Be a Poker Wizard in Magical March

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After writing about good and bad luck, and how most people tend to believe they go through life experiencing mainly one or the other, it seems that we’ll all enjoy a bit more good luck than usual this month thanks to 32Red Poker’s Magical March.

Cue puns about wands, rabbits and hats, and allow what’s on offer in March help broaden your poker horizons. Most players tend to stick to one particular aspect of the game, such as short-handed No Limit cash games, Turbo Sit & Go tourneys, Heads-Up Sit & Go or big field tournaments. Poker is great fun, and winning money is, too, so those who rarely/never play tournaments might not fancy the idea of investing cash in a multi-table tournament buy-in that might last less than an orbit of hands.

The best thing about some of the Magical March offers is the opportunity for these players to have a go thanks to free tournament tickets! Between March 8th and 14th, for example, a deposit of 50 chips or more (in any currency) will see tickets for both Multiplicity and Diamond Royale tournaments appear magically in your account! And, just like magical rabbits producing more floppy-eared brothers and sisters, between March 15th and 21st a tap of 32Red Poker’s wand means a giveaway of three tickets for depositing 75 chips… with four free tickets available for a deposit of 100 chips between March 22nd and 28th! With all these free entries, the tournaments are going to be populated with a lot of newcomers to this type of competition so expect the play to be interesting, and perhaps profitable (especially with an extra large dollop of good luck thrown into the mix).

Meanwhile, there are value added Magical March Freeroll tournaments throughout the month for anyone who played ‘at least’ one raked hand in the previous week, culminating in a €400 added event, March 29th, 8.30pm (UK time).

And the magic dust is set to fall on cash tables, too, with Magical March Cash Bonuses available – up to €250 depending on how many Redbacks you earn. Time to slip those aces out of your virtual sleeves…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

DAZZID wins 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

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Congratulations to 32Red Poker player DAZZID, the 2nd player to hit 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

DAZZID landed the big Diamond Royale hand last night and it burst a juicy jackpot of €1,151.00. The lucky hand number was 4,142,839,004 and a total of 6 players shared in the jackpot winnings.

Here’s how the hand played out:

Opening Betting Round

Dealing the Flop

Dealing the Turn

Dealing the River

The Showdown

Jackpot Winners


DAZZID Diamond Royale Winner €575.50
Farmer323 Participating Winner €46.04
BASKETAA Participating Winner €46.04
Srojitas Participating Winner €46.04
InsaneAces Participating Winner €46.04
Meerkatx Participating Winner €46.04

Srojitas wins 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

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Congratulations to 32Red Poker player ‘Srojitas’ who on Saturday evening landed the big Diamond Royale hand that burst the €3,350.00 jackpot.  The lucky hand number was 4,106,668,105 and a total of 8 players shared in the jackpot winnings.  Here is how the hand played out:



hendythehawk has the dealer button
Srojitas posts small blind (35.00)
evilbow007 posts big blind (70.00)
_FEAR_ME_ folds
meerkatx folds
fatcigar calls for 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Your_round folds
hendythehawk folds sitting out
Srojitas calls for 35.00
evilbow007 checks

Dealing Flop

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks

Dealing Turn

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar bets 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Srojitas calls for 70.00
evilbow007 folds

Dealing River

Srojitas checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks
Srojitas shows cards
fatcigar mucks cards
TheRookie5 mucks cards



Jackpot Winners


Srojitas Diamond Royale Winner €1,675.00
_FEAR_ME_ Participating Winner €95.71
meerkatx Participating Winner €95.71
fatcigar Participating Winner €95.71
TheRookie5 Participating Winner €95.71
Your_round Participating Winner €95.71
hendythehawk Participating Winner €95.71
evilbow007 Participating Winner €95.71

No Limit Cash: Small Pocket Pairs

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No Limit Cash: Small Pocket Pairs

We hear about the potential stack-winning power of suited connectors and small pocket pairs so much nowadays that there’s a tendency, in our eagerness to get involved with this kind of hand, to make mistakes.

Let’s take a look at what should and shouldn’t be done with small pocket pairs which, for the sake of clarity, we’ll call 22 up to 66.

Obviously the point of playing small pairs is to hit a camouflaged monster when another of their siblings appears on the flop and, hopefully, get the maximum number of chips as a ‘reward’ from someone with pocket aces, for example. That’s the ideal scenario, but while waiting for it to happen we must be aware of the fact that the chance of hitting three-of-a-kind on the flop is less than 11% – in other words around 90% of the time we will miss and most likely have to give up on the flop. These seem like poor odds but the idea is to take advantage of the favourable ‘implied’ odds, which are so named because the size of the big pot won should outweigh the total of the modest investments we pay out when we miss.

It is logical, then, that we make sure the price we pay to enter a pot with our small pairs offers the right value in relation to potential gains. If we keep paying too high a price pre-flop the danger is we won’t make enough to overcome these losses when we get lucky.

Therefore if someone with the same stack size raises as much as 20% of their stack we clearly are not getting the correct odds to call. Moreover, even if the odds appear to be slightly in our favour, this is not really the case. This is because it is quite possible that when we do hit a set the opposition misses completely and we fail to win a big enough pot to cover our investments. With this in mind it is prudent when considering implied odds to tweak the numbers so that we get involved only when there is 12 times our pre-flop stake on the table as potential winnings.

We must also factor in our position. The earlier we are in the pre-flop betting the greater the chance of someone throwing a spanner in the works by upping the stakes to a level that is no longer in our favour. That isn’t to say we should automatically fold to cut our losses as soon as a (re)raise appears, rather we need to weigh up the size of the relevant stacks and subsequent potential gains and act accordingly. But clearly the later our position the more attractive our pocket pair becomes as the fewer players yet to act means less chance of spoiler raises..

When we do hit a magical flop the point of the exercise is obviously to milk the pot for as much as possible against whoever has also got a (less string) piece of the action.

It is important not to get too ‘clever’ when possible straight and flush draws arise, and indeed we must be aggressive in order to make these draws pay through the nose to see more cards. Otherwise, with a harmless looking flop (is any flop harmless?) it is a case of the number of opponents, our knowledge of their play thus far and reading their hands. We might raise immediately if we think that the opposition is going to be prepared to commit, or merely call to instead let the pot build more slowly at first (for instance with an ace on the board we can allow our opponent to build the pot).

Most of the time we will miss, but this does not rule out our winning the pot, particularly against a lone opponent or a couple who have shown themselves to be passive thus far. The fact we stayed involved pre-flop means we must have ‘something’ worth investing in, so a bet even after missing gives us a fighting chance of winning, and if we make a half-pot bet we need to pick up the pot only a third of the time.

Remember, small pairs have great potential value but this must be weighed against how much we pay pre-flop and the opposition’s stack sizes. We need to see flops as cheaply as possible, preferably in later position, be prepared to let go when we miss but also willing to take a stab at the pot against lone opponents. Finally, don’t slowplay on flops showing straight or flush draws.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador

No Limit Cash Games: Value Betting

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No Limit Cash Games: Value Betting

It goes without saying that, in order to make the most of online poker’s money-making opportunity over time, we need to make as much as possible when winning a hand and lose as little as possible when ending up behind. To help us with the former we should get acquainted with value betting, where we determine how much to bet in order to achieve maximum long-term profit from good hands.

This aspect of the game tends to be overlooked as we concentrate much of our effort and preparation on what to do with good hands and how to actually win a pot and, consequently, many of us are simply not getting the most from favourable situations. Clearly, if we haven’t given value betting enough thought away from the game, then when we find ourselves getting lucky on the river, for example, it won’t be easy assessing the situation in the limited time available. Moreover, value betting is a long-term consideration aimed at extracting value over time rather than treating each hand individually, so we need to get used to seeing bet sizing as an automatic, ‘big picture’ decision-making process.

Here’s a typical example that should help get to grips with this sometimes confusing subject.

Let’s say we have QJ on a board of Q257 and a welcome J arrives on the river. We are confident that our top two pair beats our lone opponent, who (based on what we have picked up from their previous play) we believe has one of three possible hands: top pair, 88/99/TT or AK.

With the pot at $10, and first to play, we have a number of choices regarding bet size, and must consider which bet would in the long-term bring the best return based on the feasible calling frequency of the opposition’s three likely hands.

A small bet of $2 is likely going to be called every time, giving us an expectation of $2. A half-pot bet of $5 should induce a call from both the top pair and pocket pairs, in which case we will make $5 on the river 66% of the time, our overall expectation being $3.30 ($5 x 0.66). Finally, with an ostensibly over-sized bet of $15 only top pair will call, for an expectation of $5 ($15 x 0.33). It is significant that poker psychology suggests that most people would be worried that a bet as big as $15 here would scare the opponent off (and earn nothing), and many would opt instead for the smallest bet, yet we see from this example that despite the much lower calling frequency the biggest bet offers the most value. This is why we might have noticed certain players getting ‘lucky’ when their large river bets are called by lesser hands – this is no coincidence, rather these players have a good grasp of value betting.

This is just one hand (with deliberately convenient numbers) but it is nevertheless a situation we often find ourselves in and, importantly, is a good example of how we should be thinking in terms of bet sizing and expected value.

It is important to take previous play into consideration in order to best estimate possible hands and calling frequency against different sized bets, so that against a passive player we might need to bet small to eek out anything at all, whereas a big bet may well reap rewards when facing someone who has thus far been happy to make ‘brave’ calls.

Of course we must also remember to take into account how we are perceived so that our bets are consistent with what has been seen already.

Hopefully this will help players make more from their good hands, as well as better appreciate that poker is a long-term game.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador


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Congratulations to Saffron082 for winning our previous Poker Quiz (click here for details).

32Red Poker Quiz

Welcome to 32Red’s regularly updated Poker Quiz section where we ask you all sorts of poker questions and all you have to do is answer them correctly to enter our draw for free cash prizes & tournament tickets!

Are you ready?


How do you win the jackpot in Diamond Royale?

A: Make a diamond flush
B: Make a diamond straight flush
C: Make a diamond royal flush

Click here for a clue!

Post your answers below and if we pick your name out of the hat and you’ve posted the correct answer, you’ll receive 32 FREE CHIPS to play at 32Red Poker!

Diamond Royale

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The hunt is on for a Royal Flush of diamonds…

Join us every evening at 9pm (UK time) as we hunt for a precious Royal Flush of diamonds!

Be the first player to make a diamond Royal Flush and claim the Diamond Royale (DR) progressive jackpot.  Our  DR tournaments are played on the classic game of no-limit Texas Hold’em and offer 1500 starting chips with 10 minute blind levels.  Each game is guaranteed at €150 and costs a tiny €6 + €1 to enter.  While all buyins go towards the game’s prize pool, all tournament fees go towards the DR jackpot which we’ve started off at €500…