MPN Poker Tour: Malta

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Just as the return of the MPN Poker Tour to Vienna (see report) is a testament to the Austrian capital’s standing as a global poker venue, selecting Malta as the second host of 2017 is indicative of how popular the tiny Mediterranean island proved the last time the MPNPT enjoyed the hospitality of this popular tourist resort.
Taking place at Casino Malta in the picturesque St George’s Bay, 27-30 April, the festival will boast a Main Event with a guaranteed prize pool of €150,000 as well as other interesting events for players to stick their teeth into. One such is the MPNPT Casino Malta Poker Cup, for which the €150 buy-in is included in the €1,500 package that can be won at 32Red for pennies!

As always, the qualification process is very player-friendly. Of course, it’s possible to simply buy a package or the €550 Main Event buy-in directly via 32Red, but it’s a great feeling to sit down at a big money tournament knowing that you earned your place as part of a poker holiday for a mere 25 cents…

In addition to the conventional qualification process that features regular qualifiers for packages and seats, with cheap ‘feeder’ tournaments every day, players can also win the whole package by hitting a royal flush in 32Red’s exclusive €3 buy-in Flush Royale tournament, which runs every night, and has a €500 guaranteed prize pool.


The Package

The Package, valued at €1,500, consists of the following:

  • Entry into the €550 Main Event (€150,000 Guaranteed)
  • Entry into the €150 MPNPT Casino Malta Poker Cup
  • 4 nights, including breakfast, at the Be Hotel (for you and a guest)
  • €400 for travel/expenses
  • Welcome Party

 *You may transfer your side event ticket to a guest if you wish. If you do not transfer your side event ticket but are unable to play because you’re still playing the main event, we’ll refund the buy-in/s to your MPN account. Otherwise, the side event entry is not refundable or exchangeable.

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Vienna 9: €32K Cash Game Adventure

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Vienna 9 – be there or be square. It’s a LIVE cash game, in Vienna, with a massive €30,000 at stake, and you could be part of it simply by doing no more than you usually do at 32Red: namely having a great time playing poker!

We like promotions to be fun, but this one has an ongoing incentive as well as the top prize because it’s based around our popular ‘cash drop’ theme. Here’s how it works: we’ll be making random Cash Drops of €2 at cash games, literally every five minutes, every hour, every day from December 16th until January 6th in our special Virtual Cash Drop promo.

As well as qualifying as one of the Vienna 9 for this big money cash game – which will take place 25th January 2017 and be streamed online on Twitch from the Montesino Casino – you can also win a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package and a €550 MPNPT seat. The idea is that there will be three free entry qualification tournaments for which you earn the right to play in simply by collecting these (random) virtual cash drops. With each drop your starting stack for a freeroll increases by 1,000 chips, so that a couple of cash drops earn you 2,000 chips, six drops make a starting stack of 6,000 etc. It couldn’t be easier, and all the while at the tables there’s a chance, every five minutes, that money will be added to your account (to be used immediately).

Here’s the freeroll tournament schedule:


To win an all-expenses paid trip to the Vienna 9 Live €30,000 cash game you need to finish in the top three places in a qualifying tournament, with the eventual buy-ins awarded according to final placings as follows:


And there you have it. Win a place at Vienna 9 by playing cash games, seeing money drop into your virtual lap and then qualifying via one of three freeroll tournaments.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Au Revoir Mazagan!

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MPNPT Morocco, 10-13 November 2016
Team 32Red Trip Report

It could be you…

Online poker is great. We get to choose when and where we play, whether it’s in bed during the day (if we so wish), on the train or while watching reality TV with our feet up and an assortment of snacks at hand. But what about ‘live’ play? Some of us try home games and put up with whatever distractions are thrown at us (the only upside of a child gate-crashing the evening or the phone constantly ringing being a ready-made excuse), or we try our luck at a tournament at a local casino which, as many of us know, isn’t always guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way and, indeed, at 32Red it certainly isn’t! We offer our players opportunities, throughout the year, to win their way to exciting, professionally hosted and organised poker festivals. These are big money affairs that take place around the globe in the shape of the MPN Poker Tour. And the key factor here is to make these great poker holidays available to all players, the emphasis being on catering for the typical poker fan with a modest bankroll.

Our satellite structure, combined with the sheer number and diversity of our qualifying tournaments and general set-up, means that everyone has a realistic chance of winning €1,500 packages or €550 buy-ins for the Main Event of a festival. It’s by no means unusual to win a package for the price of a beer, or even for nothing, whether in a freeroll tournament, special promotion, or by making a royal flush in our nightly €500 Guaranteed Flush Royale tournament!

The Venue: Poker as it should be…

While the prospect of mixing with seasoned locals in the town’s casino might understandably not seem too attractive an environment to play poker, what about this description: ‘Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is a 5 star hotel located in El Jadida, Morocco. It offers a wonderful, year-round climate, an array of activities and entertainment, including a world-class Spa, a Golf course (designed by none other than Gary Player, and stretching alongside the 7km private beach…), Morocco’s largest Casino, a variety of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world and endless activities…’


The Event

Now, throw in a €125,000 Main Event, a juicy side event and a few other tournaments, and the notion that you could win a €1,500 package to a poker extravaganza at one of the world’s most luxurious resorts sounds almost too good to be true. Almost, but not quite. In fact, one member of Team 32Red found himself playing ‘live’ festival poker for the first time in Mazagan, and by virtue of his making a royal flush in the aforementioned Flush Royale tournament (the buy-in for this, by the way, is a mere €3).


The Welcome Party

TheWelcome Party was held in the plush surroundings of the Alias nightclub. With Redbull as a sponsor, the favourite drink of the night was the poker player’s classic: vodka & Redbull. As can be seen from the photos, Team32Red had such a great time that there were no thoughts of getting an early night ahead of their participation in Day 1b…


The Poker

With such spectacular surroundings – as pointed out by one of the players who enjoyed a massage while gazing through the open door of the Spa on to the beach, and the Atlantic Ocean, and beyond – and facilities one could be forgiven for seeing the poker as a distraction. However, thanks to an airy, spacious playing room and excellent, professional organisation that provided friendly, helpful and top level dealers, the playing conditions matched the venue. Providing players and spectators alike with free drinks throughout the festival was another nice touch.


Thus, for these Europeans (and our own Canadian, Ronald Aldino, who has toured much of Europe thanks to taking advantage of our satellites at 32Red) – despite waking up in November to the luxurious, relaxing sun-lit surroundings that Mazagan had to offer across its 250 hectares of make-believe, the players had plenty of incentive to go into battle at the poker tables.

Even the most die-hard online addict would be hard-pressed to justify forever staying at home playing in his underwear while surviving on the occasional sandwich. If the photos in this report don’t get you chomping at the bit to qualify for our other MPNPT festivals in great venues, then nothing will…

IMG_2242  IMG_2195

The numbers

The main Event was split into four days, with Day 1a – not surprisingly, given that many players were yet to arrive – having the fewest contenders. Home player, Soufiane Ouadoudy, ended the opener with a relatively massive stack of 268,200 chips (players started with 25,000), 26 of the 92 entries making it through to Day 2…

Team 32Red players were out in force on Day 1b in a field that more than doubled the previous day’s entries. As another taste of the atmosphere, it should be pointed out that there was a kind of entertainment during the dinner break that, it’s safe to say, isn’t the usual fare in a UK casino – namely, a belly dancer! This happened to Angus Dunnington who, suitably inspired, returned to the tournament after earlier being down to 4K to eventually be all-in heads-up with QQ v JJ in a 110,000 pot (way over double the average stack at the time)… Alas the first card to appear was a dreaded J, and that was that.


Here are some more numbers: a four-speed 270CC engine, 570 metre long, 6 metre wide track with Formula 1 standard crash barriers capable of absorbing up to four tonnes of shock pressure… Yes – we’re talking another activity for the players, namely a new karting centre where each vehicle comes with a transponder for live timing and race control (enabling, apparently, racers to post their results in real time to their Facebook account or email address; obviously – by this point of the proceedings we were expecting no less!). This would anyway be enough to attract a bunch of competitive poker players but, for good measure, the winner would be invited back as a guest to Mazagan for a Deepstack Poker Tournament! The same prize was also on offer at a Paintball competition! The runners-up, incidentally, each received a bottle of champagne…


Meanwhile, back to the poker, and Deccy Rice was the highest placed Team 32Red player in the €550 Main Event, finishing 31st for 13,000 Dirhams. The total prize pool had reached 1,508,350 Dirhams thanks to the popular unlimited rebuy option which continued until the start of Day 2. The eventual winner finally emerged on Sunday, with Sebastien Compte overcoming an initial 6.1:1.7 million chip deficit to defeat Day 1a leader, Soufiane Ouadoudy, and pocket a cool 280,000 Dirhams (approximately €26,000).

IMG_2201    IMG_2202

David Lappin won the High Roller event to the tune of 67,000 Dirhams, Dara O’Kearney finishing 3rdPaulius Sabaliauskas was runner-up in what seemed like a marathon MPNPT Mazagan Poker Cup, with Angus Dunnington finishing 11th … and fun was had in both the Doubles event, where the players of each ‘team’ changed over at each new level, and the dog-eat-dog Hyper Turbo Freezeout with which the festival came to an entertaining end.


IMG_2246    IMG_2205

Memorable hands

There’s a thin line between glory and bust, as was experienced by Mario Juste Sanchez in the Main Event, when his lower straight ran into a bigger and quite unexpected bigger straight! All the more frustrating considering he’d been utterly card dead – the poker player’s nightmare scenario – for much of the time before this ‘opportunity’ arose.

Volodymyr Pastuschenko, the veteran from Ukraine who has qualified with 32Red for Tallinn (2015), Tbilisi, Vienna, Sofia and Tallinn 2016, went out with AK suited v AA, but had a (quote) ‘Super’ time in Morocco.

IMG_2188    IMG_2192

Peter Raynor, another Team 32Red regular, having previously won his way to the last four events, described his exit: “Exit hand in the Main Event was a case of me flopping top two pair and a flush draw… the villain (a local), it turned out, had an open ended straight draw which he got quite aggressive with. We ended up getting it all-in on the turn when he shoved (having made his straight), leaving me with a decision of 16k to win 68k – I went with it and missed all my outs…”

Julie Whitworth, in her fifth MPNPT festival, ran into a higher pocket pair in both events, with JJ into QQ, and then QQ into AA. But “Loved the go- karting and, of course, I enjoyed every minute!”

IMG_2199    IMG_2197

That’s exactly what we want to hear at 32Red because, at the end of the day, it’s mainly about having a great time. Obviously, with a lot of money at stake, it’s well worth qualifying for these MPNPT events via 32Red, but what keeps these poker fans striving to win €1,500 packages and €550 Main Event seats is first the holiday experience, and then the poker.

Portrait Pics


Landscape Pics


Play at the next leg of the MPN Poker Tour in Vienna

Vienna 2016 was so good that the tour is returning in 2017! The Montesino Casino in the Austrian capital will again play host to what promises to be a great poker festival, one reason being the guaranteed €200,000 prize pool for the €550 buy-in Main Event. Qualify for peanuts – or even nothing at all! – at 32Red, and win a fantastic €1,500 MPNPT package to this major poker city that just happens to be one of the most picturesque, welcoming, culturally rich cities in the world!

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Team 32Red Vienna update

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With the Vienna leg of the MPN Poker Tour starting on January 21st, Team 32Red is looking quite formidable, thanks to our players making the most of the various – and bankroll-friendly – opportunities to qualify. For example, a royal flush in the €500 Guaranteed Flush Royale tournament (only a €3 buy-in!) wins a full €1,500 MPNPT package, while it’s possible to win a €550 seat for the Main Event. There are also special packages that can be won in Flip format SnG tournaments for a mere €5!

Here are the latest additions to the list, which now numbers 24 packages and 10 seat winners: Ronald Alino (Canada), no stranger to tournament success, represented 32Red on their jaunt to Dublin last September, and now he’s won his way to the Austrian capital, too. He’ll be joined by Vyacheslav Blazhko (Ukraine), Stanislav Ivanov (Russia), Peter Raynor (England) and Nadeem Nazir (Scotland) – all qualified in the New Year’s MPNPT Special, the grand finale of our 32 Days of Poker promotion.

For more information, including the actual events schedule in Vienna, CLICK HERE

Team 32Red Vienna latest

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What started out as a small band of players representing 32Red at the Vienna leg of the MPN Poker Tour has taken on unprecedented proportions. The latest player to win a €1,500 package for the €200,000 extravaganza being held at the Montesino Casino, January 21-24 is Martyna Makarove (poker alias: Barbyte), originally from Lithuania but living in the UK and a regular at 32Red Poker since 2008. In fact she managed to win her way to the Austrian capital in a single hand, hitting a royal flush in our €500 Guaranteed, €3 buy-in Flush Royale tournament where the magical ‘royal’ is rewarded with a full €1,500 MPNPT package.

Barbyte wins a Vienna Package with a Royal flush!

Barbyte wins a Vienna Package with a Royal flush!

Meanwhile, Maxim Kobeza (C11H12N2O3), from Ukraine, won the Sunday Package final on 6 December, and Simon Millard (Bada_Bing72) from Tunbridge Wells, who played in Dublin, took the 29 November edition – both winning a €1500 package. Don’t forget that you can also win a €550 seat for the Main Event, which is what Dara O’Kearney (HopAlongHnsn) from Ireland (also part of Team 32Red in Dublin) did yet again when finishing 2nd in a €75+5 MPNPT Seat Only Final (2 seats guaranteed). You can even win a special package via Flip format SnG tournaments for €5!

Thus far 18 packages and 9 seats have been won by our players, and we’re proud to say that 32Red, with the most satellites, is the best place to qualify for the MPN Poker Tour! For more information, including the events schedule, CLICK HERE


Team 32Red Vienna Update

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Forget how many days there are until Christmas – the best date to stick in your diary is 21-24 January, 2016, which is when the MPN Poker Tour will herald its arrival in Vienna. You could be going there as part of Team 32Red by winning a €1,500 package or the €550 buy-in!

As well as the weekly Sunday Package Final (with two packages!), additional package available on Thursdays and a €500 seat every Tuesday, there are currently new SNG Flip Satellites that offer an alternative, fun way to qualify for the €200,000 Main Event. And it’s even possible to qualify for pennies, with first level satellites starting as low as 25c!

New SNG Flip Satellites!

New SNG Flip Satellites!

Not surprisingly a number of our players have now joined the ranks of the growing Team 32Red squad currently through to Vienna. James Mcgeorge (alias: NickDiaz) from Llangollen in Wales, recently won a €550 seat, while Marko Harkonen (alias: Pipa1888) from Helsinki in Finland won a €1,500 package, as did Piotr Bienia (alias: piter013) from Krosno in Poland.

Check out the Satellites tab in the Poker Lobby.

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32Red Player Wins €1,500 Vienna Package with Royal Flush

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While our Flush Royale (held nightly at 8pm UK time) is anyway a popular, player-friendly tournament that, for a €3 buy-in/rebuy has €500 in guaranteed prize money, it also has something that sets it apart from other such tournaments – a fantastic bonus prize in the shape of a €1,500 package to the Vienna leg of the exciting MPN Poker Tour. This goes to anyone who manages to get a royal flush, and this incentive livens up an already exciting tournament when anyone has even a sniff of filling poker’s magical hand.

Diane Duncan, from Portsmouth, whose alias is POKERLADY25, has been a 32Red Poker player since 2006, and will now find herself wearing Team 32Red colours in the Austrian capital after hitting a royal flush in quite dramatic style in the latest Flush Royale fixture. After being dealt Kh Qh, and being short-stacked, she went all-in pre-flop and met with two callers. The flop brought Ah Ks Jc and the poker gods must have decided it was someone’s lucky night when the Turn brought the 10h and the River produced an early Christmas present with the Jh to complete the royal flush!

Diane joins the biggest group of 32Red Poker qualifiers ever and will be hoping for a similar slice of luck in the €200,000 Main Event.

Visit our Flush Royale page

The Magnificent Team 32Red

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The Magnificent Seven, the classic western movie that saw seven guns for hire save a town from bandits, is small fry compared with Team 32Red Poker’s quest to hit the Vienna leg of the MPN Poker Tour, January 21-24…

Three more 32Red players have joined the growing ranks recently. Ivan Damyanov (alias: AiZul-Go-Home) came 1st over the weekend in the Sunday Package Final, which now has two €1,500 packages on offer. The second star prize went to another 32Red player, namely Sean Gomez (alias: –HI–). A week earlier, Julie Whitworth (alias: Ladydriver) won a package in the same tournament…

We’re very proud of our players and that 32Red Poker will be so well represented in Vienna (we’ve never had as many qualifiers for a live event before) and, with this in mind, we’re introducing a new Thursday package satellite to give you an extra bite of the cherry. As well as these guaranteed packages, we add a €500 seat every Tuesday. Remember that the qualifying process is particularly bankroll-friendly, with first level satellites starting as low as 25c!

Here’s a list of the package/seat winners who thus far make up the mighty Team 32Red:


First Name Last Name Alias
Vladimir Pastushenko DNIPRO2010
Matti Sahinoja guizilla94
Phill Huxley Rixdorf
Adrian Nica Lawliet1
Dara O’Kearney HopAlongHnsn
Andrew Bell andybell1977
Frank Taal minnekus
Paul Aitken MaoTseTung
Michael Rettie UrABawBag2
Julie Whitworth Ladydriver
Ivan Damyanov AiZul-Go-Home
Sean Gomez –HI–



First Name Last Name Alias
Angus Dunnington AngusD
Adrian Nica Lawliet
Dara O’Kearney HopAlongHnsn
Richard Cowley any4napkins
Juliano Sabino de Figueiredo Hinode
Simon Millard Bada_Bing72
Simon Taylor TTayseer555


Click here for more information, and hopefully you’ll join us in Vienna!

Have fun, and good luck.

Team 32Red Update

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Our quest at 32Red Poker to see our players enjoy the thrills and spills of the international MPN Poker Tour continues… The next stop is Vienna (21-24 January, 2016), and the MPNPT Sunday Package Final, with two €1,500 packages to play for, saw 32Red players emerge victorious. These were Dara O’Kearney (alias: HopAlongHnsn), who is currently enjoying some good form, and Michael Rettie (UrABawBag2) of Glasgow, who has been playing at 32Red Poker for over 1000 days and whose name regularly appears at the business end of tournament results.

A day earlier, our exclusive Saturday Surprise had as its prize a €550 seat for Vienna and, this time, Simon Millard (Bada_Bing72) made the most of his chances and secured the seat. Having enjoyed a poker tour baptism of fire in Dublin in September, Simon, from Tunbridge Wells, will be waltzing his way to Vienna

Qualification for the MPN Poker Tour can be achieved for pennies – in fact it’s possible to find your way to the €200,000 Main Event in Vienna with an initial outlay of 25c!

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Vienna Calling… MPN Poker Tour News

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With Team 32Red, groups of online qualifiers, having represented 32Red Poker at the first three MPN Poker Tour events – the most recent being Dublin in September – we’re already building up a formidable looking band of raiders for the next stop on the tour, which will be Vienna, 21-24 January 2016.

Given that the Main Event – held at Montesino Casino in Austria’s grand capital – will have a guaranteed prize fund of €200,000, yet the qualification process starts at a minuscule 25c, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to giving the satellites a go and earning your place at what promises to be a fantastic poker festival.

Up for grabs are €1,500 packages, which include – amongst others – buy-in, hotel and expenses, as well the €550 seat. Winners (aliases in brackets) thus far from 32Red Poker are:

Package Winners

Vladimir Pastushenko (DNIPRO2010)
Matti Sahinoka (guizilla94)
Phill Huxley (Rixdorf)
Adrian Nica (Lawliet1)
Dara O’Kearney (HopAlongHnsn)
Andrew Bell (andybell1977)
Frank Taal (minnekus)

Seat Winners

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
Adrian Nica (Lawliet1)
Dara O’Kearney (HopAlongHnsn)
Juliano Sabino de Figueiredo (Hinode)


We can now add Paul Aitken (MaoTseTung) to the package winners’ list. There are numerous ways to find yourself in Vienna by playing at 32Red Poker, and Paul, from Glasgow, managed to earn a €1,500 package with a single hand, having hit a royal flush (on the River!) in our nightly €500 Guaranteed Flush Royale tournament, which guarantees this star prize if you hit the magic poker hand.

Join the quest to Vienna now, and win your way on to Team 32Red!

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