remaining! Surviving to finish 83rd and cash for €1,100 is quite an achievement.

Roger finishes in 83rd place winning a decent €1,100!

Roger makes it in the money…

Roger finishes in 83rd place and banks a decent €1,100!

Roger finishes in 83rd place and banks a decent €1,100!

This leaves Marko, who finally busted out after a valiant effort when his Jacks were downed by Queens, his 69th place a testament to a well played tournament that might have been more fruitful were it not for the cold deck curse.

Marko makes it in the money...

Marko makes it in the money…

Marko finishes in 69th place and cashes in for a respectable €1,350!

Marko finishes in 69th place and cashes in for a respectable €1,350!


BoM Party!

Everything kicked off at the much anticipated BoM Party on Saturday night.  Hundreds of poker players who’d taken part in the Battle of Malta were invited – it gave players a chance to let their hair down and it was great way to celebrate the massive success of the event…

Battle Of Malta – Final Day

In the end, it was Germany’s Louis Cartarius who took 1st place in the biggest Battle of Malta event yet. Cartarius outlasted just shy of 900 players (a BoM record) and banked a tidy €80,000 for his efforts.

Positive Feedback

“My experience in Malta was something unique and amazing, an adventure from the beginning till the end. The unexpected was all around during the tournament, creating emotions and feelings so new to me. I was lucky to be part from a great team that was lead by a person who loves and knows very well what he is doing, a fact that kept us together.  So, a very big ” Thank you” to Nick 😉 … Battle of Malta rate: 10+”
Cornelia Lupu

“Great experience, 8 … once again, a big thank you to 32Red Poker for everything”
– Marko Vukic

“The organisation of the trip hotel and other things was the best I ever seen and I want to thank U again Nick about that.”
– Dimitar Dimitrov

“Hi Nick. Ty for the blog and for all of our trip, it was great work like all you done for us. I wish you to be happy whole year, like me and my family were in Malta ;)”
– Szabolcs Szigeti

“I’d like to say a big thank you to you for all your efforts in making the 32Red player’s trip to BOM so enjoyable. It must have taken a lot of work from you behind the scenes over a long time and your thoughtfulness and attention to the players whilst in Malta really made all the difference and made it into the great experience that it was … PS, Great BOM blog. Your diligence with the camera paid off!”
– Roger Deans

“Yours was by far the most personable group of the whole event.  Absolutely perfect when you consider that everyone in the industry is trying to appeal to the casual and recreational player.”
– Mark Spurr (Microgaming)

“Great job, best blog coverage of a fun poker tourney I’ve seen”
– Ivonne Montealegre (BoM2013 Tournament Director)

The End

The Battle of Malta was a great experience for both those who made it to the tournament and the many 32Red players who battled it out in our exciting qualifiers. No doubt the prospect of taking part in such a prestigious big money event, in such pleasant surroundings, with the delights (for example) of a champagne party thrown into the package, will have us all chomping at the bit for the next live event we get involved with…

Battle of Malta 2013

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Having served a strategic role militarily, Malta could play a key role in terms of your bankroll… The tiny Mediterranean island plays host to the aptly named Battle of Malta poker tournament, held in the excellent Portomaso Casino, St Julien’s, 26-29 September, and promises a guaranteed prize of fund of €200,000!

Rather than fork out the buy-in of €550 as well as travel, hotel and other expenses, it would be much more convenient to let 32Red Poker foot the bill for the whole caboodle, and all we need to for that to happen is qualify for one of five packages on offer in one of the five BoM Freerolls. Simples.

There’s more than just the Battle of Malta package on offer as each freeroll (as long as you get some raked hands under your belt you can enter) also has €500 in prize money so there’s a lot to play for. And to add extra incentive for the final tournament there will be €1000 on offer.

Unlike usual multi-table tournaments, those with a ‘star’ prize up for grabs should be approached a little differently if you fancy a few days in the sun in late September. Some players will adopt an understandable all-or-nothing policy, so with a modicum of patience it should be possible to identify who is taking risks and exploit them. Obviously you might not be the only one, and it’s not unusual to find multi-all-ins pre-flop, so you’ve been warned. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a sensible solid, selective but aggressive strategy during the earlier blind levels, after which the tournament will have taken shape and you’ve hopefully maintained a healthy chip stack with which to get busy as you work through the gears. If you’re still in contention for the prizes continue as per plan, and only when getting your hands on the top prize becomes a realistic possibility should you actually place it in your sights.

Good luck, and have a good time trying for Malta!