Great New Slots Games at 32Red

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We might be early for Christmas, but we’re celebrating St Nicholas Day at 32Red with the launch of three brand new Slots games. Remember that you can access these and many other casino games – including classics such as Roulette and Blackjack – by simply clicking on the Casino tab in the Poker Lobby. And don’t forget that you use your existing poker bankroll to play, so no messing about.


This is our special adaptation of the iconic 1980s film hit. To get into true Highlander spirit the original characters come spinning down the reels, with suitably 80s rock music in the background. There are Free Spins and Wilds, and keep your eyes peeled for a flash of lightning that creates Wilds by electrifying the reels!

Holly Jolly Penguins

This ever-so-cute, classic 5-reel Slots game has a festive flavour, complete with a seasonal soundtrack. More Wild symbols, plus you can win up to 80 Free Spins! What’s not to like about a bunch of cute penguins?

Wacky Panda

Stripped back to a nice and easy 3-reel Slot, Wacky Panda features no less than five adorable Pandas. Even Scrooge himself wouldn’t be able to resist this game, not least because there’s a minimum bet of just one cent and still thousands to be won!

So, sit back, relax, and take a break in our Casino at 32Red…

Find out more…

Christmas is a time for Poker…

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Christmas might have its 12 days, but 32Red Poker has a month’s worth of fun, and there’s no reason why we should miss out on the poker excitement during the festivities.

Rather than it being a guilty pleasure, we should take advantage of time off work – not to sit on the sofa and do nothing for a couple of weeks but, crucially, to sit on the sofa and give ourselves a special present for a change. For example on Friday 21st we can unlock 50 free bonus chips, with another 75 on offer on Christmas Eve and, even once the year has ended, a whopping 100 bonus chips on January 1st to help see in 2013! And all we need to do to unlock these bonuses is log in to 32Red Poker on the appropriate days.

Meanwhile, there are great value tournaments thanks to 32Red Poker delving into its sack of Christmas goodies to provide added prize money, plus freerolls, Multiplicity tournaments and even free Multiplicity tickets.

It’s also worth getting involved on Christmas Day itself – a paltry 25 raked hands during the whole of December is enough to qualify for the Lottery €500 Guaranteed Freeroll in which the top 20 players each receive €25 to help pay for the mince pies nobody eats. An additional 25 raked hands opens the door to the New Year’s Lottery Freeroll, which starts just as the year ends, at midnight on 31st December, this time with €50 for each of the top 10 finishers.

To qualify for the Goodbye €2012 Freeroll (9pm, 29 & 30 December) simply make a deposit during December.

Finally, keep an eye out for special prizes in the shape of iPad Minis!

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Fantastic Sit & Go Tournaments on 32Red Poker

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Fantastic Sit & Go Tournaments on 32Red Poker

32Red’s new Sit & Go tournament offerings are great fun, offer good learning opportunities and are excellent value, not least because you may buy in with your Redback points! Players who don’t necessarily have lots of time for big multi-table tournaments can now put their Redbacks to good use and ‘freeroll’ into a range of Sit & Go two and three table tournaments as well as Heads Up competition for the would-be poker purist. You can try out your heads up play in an 8-player knockout tournament with 8 minute blinds and cash prizes for the two finalists – all for 157 Redbacks! There are also 4-player Heads Up tournaments, with a €5+€0.50 costing 721 Redbacks and a winner-takes-all 1st prize of €20!

Moving up through the buy-ins, €10+1 tournaments will cost 1442 Redbacks, and here we find a nice new twist in 32Red’s 20-player, two-table Bounty Freezeouts. A field of 20 players is enough to create proper tournament conditions without taking more than an hour or so to fight your way to the 4 paid places (€45, €25, €18 & €12 being all the more attractive if you’re buying in with Redbacks), and you have the added incentive of half the buy-in being the bounty (on your head, too, remember!) so you can pick up money eliminating other players regardless of whether or not you make the top four.

If you fancy winning more wonga, then opt for the ‘Normal’ 18-player Six Seat Freezeout with the same buy-in but prizes of €81, €45, €32.40 & €21.60. Note that as well as 8 minute blinds these tournaments have 25 second response time with a 60 second time bank, allowing for proper play.

So sit down and Sit & Go!

Merry Christmas!


$175,000.00 BadBeat Jackpot, and Rising!

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BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

32Red’s $175,000 BadBeat Jackpot continues to Rise!

It feels like such a long time since the last BadBeat Jackpot was hit at 32Red Poker … when in actual fact it was less than 3 months ago when it paid out a fantastic jackpot amount of $84,570.  Today the jackpot stands at more than double that – $176,914.95 (and rising!)

How great would it be if the BadBeat Jackpot hit around Christmas time?  To get an idea of how often 32Red’s BadBeat Jackpots hit, or how much they pay out,  check our ‘Previous BadBeat Winners‘ page.  We have collated the most comprehensive data on all our Winners, Jackpot Amounts, Hand Numbers etc…

I’m sure there will be lots of you playing at our BadBeat tables around this festive period so 32Red would like to wish you all the very best of luck and a very Merry Christmas.

Don’t forget! To qualify for the BadBeat Jackpot, the losing hand must contain Four-of-a Kind, 8’s or better.

Click here to learn more about 32Red’s BadBeat Jackpot.

‘Be the Bounty’ Results, 19/12/10…

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Be the Bounty at 32Red Poker

Be the Bounty at 32Red Poker

Another BtB success with 110 players taking part!

A big thank you goes out to the 110 entrants that took part in yesterday’s €3K Be the Bounty Christmas Special. Many congratulations to everyone who made it in the money and especially to those who managed to knockout some bounties (see results below)… Read more

A quick word from Angus Dunnington

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

32 Days of Poker – 2nd Half

I hope you’re all taking advantage of 32Red’s festive 32 Days of Poker promotion. Very ‘enthusiast-friendly’ in that there’s something for everyone, there is also the added bonus of being able to pick up coupons that qualify you for the Goodbye 2010 tournament on December 27th (continued on the 28th, should you survive the ups and downs of Day 1…). The only way to participate in this freeroll is by collecting at least one coupon during the days of the promotion, and it’s a good idea to make room for the tournament in your post-Christmas diary in view of the generous guaranteed prize pool of $5,000! What’s more, with each coupon worth 500 starting chips it is worth taking time to rack up those coupons to boost your starting stack (of course chips can disappear completely in the time it takes to eat a turkey sandwich, but being able to earn extra starting chips as you take part in the daily events is a nice touch).

Anonymous Tables – Tips

Meanwhile, more musings on 32Red Poker‘s increasingly popular Anonymous tables. Expect to see more big pots (and thus increased variance) because, as the name suggests, anonymity will mean the stronger players and grinders won’t be so easily aware of each other and will consequently have more skirmishes than would be the case on a ‘normal’ table. And while these experienced players can ‘hide’, the same goes for the less experienced, thus bringing about some potentially interesting (and exploitable) situations.

We can also take full advantage of our anonymity by manipulating the opposition’s perception of us. This can be done by, for example, limping or min-raising on the button instead of the standard 3xBB raise. By craftily engineering actions that are sure to alert the more shrewd players we are then able to set them up, knowing what kind of ‘punishment’ they have in mind and hopefully having a nasty surprise in store. Don’t forget that any assessments we make about others could be false, too. Such cloak and dagger tactics really do make Anonymous tables a great place to improve our game.