Srojitas wins 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

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Congratulations to 32Red Poker player ‘Srojitas’ who on Saturday evening landed the big Diamond Royale hand that burst the €3,350.00 jackpot.  The lucky hand number was 4,106,668,105 and a total of 8 players shared in the jackpot winnings.  Here is how the hand played out:



hendythehawk has the dealer button
Srojitas posts small blind (35.00)
evilbow007 posts big blind (70.00)
_FEAR_ME_ folds
meerkatx folds
fatcigar calls for 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Your_round folds
hendythehawk folds sitting out
Srojitas calls for 35.00
evilbow007 checks

Dealing Flop

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks

Dealing Turn

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar bets 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Srojitas calls for 70.00
evilbow007 folds

Dealing River

Srojitas checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks
Srojitas shows cards
fatcigar mucks cards
TheRookie5 mucks cards



Jackpot Winners


Srojitas Diamond Royale Winner €1,675.00
_FEAR_ME_ Participating Winner €95.71
meerkatx Participating Winner €95.71
fatcigar Participating Winner €95.71
TheRookie5 Participating Winner €95.71
Your_round Participating Winner €95.71
hendythehawk Participating Winner €95.71
evilbow007 Participating Winner €95.71

Diamond Royale

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The hunt is on for a Royal Flush of diamonds…

Join us every evening at 9pm (UK time) as we hunt for a precious Royal Flush of diamonds!

Be the first player to make a diamond Royal Flush and claim the Diamond Royale (DR) progressive jackpot.  Our  DR tournaments are played on the classic game of no-limit Texas Hold’em and offer 1500 starting chips with 10 minute blind levels.  Each game is guaranteed at €150 and costs a tiny €6 + €1 to enter.  While all buyins go towards the game’s prize pool, all tournament fees go towards the DR jackpot which we’ve started off at €500…