Four Play: Play 4 – Get 1 Free!

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We just can’t help giving stuff away for free at 32Red Poker. This month, for example, during our Four Play promotion, which will run throughout October, we’ll be handing out free entry to two of our most popular tournaments, namely The Mosh Pit and Big Night In. And it’s not rocket science – simply play either of these tournaments four or more times this month and you’ll receive a free buy-in ticket to have another go in November (note that a free tickets will be awarded on November 3rd).

Poker tournaments come in various formats, and these two have a distinctive feel that has proven rather popular.

The Mosh Pit (€8,000 Guaranteed) is a daily rebuy tournament with a €22 buy-in and €20 rebuys. It is the nature of rebuy events that they can be fast and furious and, with a juicy prize fund on offer, the aptly named Mosh Pit is no exception. There are plenty opportunities to make the money (and earn your free entry) during the course of the month because this tournament is held every night at 7pm UK time. There are also satellites that provide discount qualification thanks to buy-ins as low as €2.20.

Meanwhile, our Big Night In (€7,000 Guaranteed) is exactly that. Starting at 8pm UK time – also nightly – this is a different set-up, being a deep-stacked freezeout with a total buy-in of €110. Again, satellites are available, from as little as €5.50, and the freezeout aspect lends itself to a quite different approach than the more bloodthirsty Mosh Pit.

As well as being able to earn free tickets just for playing four tournaments, you’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of additional freebies this month, as we’ll be giving away over €10,000 in free tickets to both these tournaments! Satellites are always worth a go in order to sit down to play big money tournaments at bargain buy-in prices, but there’s even more incentive this month because, throughout October, we will be adding value to some of our Mosh Pit and Big Night In satellites in the shape of additional tickets! Indeed the total added value during the month will be over €10,000, so don’t forget to check out these value added satellites to make the most of the Four Play promotion.

Click here to find out more, and good luck at the tables!

Blazing Cannon is back!

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If you missed it before you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its re-introduction to 32Red Poker because it’s here until the end of March.

The attraction of Blaze Poker is the Quick Fold facility. Clicking on the Quick Fold button automatically folds your hand – without waiting for the play to reach you – and immediately sends you to a brand new table, with a new set of hole cards, and a new set of opponents. Not having to wait for play to come around to you and, subsequently, for a hand to finish when you have too poor a holding to get involved, can make a considerable difference to a poker session in terms of time. And herein lies the beauty of Blaze Poker – Quick Fold allows you to simply get on with it and make the most of your time.

Moreover, this format also helps maintain a higher level of solidity because in a ‘normal’ game we tend to be less patient and thus a little looser than we’d like to admit – such a weakness is less likely when we know that we’re maximising our hands per hour and can trade in a trash hand for two new cards in a second or two. And more hands per hour, of course (even without multi-tabling), means being able to fully take advantage of our excellent 30% Rakeback deal.

As for the fun Blazing Cannon itself, simply win 20 raked hands and a video game opens in which you have a chance of winning up to €100! Fire a burning chip from a cannon into a house of cards – avoiding pesky birds and UFOs, and see if you’re in line for a cash prize. When the game ends you’re simply dealt back into your cash game.

Good luck at the Blaze tables, and with Blazing Cannon!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador 

New 32Red Poker Achievements

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Our Achievements system, which is designed to help players have fun while they learn and develop their game and, ultimately, receive virtual badges as a reward, is getting bigger and better.

There are three new Achievements to aim for, each with a nice twist. The first, entitled Royal Treatment, is described thusly: ‘One must have one’s butler deliver poker’s highest possible hand to earn this badge!’ Clearly the ‘Royal Bank’ task for this quest for the badge means making a royal flush (in any game), and it is understandably classed as ‘hard’ in terms of difficulty. The ‘Royal Flogging’ badge (have you spotted the theme?) involves losing at showdown to a royal flush and is also a toughie…


But even more difficult, and thus a bigger feather for your proverbial poker cap, is the ‘Lady Fingers’ badge, for which you must lose with a full house against someone’s straight flush.

The beauty of the Achievements system is that there is something for everyone, with some of the tasks (and their various components) being easier than others. There’s no time limit within which badges must be won – you simply learn and earn at your own pace. Another advantage of Achievements is that the incentive for badges means exploring aspects of both the game itself and what 32Red Poker has to offer.

Note that Play Money poker fans can also take part in Achievements.

Good luck at the tables, and earn those badges!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Christmas Comes Early with 32Red’s Blaze Cash Drop

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There’s no need to wait until Christmas Day for gifts because we’re giving away over €10,000 in the form of a €10 Cash Drop every ten minutes, from 9-15 December! The promotion will run exclusively on our fantastic 6-max Blaze Poker tables. The lucky recipients are notified and paid immediately, and there is the added bonus of everyone at the table being alerted to the fact that you’ve just become €10 richer (there’s nothing like a bit of old-fashioned green-eyed envy to induce in your opponents a dash of tilt).

If you haven’t tried out our Blaze Poker tables already, the beauty of this format is that clicking on the special ‘Quick Fold’ button automatically folds your hand (without waiting for the play to reach you) and immediately sends you through the ether to a new table with a new set of hole cards, and a new set of opponents. Whenever you’re dealt a two-card helping of rubbish or you don’t want to play a further part in a hand, simply Quick Fold and move on to pastures new.

Apart from having advantages in terms of helping you tighten up your game (or avoid being too loose) because impatience should no longer be an issue, Blaze Poker also gives players more hands per hour with which to make the most of our excellent 30% Rakeback deal. Multi-table, and the rewards are even greater, of course.

Meanwhile, getting involved in the Blaze Cash Drop also means you have a chance to be transported to our fun Blazing Cannon video game – win 20 raked hands and you earn a shot at a €100 prize. Once you’ve played the game you’re dealt back into your cash game. Click here to find out more.

Good luck at the Blaze Poker tables!

32Red Poker Achievements

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Achievement is a word we tend to use rather rarely these days – usually because we don’t achieve as much as we would like. But that’s going to change now thanks to 32Red Poker Achievements. This is a system aimed at helping players have fun, learn and develop their game as they play and, with each milestone reached, enjoy a sense of achievement during their poker quest.

Everything and anything about poker is covered in Achievements, a set of varied tasks (each broken down into points, or ‘Pips’) being carried out to earn badges. The more you learn and experience, the more badges you are awarded as your Achievements list broadens. These are also badges of honour in that you can display a badge at the poker table when you play.

There’s also an added bonus for poker fans whose significant others might view their passion for the game with less than average enthusiasm – now you can say that your time devoted to poker has goals and meaning, that your efforts will be rewarded with ‘official’ acknowledgement!

Master Achievements and earn badges

Master Achievements and earn badges

As far as learning and experience are concerned, Achievements offers up tasks that mean you’ll find out all sorts of new stuff, both about the game itself and the snazzy features and facilities at 32Red Poker that you might otherwise not have discovered or appreciated.

With tasks and their components ranging from easy to achieve to the more taxing requirements, there’s something for everyone and – to emphasise the ‘each at their own pace set-up’ of the system – you simply tick off points and receive badges here and there as you go along.

From trying out different poker variants to winning a pot with each of the 169 Hold’em starting hand combinations, there’s a smorgasbord of poker to get your hands on and notch up achievements.

The one-for-all, everyman badges system is also available to those Play Money enthusiasts who have not yet ventured into real money games.

Good luck at the tables, and earn those badges!

Blazing Cannon is now live!

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When’s the last time you were sitting playing a nice game of cash poker and suddenly found yourself transported to a classic style video game that even came with the prospect of instant cash prizes? At 32Red Poker such a scenario is now possible.

Blaze Poker is about to get more exciting thanks to a novel twist that introduces a mini video game feature which can see you winning cash prizes of up to €100. It’s called Blazing Cannon Poker, and all you need to do to gain access to the feature is play on the special tables (€0.05/€0.10 and €0.25/€0.50) and win 20 raked hands.

When you manage this the game launches and your task is to fire a burning chip from a cannon into a house of cards, winning  €1, €10, a whopping €100 or nothing depending on how successful you are in knocking down the cards. It’s a game of pure chance (you get to choose which of three positions from which to fire the cannon) and the animated adventure comes complete with typical video game features, such as birds scuppering your chances by colliding with the chip before it reaches the desired target.

Once the game is over you’re automatically returned to your Blaze Poker cash game and dealt in at the earliest convenient opportunity, and any winnings you might have picked up are simply added to your stack for your opponents to see. If, for example, you’re playing at a €0.05/€0.10 table and had a stack of €5 when you entered the Blazing Cannon feature, striking lucky could mean returning from your cannon-firing escapade to subsequently play with a mighty €105 stack!

Blazing Cannon tables have a special theme to make it easy to keep track on how many pots are required to win for a crack at the game. A counter is displayed on a cannon, and each time you win (or share) a pot the cannon’s fuse gradually burns down until the 20th and last pot won launches Blazing Cannon.

Good luck at the Blazing Cannon tables!

The All-New Bad Beat Jackpot is Here!

Very few things in life can’t be tweaked to our advantage and, as exciting as the Bad Beat Jackpot has been at 32Red Poker, the latest version, which comes into effect today, promises to put smiles on more faces and thus make our quest all the more promising when hunting down the elusive ‘losing’ jackpot hand at the Bad Beat tables.

Whereas we have been used to the only recipients of the jackpot being those at the actual table where the hand was finally played (where the minimum blinds were €0.50/€1), the all-new Bad Beat Jackpot enables players sitting at any of the €0.10/€0.20 or higher special Hold’em tables a chance of poker riches, just by virtue of opting in!

And opting in is done simply by clicking the Bad Beat icon found at the bottom right of every qualifying table. After that we contribute 2 cents per hand toward the jackpot and (the point…) everyone opted in at their particular stake is then eligible to win a piece of the jackpot when the hand finally does appear somewhere.

As for hand criteria, there is good news here, too, as the losing hand, which used to have to contain four of a kind 8s or better, has now been downsized to a lower four of a kind 2s or better. And the jackpot hits even if those involved in the actual Bad Beat aren’t opted in!

Now that the action is going to hot up considerably on the Bad Beat tables as everyone will be going with any pair, we might as well acquaint ourselves with how the jackpot is distributed. In order to keep the ball rolling, 20% of the total is used to ‘seed’ the new jackpot, so the remaining 80% is shared out as follows:

  • 40% goes to the Bad Beat Jackpot winner (i.e. the player with the losing hand at showdown)
  • 20% goes to the player with the winning hand
  • 10% is shared between the remaining players at the table triggering the jackpot
  • 10% is shared between the players at the same stakes!

Click here for more information and good luck at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables!

Sit n Go Promo at 32Red Poker

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Thanks to my being without an internet connection for a week or so (which seems like an eternity when being online is a professional imperative; plus the fact I was missing out on poker fun…) I missed the beginning of 32Red Poker’s new Secret Agent Sit n Go promotion, which runs until February 15th and features a range of prizes.

These include five iPhone 5’s, 10 TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches (each worth over €1300!) and a whopping 1500 tournament (€20 + 2) tickets.

The idea is to earn scratch cards by playing in the special Secret Agent Giveaway Sit n Go tournaments that have numerous formats and buyins from as little as €1+0.10 (or 147 Redbacks) – 1 scratch card is awarded for every 10 tournaments played.

If you don’t strike lucky on a scratch card you’ll be automatically entered for the 2nd Chance Tournament which takes place on February 17th, where the five iPhones and any watches and tickets that weren’t won by the end of the promotion will be up for grabs. Also, with each non-winning card you earn you’ll receive 100 starting chips for the tournament!

Note that this promotion is perfect for those yet to try this exciting tournament format as the buyins available are reassuringly low for Sit n Go newcomers, you can pick up scratch cards as you navigate your way through the learning experience and there’s also the usual prize money to be won, too!

Good luck at the Secret Agent tables!

Meanwhile, at the time of writing the Badbeat Jackpot has reached nosebleed levels, and it currently stands at over €648,000 and rising! You’ve got to be in it to win it…

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

World Sit & Go Masters 2012

This year’s World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM), previously known as the European Championships of Single Table Tournaments or ECOSTT, was held in the fabulous city of Prague which of course is the Czech Republic’s capital and the cradle of Czech culture. This ‘Golden City’ is situated on both banks of the Vltava River in central Bohemia and is home to many famous writers, artists, athletes, sports players, models and film directors, bringing forth talents such as Mozart and Kafka to mention but a couple.

Vltava River, Prague

Vltava River, Prague

The WSM event was held in the 5 star Corinthia Hotel which is only two ‘metro’ stops away from the city centre, a place that boasts incredible museums and stunning medieval, baroque and renaissance architecture. The hotel is a landmark in itself, standing atop one of Prague’s seven hills and offering outstanding views of the capital city.

Corinthia Hotel, Prague

Corinthia Hotel, Prague


Date Time Tournament Details Buy-in
Tuesday 27th 16:30pm Welcome drinks & buffet dinner
November 19:30pm Round 1 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM) € 2,200
Wednesday 28th 12:30pm Round 2 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM) As above
November 18:00pm 1 hour dinner break
19:00pm Round 3 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM) As above
Thursday 29th 12:30pm Round 4 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM) As above
November 18:00pm 1 hour dinner break
19:00pm Super Eliminator Tournament for 9 players As above
19:00pm MTT Turbo Bounty Tournament for players not in the
Super Eliminator € 120
01:00am End of Bounty Tournament & prize giving
01:00am End of Super Eliminator Tournament
Friday 30th 12:30pm Final table of the WSM – 9 players As above
November 12:30pm NL Hold’em Side Event € 550
19:00pm 1 hour dinner break
20:00pm Conclusion of WSM Final Table (if applicable) and
conclusion of NL Hold’em Side Event
10:30pm WSM Main Event & Side Event prize presentations and farewell drinks
Saturday 1st Players depart

Day 1 – Round 1 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters

Three 32Red Poker players were involved in the opening day of the Prague Poker Festival as the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters got under way on Tuesday 27th November 2012. Held at the King’s Casino, in the luxurious surroundings of the Corinthia Hotel, the 55-player event featured ‘LeoLeou’ (at the 32Red Poker tables) of Belfast, Vancouver’s Brant Taylor (stealth90) and our very own Poker Ambassador Angus Dunnington (AngusD).The format, with a scoring system along the lines of Eurovision, meant that everyone played four 9-player Sit ‘n’ Go rounds, with 12 points going to 1st place, 10 to second, 8 to 3rd, 6 to 4th and then 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point for 5th down to 9th. Significantly different to the usual set-up, where 4th is no better than last place, here every point counted, which explains why Angus Dunnington’s table, despite escalating blinds, still had all nine players involved after two and a half hours while other tables were well on the way to just a few survivors!

Jianping Zhang at the World Sit 'n' Go Masters in Prague

‘LeoLeou’ at the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters in Prague

Angus Dunnington at the World Sit 'n' Go Masters in Prague

Angus Dunnington at the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters in Prague

Brant Taylor at the World Sit 'n' Go Masters in Prague

Brant Taylor at the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters in Prague

‘LeoLeou’, Brant and Angus came 8th (2 points), 5th (5 points) and 6th (4 points) respectively. Angus said: “It was strange adjusting to the format as a couple of players amassed most of the chips and the shorter stacks – myself included – tried to find a balance that would help earn useful points.”

World Sit 'n' Go Masters 2012

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012

Microgaming’s organising team certainly put together an interesting tournament, and everyone after Day 1 remained in contention for the final table, which would consist of the top cumulative scorers after four grueling rounds in a hectic schedule. The rest of the field would also have additional opportunities for success, with two further tournaments running alongside the latter stages of the Masters.

World Sit 'n' Go Masters 2012

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012

Day 2 – Round 2 & 3 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters

Just as a successful race horse trainer likes to enter several runners in a major race, 32Red Poker remained in contention at the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters in Prague thanks to having three ‘runners’ in the hunt.

LeoLeou continued his unfortunate run in the second and third rounds on Day 2, following up an opening 8th place (2 points) with a 6th and 8th. Our Poker Ambassador Angus Dunnington got off to a great start in the second round and felt fortunate to have been drawn on a less demanding table than in round 1. He built up his stack and found himself in the ‘ideal’ position of getting KK at the same time the table bully was up to his stealing tricks. Alas this time his opponent did indeed have a hand… AA, and Angus went out in 7th place when a high finish seemed on the cards.

Angus Dunnington in WSM Round 2

Angus Dunnington in WSM Round 2

Which brought us to our third runner in the shape of Brant Taylor (stealth90). The man from Vancouver could have considered himself unlucky, too, despite finishing 3rd in round 2, and he kept up his great form by winning his third round to be amongst the leaders on 25 points with just one round to go…

Brant Taylor celebrates his table win on WSM Round 3

Brant Taylor celebrates his table win on WSM Round 3

Day 3 – Round 4 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters

Day 3 unravelled with Round 4 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters as well as a ‘Super Eliminator‘ and ‘Bounty‘ tournament as side events. Neither LeoLeou nor Angus Dunnington managed to qualify for the WSM final, but one 32Red player did, Brant Taylor (alias, stealth90). Brant now faced 8 other players in the final table of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters on day 4, where 9th place paid a whopping €5,000!

World Sit 'n' Go Masters Round 3

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters Round 3

Brant Taylor makes it through to the Final!

Brant Taylor makes it through to the Final!

Final standings after WSM Round 4

Final standings after WSM Round 4

Day 3 – Bounty Tournament

Meanwhile at the Bounty Tournament, last year’s WSM winner David Rudling knocked 32Red’s Poker manager Nick Diaz out of the tournament to win a top notch remote control helicopter. David proceeded to win the Bounty Tournament along with plenty of bounty chips (each worth €50) from every player he managed to knock out in the process.

Nick Diaz (white shirt), 32Red's Poker Manager

Nick Diaz (white shirt), 32Red’s Poker Manager

Nail-biting hand as Rudling claims his bounty prize!

Nail-biting hand as Rudling claims his bounty prize!

David Rudling (left) takes the choppa!

David Rudling (left) takes the choppa!

Day 4 – No Limit Hold’em Side Event (€500 buyin)

Meanwhile in the €500 NL Hold’em tournament Angus Dunnington (AngusD) narrowly missed the final table after fighting back from having a very short stack. Angus was looking forward to his favourite format and, sure enough, built his stack from 20k to 35k. This came crashing down after he lost a critical hand where he was favourite until the river, leaving him with only 5k! He managed to get to over 40k and Lady Luck intervened once more when he was eliminated in a make or break pot to finish 14th.

Angus Dunnington at the €550 game

Angus Dunnington at the €550 game

A pretty juicy side event nonetheless, for those who hadn’t made the final table of the WSM. This was also open to other players, so anyone battling through to the final table was in for a decent payout.

Unortunately for our other player LeoLeou, a place on the final table proved equally elusive as he survived longer than Angus but fell at the final hurdle. LeoLeou put in an impressive display for someone new to these tournaments, falling just short of the final table in 11th place. LeoLeou said: “Many thanks for organising this event. It was my first live tournament and I really had a lot of fun.”

Jianping Zhang (with headphones), Angus Dunnington (behind, white shirt)

LeoLeou (with headphones), Angus Dunnington (behind, white shirt)


Day 4 – Final table of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (9 player)

The Final Table of the WSM was to take place in a different room to the rest of the tournament, on a state-of-the-art table that had been set up to showcase the action to poker fans online across the globe via a ‘live’ broadcast. Angus Dunnington had been invited the previous day to take part in the final testing and sat next to David Brannan and the rest of his excellent Mind Sports International team as they played out hands to test the system. 32Red player Brant Taylor then took his actual seat on the Final day…

World Sit 'n' Go Masters 2012, Final Table

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012, Final Table

Brant Taylor saying a few words before the big Final

Brant Taylor saying a few words before the big Final

Final table and starting stacks:

Steven Van Zadelhoff: 75,000
Artur Ladny Jacek: 70,000
Kemio Suominen: 65,000
Brant Taylor: 60,000
Mikko Koponen: 58,000
Martin Hanitz: 56,000
Mikael Johansson: 54,000
Anne Meri: 52,000
Kim Minseok: 50,000

Spot the donkey...

Spot the donkey…

Day 4 of the World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters ended in success for 32Red player ‘Brant Taylor’ who, after a gruelling stint at the final table, managed to finish in an impressive 3rd place, winning €15,000! In his own words, “Great week, great result and thanks for the support and everything Nick! … Almost! … Thank you for making it even funner.” This was well earned in view of the fact that 9th place paid €5,000 and with each successive elimination he could see his ultimate prize getting jucier.

World Sit 'n' Go Masters 2012, Final Table

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012, Final Table

It was a great day for poker in general as the latest technology was used to bring the excitement of a final table into people’s homes across the globe via a live stream.

The WSM Final Table was streamed live for all to see.

The WSM Final Table was streamed live for all to see.

Brant Taylor hoping for a good flop...

Brant Taylor hoping for a good flop…

It was a very enjoyable event packed with fun and excitement, some interesting plays and the usual highs and lows with good and bad luck. We all had a great time in Prague and we look forward to the next offline event

Tournament: World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters
Location: Kings Casino, Prague
Date: 27th – 30th November, 2012
No. Entrants: 55
Prize Pool: €104,000
Finishing Positions: See below…

Position Name Location Prize Money
1st Steven Van Zadelhoff Netherlands €23,000
2nd Mikael Johansson Sweden €19,000
3rd Brant Taylor Canada €15,000
4th Anne Meri Finland €12,000
5th Mikko Koponen Czech Republic €9,000
6th Keimo Suominen Finland €8,000
7th Jacek Ladny Poland €7,000
8th Martin Hanitz Norway €6,000
9th Kim Minseok Philippines €5,000
World Sit 'n' Go Masters 2012 winner, Steven Van Zadelhoff (Sweden)

World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012 winner, Steven Van Zadelhoff (Sweden)

Check Out the Lobby. Literally!

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Select your favourite tables types and stake levels by checking the box next to that stake level in section 1 of the client lobby.

You can carry on checking in section 2. By checking which tables you’d like to join instantly (provided you’ve selected the auto buy-in option) you can then click the Join Tables button and be seated and playing at every table you selected with a check mark. If you haven’t set your auto buy-in options, you will be asked to confirm your entry into each table but your place in the tournament or table will be reserved until the purchase dialogue expires.

Be sure to select the Hide Full Tables option to avoid opening a table that’s already full. You should also be sure and have either the Tile Tables or Custom Table layout set at the bottom of section 2 before you join multiple tables. With these options selected, your tables will be displayed just as you want them, ready for play. If you want to start from scratch or have one check too many then the Clear button at the bottom of sec-tion 1 will give you a clean slate to start afresh.

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