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New tournament fees

Having made a thorough revision of the entire tournament schedule, the Microgaming network of which 32Red Poker is part has decided to apply small fees to rebuys and add-ons in the multi-table events that have yet to undergo such changes, the new set-up being put into place network-wide from March 14.

The aim is to better facilitate the improvement of tournaments and how they run, as well as to provide more tournament variants and, of course, bigger guarantees.

Malta schedule now available

The schedule has been released for the MPN Poker Tour festival in Malta, 27-30 April, and it’s going to be a packed four days!


32Red provides our players with the best qualifying set-up for these European poker festivals, and you can win a €1,500 MPNPT poker package for as little as €1! This includes the €550 buy-in for the €150,000 Main Event, entry into the Casino Malta Poker Cup, four nights for two at the Intercontinental Hotel, €200 towards travel/expenses and an invite to the must-go Welcome Party…

We have another winner

Congratulations to Raimat999, who last weekend won a €1,500 MPNPT package in the Sunday 2 Package Final. That’s another Team32Red member to add to our merry band, who will be proudly flying our colours in Malta.

5 Packages Guaranteed, April 2nd

Note that we’re running a 5-package guaranteed Mega Satellite for Malta on the 2nd of April, which will replace our usual 2-package tournament for that week.

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32Red regular wins Fish Party Jackpot

March 6, 2017 by  
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The Sit & Go format has been popular since the beginning of the online poker boom for more than one reason. A key attraction is that players can enjoy the atmosphere of a tournament in a matter of minutes, while being up against a limited number of opponents also increases the likelihood of winning a prize.

The word ‘prize’ has taken on considerably more significance now that players are enjoying the fast-paced, three-player Fish Party Sit & Go tournaments because, thanks to the set-up revolving around progressive jackpots, the prizes at stake could be literally tens of thousands the size of the buy-in.

This happened yesterday when, while the players of a €5 tournament watched the mini Fish Party slot feature determine how much they were playing for, the amount the reels produced was a staggering €128,126!

Most of the time there’s one prize, which starts off at twice the buy-in, but with such an enormous jackpot all three players are guaranteed a chunk of the cash. As it turned out it was a 32Red Poker regular, Ronald A (aka fini00) who beat his two rivals to take the lion’s share – €64,063 to be precise. Not that the others will have been complaining to earn €38,437 and €25,625 respectively for their initial €5 buy-in…

Here’s what Ronald had to say…“Ever since the €1 Fish Party jackpot had been hit I started playing the €5 Fish Party tournaments a lot more when I could. I would play up to 8 tables at a time but I found that I couldn’t play any other tournaments because of how quick they go, and a €5 loss here and there can add up when you have a small bankroll as I did. Less than two weeks ago the €10 Fish Party Jackpot hit, and it was just a matter of time before somebody would hit the €5 jackpot.

On March 5th I played as usual. I was concentrating more on my multi-table tournaments rather than the Sit & Gos when out of the corner of my eye I saw the first fish party symbol pop up. I jumped out of my chair because I knew that the prize is determined based on the first symbol. My sound was off on my laptop so I don’t know what new sound I would hear. My heart started racing. I only dreamt about having a chance to play for the jackpot and with my luck over the past few months, I never thought that it would happen to me.

I ended up sitting out on all the other tables because a mis-click here would be devastating. I had to close the chat because I tried to type and play at the same time. Bad idea. I was nervous until I lost with AK to some hand that I don’t remember. I was down to 170 in chips. I was able to double up a few hands later and then put my tournament on the line with KQ all-in pre-flop against AJ. I had even more luck on my side and I survived. From then on I think I played as well as I could. I had over a 2 to 1 chip lead and was faced with a call this time with KQ. Blinds were high at this time and it seemed like my opponent was getting restless. I called, and he/she showed Q4 or K4 unsuited I believe. My hand held and I won. I checked my account a few times to make sure it was real. It’s hard to describe the feeling.”

Following on from another recent hit, when a €10 game paid out a whopping total of €207,438 (with the winner receiving €103,719), this is sure to attract even more players to what has already established itself as a fun way to spend a poker session.

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Another Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

June 10, 2016 by  
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If you’re not opting into the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot when you play at our cash tables, then you could be missing out on a juicy share of this player-friendly, multi-payout set-up. Remember that even playing at the same blind level as the winning hand is enough to earn you a cut of the booty!

Opting in is easy – simply click on the BB icon and you’re good to go. The most recent hit was at an Anonymous €20 max table, with the jackpot standing at €32,038.64. Four of a kind, tens, lost to four kings.


A total of six players had opted in across the stake, each seeing a very welcome €533.97 added to their bankrolls.

Don’t miss out – opt in!

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Another Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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Boom… and there’s been another Bad Beat jackpot hit. This progressive jackpot is very player-friendly, with multiple payouts that even include those who are merely playing at the same blinds level as the crucial hand. All you need to do to opt in and be eligible for a cut of the running total at the time of the hit is to click on the BB icon and you’re good to go.

The latest hit came on a €20 max table. The jackpot stood at €9,068.33 when four of a kind, kings, ‘lost’ to a royal flush! 32Red player LosSantos360 won €997.51 just for being at the jackpot table, while eight players each collected €90.68 for playing at the same stakes…


Don’t miss out – opt in!

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Bad Beat Jackpot: 2 more hits!

January 11, 2016 by  
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The progressive Bad Beat jackpot is absolutely worth getting involved in, given the potential gains even for those merely playing at the same blind level as the winning hand. All you need to do when playing at these cash tables is opt in by clicking on the BB icon.

Those who opted in during the last few days were well rewarded, with the jackpot being hit twice. On an Anonymous €100 max table, with the running total at €45,475.59, 2222 ‘lost’ to KKKK. Away from the main table only six players had opted in, earning each of them a juicy €757.92… Meanwhile, at an Anonymous €50 max table – the jackpot at €42,931.91 – 3333 was beaten by a devilish 6666, but the ‘loser’ (karralhinho) wasn’t complaining because his share of the jackpot was a cool €18,603.82! This time only two other players had opted in, thus finding themselves €1,431.06 the richer.

Join the Bad Beat quest when next you play cash games at 32Red Poker!


Join the Bad Beat quest when next you play cash games at 32Red Poker!

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Last Chance MPN Poker Tour Satellites

August 14, 2015 by  
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If you like the idea of ending the summer with some exciting live poker, then at 32Red Poker during the second half of August we’ll be running a packed schedule of Last Chance Satellites for the MPN Poker Tour in Dublin (2-6 September). In fact we’re guaranteeing €20,000 in seats and packages, so take a look at the schedule and sort out your poker diary for the next fortnight!

The tournaments start on Monday, 17 August with a €20 rebuy offering two €500 seats for the €250,000 guaranteed Main Event. Note that all tournaments start at 7pm BST, running until 30 August. Remember, too, that you can enter the qualification quest at any point of the process, and satellites start with buy-ins as low as 25c!


Good luck, and maybe we’ll see you in Dublin…

Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

July 23, 2015 by  
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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit, paying out multiple players who opted in and were playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €49,473 when four of a kind, twos, lost to four nines. Five players at that limit opted in, each receiving €989 for simply clicking on the BB icon!


Do the same – don’t miss out…

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Festival of Speed at 32Red Poker

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One of the attractions of online poker is the tempo of the play and how the game runs nice and smoothly. This brings with it a lot of flexibility in terms of thinking time, the rate at which blinds increase in tournaments, and so on.

Speed is the theme of 32Red Poker’s latest promotion, the Festival of Speed, which runs July 10th-26th, 2015. Spread over three different sectors of the varied poker output, there’s something for everyone, and it’s anyway worth trying out all three parts of the festival as carrying out three simple tasks will see €5 being added to your account.

First, the Super Turbo Micro Stakes MTT Series provides a daily fix for multi-table tournament fans as well as a great opportunity for those new to tournament poker. With tournaments held every day at 8pm UK time, and very low buy-ins (from 50c to €2), the focus is on speed. There’s also the matter of there being €15,000 in prizes!

If you’ve not yet experienced the fun and potentially profitable Blazing Cannon game, then now is a good time. This is a game to which you are sent after completing 20 raked hands at the Blaze Poker tables. You fire a poker chip from a cannon to win up to €100! The idea behind Blaze Poker is that as soon as you fold a hand you’re transported to a new table, straight into a new hand – no waiting around.

Also during the festival there will be Added Money Turbo SNGs to take part in where up to €20 will be added to the prize pool.

Just to make sure you appreciate that being part of the Festival of Speed is a no-brainer, if you get involved in all three parts of the promotion you can receive €5 as part of the Festival of Speed Achievement promotion. Fulfil three simple tasks (win a hand while playing in a turbo tournament, play Blazing Cannon and win a prize, play a scheduled tournament) and collect €5.

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Be Part of Our €50K Cash Drop

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We say that good things proverbially ‘drop’ on to our laps – well it’s time for another €50,000 Cash Drop at 32Red Poker where, quite simply, we’re going to randomly ‘drop’ cash on to our cash games.

All you have to do to be in contention for free and instant money is play at our Real Money cash tables between June 12-25 and, every five minutes, we’re going to award someone with €10. The money is credited to accounts immediately so you can do you what you like with it – play a great value multi-table tournament, try out some Sit n Go poker or simply continue at the cash tables. This last option is probably a good idea anyway because we’re going to keep making these €10 ‘drops’ until we’ve given away €40,000.

And there’s more – there’s a further €10,000 on offer in our Leaderboard, where those who win these drops earn points to be eligible for more cash prizes (1st prize is €1,000).

So play cash games and wait for money to drop into your account! Good luck.

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€30K in Gadgets & Cash to be Won

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In an age of gadgets, 32Red Poker players can get their hands on some in this month’s promotion. In fact there’s €30,000 worth of nifty gadgets and cash to be won, and all you have to do to have a chance of winning is play a few raked hands between June 5-21.

Bose Bluetooth speakers (top three prizes), Apple iPad Air (4th-7th prizes), €500 (19th) … €20 (181th-240th) … even €5 to add to the bankroll for finishing 725th – and there’s no effort involved once you’ve racked up enough raked hands. This is because the prize tournament (June 23) is a Flip format, where everyone is all-in every hand.

1 raked hand per day over any 5 days during the promotional period earns a tournament ticket, while more raked hands help you boost your starting stack (and, consequently, your chances of survival).

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