New €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!)

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7pm Daily (UK time) at 32Red Poker…

We’re nothing if not flexible at 32Red, and sometimes even good things can be favourably tweaked. Our new nightly €3.30 buy-in €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!) tournament is a perfect example. This will replace our popular Flush Royale tournament, but retains the style and set-up. And the star prizes are well worth making this your regular evening poker treat!

There’s a pretty obvious clue about the new twist in the tournament’s name. Our 3-player Fish Party Sit & Go games have become a player favourite, with progressive jackpots at all five buy-in levels and no shortage of jackpots being hit. It made sense to combine a popular tournament with a popular Sit & Go, so the €300 in prizes includes €100 in Fish party tickets.

Hit a Royal Flush, win a €1,500 Live Events package!

This feature is what makes Fish Royale so special. Our players can find themselves on Team32Red at a big money international poker festival by seeing their €3.30 buy-in turn into a €1,500 package! And this happens just by hitting a Royal Flush… Use both hole cards to make a Royal Flush and, as long as the hand reaches a showdown, a €1,500 Live Events package is yours.

You even get to choose between the MPN Poker Tour and Cash Game Festival, with both visiting interesting places around the globe.

So, join us every evening at 7pm (UK time) for this player-friendly tournament that pays out Cash, Fish Party tickets and a €1,500 Live Events package for a royal flush. To spice up proceedings you can take advantage of €3.30 rebuys and a €3.30 monster add-on. Have fun, and good luck!


New Features Coming to 32Red Poker

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We strive to bring our players the best online poker experience, which is why our latest software is getting even better! By 17th October a batch of new features will be introduced…

Here’s a taste of what new and improved features you can look forward to this month:

Stealth mode

Some players prefer to strip the screen contents down to the basics, and the new Stealth Mode will allow you to do just that, making for a totally uncluttered interface.

Resizing tables

If you’ve ever wanted to play more than one table simultaneously but had problems fitting them nicely on to your screen, then resizing tables is about to become child’s play. Once you find your perfect setting you’ll be able to lock it into place.

Dealer button/Blind indicators

New visual features will make it even easier to keep track of who’s on the Dealer button, and we’re also adding Blind indicators!

Table settings/layout

To avoid having to tinker with game settings once you’ve joined the action at a table, the player-friendly Table settings being added to the Lobby will enable you to configure tables beforehand. You’ll also be able to retain table layouts.

Confirmation dialog

To smooth the process, we’re introducing confirmation when players click the +1 button on Sit & Go games. A confirmation will also appear when you close the Lobby while tables are still open.

New betting tool

You’ll now be able to use your Enter button to make bets or raises.

Smaller screens, bigger space

If you like to play at 32Red on devices that have smaller window sizes, hiding promotional banners will free up screen size to leave you with more playing space.

We’re also enhancing the user experience on smaller sized tables by improving readability and text size.

So, there you have it – playing at 32Red Poker is about to get even better! Keep sending in your Feedback so that, with your help, we’ll continue to deliver the best poker software.


The Classic: A week of pure tournament poker

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‘Classic’ is an over-used word that should suggest quality but rarely does. At 32Red, The Classic series of tournaments that runs until 15 January promises to live up to the true definition of the word: namely ‘the established standard, the highest rank’ …

And that isn’t just because the total guaranteed prize money over the 30 standard freezeout tournaments amounts to a whopping €350,000. It isn’t just about the money. Well, it is, we hear you say, but even if the ultimate aim is to win, it’s vital that you both enjoy yourself along the way and feel that you’re getting value and a fair crack of the whip.

With this in mind, we‘ve put together a varied series of freezeout events that is easy on the bankroll and lends itself to a level playing field. A combination of affordable buy-ins and many cheap-as-chips satellite tournaments means that The Classic is a genuine every-man festival.

There’s something ‘pure’ about the freezeout format in that players don’t have the (quasi-) luxury of being able to gamble, rebuy, gamble, rebuy and so on. Instead, control, patience, timing and guile are more of a priority because there’s just the one starting stack on which to build your tournament success. No second chances, no lifeline, no phone a friend – everyone starts with the same chance, and the trick is to navigate your way around, bobbing and weaving through the freezeout jungle.


Of course, we also like to add something extra to our special events, and this time there are two additional, exclusive freerolls that will benefit both winners and the less fortunate. First, we have the €10,000 Final Table Heroes Freeroll (22 January; 6:30pm GMT). To qualify you need to make just one final table. The winner of this event will be crowned the Classic Hero…

Then we have the aptly named Bubble Busters Freeroll (22 January; 4pm GMT), with five €215 Sunday Showdown tickets up for grabs. You can earn your place in this tournament only by being knocked out ‘on the bubble’ (i.e. finishing 31st when the top 30 are paid).

Good luck, and enjoy some classic tournament poker!

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Poker Rule: Opt in to the Bad Beat Jackpot!

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Thanks to the Bad Beat Jackpot, you can win big by losing an ‘unlucky’ hand at 32Red, and you can also earn a share of the jackpot booty just by playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of receiving a cut of the progressive jackpot prize is remember to opt in when you play at our cash tables, and it’s simply a matter of clicking on the BB icon.

Recently, quite a few players were more than happy that they opted in when the jackpot was hit three times during a six-day period. Here’s a rundown of what happened so that you can see how it’s possible to boost your bankroll by hundreds of euros and more even if you play at €20 max tables, for example.

June 19th saw the BBJ hit on a €100 max table when the running total was at €18,977.50… Four of a Kind, Jacks, lost to KKKK, which meant that the two players who had invested a few seconds opting in with a mere click of the BB icon each found themselves €948.87 richer simply because they were playing €100 max, too!


A day later, this time on a €20 max table, and with the Jackpot standing at €17,723.86, 5555 lost to 8888. This time three players had opted in, each pocketing €590.79!!


Are you getting the idea…?

On June 25th the BBJ was hit yet again, on a €50 max table. The Jackpot had reached €18,720.53 when a Queen-high straight flush lost to a royal flush(!), leading to a great example of just how much you can win by opting in and being ‘there’ when the jackpot is hit: two players – kuilu8 and Gustavsberg – who had opted in and were at the jackpot table were each rewarded with €1,560! Meanwhile, the only other player who had opted in saw his bankroll increase by €624, just for playing at the same blind level!


As an additional incentive, the latest development at 32Red Poker is that the actual BBJ winner will also receive a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package!

Have fun at the tables. Good luck, and remember to opt in…

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Bad Beat Jackpot – it could be you!

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If you’ve not been opting into our player-friendly Bad Beat Jackpot while playing at the cash tables then you’ve missed out on a chance of some juicy cash prizes. The jackpot keeps getting hit, and opted in players keep being rewarded.

There’s even more reason to opt in because we’ve added a great bonus prize to the Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker – now the winner will receive a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package, too! The Estonian capital, Tallinn, plays host this summer (11-14 August), and whoever hits the Bad Beat will also be awarded this fantastic package to the €150,000 festival.

Don’t forget that you only need to be playing at the same blinds when the crucial hand hits to be eligible for a share of the money, and opting in couldn’t be easier – simply click on the BB icon!


The latest jackpot hit came at a €20 max table, with the running total having reached € 29,661.56… This time four of a kind, sevens, ‘lost’ to four tens and the 13 players who had opted in each won a bankroll boosting €228.16… Don’t miss out – opt in!

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Another Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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If you’re not opting into the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot when you play at our cash tables, then you could be missing out on a juicy share of this player-friendly, multi-payout set-up. Remember that even playing at the same blind level as the winning hand is enough to earn you a cut of the booty!

Opting in is easy – simply click on the BB icon and you’re good to go. The most recent hit was at an Anonymous €20 max table, with the jackpot standing at €32,038.64. Four of a kind, tens, lost to four kings.


A total of six players had opted in across the stake, each seeing a very welcome €533.97 added to their bankrolls.

Don’t miss out – opt in!

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The Magnificent Team 32Red

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The Magnificent Seven, the classic western movie that saw seven guns for hire save a town from bandits, is small fry compared with Team 32Red Poker’s quest to hit the Vienna leg of the MPN Poker Tour, January 21-24…

Three more 32Red players have joined the growing ranks recently. Ivan Damyanov (alias: AiZul-Go-Home) came 1st over the weekend in the Sunday Package Final, which now has two €1,500 packages on offer. The second star prize went to another 32Red player, namely Sean Gomez (alias: –HI–). A week earlier, Julie Whitworth (alias: Ladydriver) won a package in the same tournament…

We’re very proud of our players and that 32Red Poker will be so well represented in Vienna (we’ve never had as many qualifiers for a live event before) and, with this in mind, we’re introducing a new Thursday package satellite to give you an extra bite of the cherry. As well as these guaranteed packages, we add a €500 seat every Tuesday. Remember that the qualifying process is particularly bankroll-friendly, with first level satellites starting as low as 25c!

Here’s a list of the package/seat winners who thus far make up the mighty Team 32Red:


First Name Last Name Alias
Vladimir Pastushenko DNIPRO2010
Matti Sahinoja guizilla94
Phill Huxley Rixdorf
Adrian Nica Lawliet1
Dara O’Kearney HopAlongHnsn
Andrew Bell andybell1977
Frank Taal minnekus
Paul Aitken MaoTseTung
Michael Rettie UrABawBag2
Julie Whitworth Ladydriver
Ivan Damyanov AiZul-Go-Home
Sean Gomez –HI–



First Name Last Name Alias
Angus Dunnington AngusD
Adrian Nica Lawliet
Dara O’Kearney HopAlongHnsn
Richard Cowley any4napkins
Juliano Sabino de Figueiredo Hinode
Simon Millard Bada_Bing72
Simon Taylor TTayseer555


Click here for more information, and hopefully you’ll join us in Vienna!

Have fun, and good luck.