Everyone’s a Bounty

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Everyone’s a Bounty – €50 Added!

Don’t miss one of our player’s favourite poker tournaments – Everyone’s a Bounty – it runs every Friday at 9pm (UK time) and offers a €50 added prizepool!

Everyone plays with a bounty on their heads, hunting other bounties as the game progresses.  Win €5 with every player that you knockout but be careful not to get yourself knocked out, or you’ll be out of the game!

The more players you knockout, the bigger the rewards.  Check out the tournament details below…

Tournament Details

Date & Time Fridays at 21:00 (UK time)
Buyin €5 + €0.50, freezeout
Details 2000 chips, 10 minute blind levels
Game Type No-limit Texas Hold’em
Prize pool €50 Added
Bounty Win €5 with every knockout!


Multi-Tabling at 32Red Poker (Part 2)

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Not surprisingly there is no guaranteed recipe for success when it comes to multi-tabling, but the good news is that playing two, three or four tables simultaneously is by no means two, three or four times more difficult than focusing exclusively on a single table. In fact a key aspect of your game can be made even easier by multi-tabling – namely hand selection. We are all guilty (with just one table) of ignoring logic pre-flop by throwing money into the pot with mediocre hands, either because we simply like the look of them (don’t get friendly with 73 suited, for example, because it gave you a big win a couple of times and is now your favourite hand – in fact if you must have a favourite I suggest AA) or because we overestimate their potential in certain situations. Boredom is another excuse (if you’re bored you’re doing something wrong), and another reason why multi-tabling could be for you. Adding a table or two ups your hands per hour rate considerably, giving you less time to talk yourself into making poor pre-flop decisions (note the imperative optimistic poker player’s approach – less time can be a good thing) and essentially forces you to tighten up this vital part of the game so that you can be properly selective and thus confident that when you do get involved in a hand you have more strength. There is also a positive knock-on effect in that you reduce the number of times when poor pre-flop play puts you in an awkward post-flop situation that tends to compound the problem – with your attention required elsewhere the need for clinical, logical decision making means simply letting go of potentially troublesome hands in order to focus on hands that really do have legs (if you will). To sum up, even going from one to two tables affords you better concentration, getting you into the habit of sensible hand selection by increasing the rate at which you are dealt genuinely playable hands – multi-tabling helps tighten up your game.

32 Days of Poker…

Now is a great time to give multi-tabling a try thanks to 32Red Poker’s feast of freebies and specials that can be found every day during the 32 Days of PokerClick on a bauble and see what’s on offer for that particular day. For example several days are set aside for giving you free money, with 10 euros going into your account for every 500 Redbacks earned! If you’re used to playing a single table this is a perfect opportunity to open up a second in order to double your Redbacks tally. Fortunately there are quite a few days with this particular offer, so as you progress you’ll be able to add another table or two.

Other events include freeroll and bounty tournaments (with generous prizes) and qualifiers for the main event, the €5000 Freeroll ‘Goodbye 2010’ which takes place 27-28 December, nicely slotted between Christmas and New Year. And don’t worry about qualifying, as just by taking part in an event you receive a coupon that entitles you to enter – each coupon is worth 500 chips, so start racking them up to boost your stack even before a card has been dealt! Oh – there are also iPads up for grabs.

Good luck at the tables!