Christmas is a time for Poker…

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Christmas might have its 12 days, but 32Red Poker has a month’s worth of fun, and there’s no reason why we should miss out on the poker excitement during the festivities.

Rather than it being a guilty pleasure, we should take advantage of time off work – not to sit on the sofa and do nothing for a couple of weeks but, crucially, to sit on the sofa and give ourselves a special present for a change. For example on Friday 21st we can unlock 50 free bonus chips, with another 75 on offer on Christmas Eve and, even once the year has ended, a whopping 100 bonus chips on January 1st to help see in 2013! And all we need to do to unlock these bonuses is log in to 32Red Poker on the appropriate days.

Meanwhile, there are great value tournaments thanks to 32Red Poker delving into its sack of Christmas goodies to provide added prize money, plus freerolls, Multiplicity tournaments and even free Multiplicity tickets.

It’s also worth getting involved on Christmas Day itself – a paltry 25 raked hands during the whole of December is enough to qualify for the Lottery €500 Guaranteed Freeroll in which the top 20 players each receive €25 to help pay for the mince pies nobody eats. An additional 25 raked hands opens the door to the New Year’s Lottery Freeroll, which starts just as the year ends, at midnight on 31st December, this time with €50 for each of the top 10 finishers.

To qualify for the Goodbye €2012 Freeroll (9pm, 29 & 30 December) simply make a deposit during December.

Finally, keep an eye out for special prizes in the shape of iPad Minis!

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Be a Poker Wizard in Magical March

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After writing about good and bad luck, and how most people tend to believe they go through life experiencing mainly one or the other, it seems that we’ll all enjoy a bit more good luck than usual this month thanks to 32Red Poker’s Magical March.

Cue puns about wands, rabbits and hats, and allow what’s on offer in March help broaden your poker horizons. Most players tend to stick to one particular aspect of the game, such as short-handed No Limit cash games, Turbo Sit & Go tourneys, Heads-Up Sit & Go or big field tournaments. Poker is great fun, and winning money is, too, so those who rarely/never play tournaments might not fancy the idea of investing cash in a multi-table tournament buy-in that might last less than an orbit of hands.

The best thing about some of the Magical March offers is the opportunity for these players to have a go thanks to free tournament tickets! Between March 8th and 14th, for example, a deposit of 50 chips or more (in any currency) will see tickets for both Multiplicity and Diamond Royale tournaments appear magically in your account! And, just like magical rabbits producing more floppy-eared brothers and sisters, between March 15th and 21st a tap of 32Red Poker’s wand means a giveaway of three tickets for depositing 75 chips… with four free tickets available for a deposit of 100 chips between March 22nd and 28th! With all these free entries, the tournaments are going to be populated with a lot of newcomers to this type of competition so expect the play to be interesting, and perhaps profitable (especially with an extra large dollop of good luck thrown into the mix).

Meanwhile, there are value added Magical March Freeroll tournaments throughout the month for anyone who played ‘at least’ one raked hand in the previous week, culminating in a €400 added event, March 29th, 8.30pm (UK time).

And the magic dust is set to fall on cash tables, too, with Magical March Cash Bonuses available – up to €250 depending on how many Redbacks you earn. Time to slip those aces out of your virtual sleeves…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Big Events: Online and Off

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Big Events: Online and Off

Whether you’re a parent worn out by school holidays, can’t stop sneezing during summer, have been to more than enough barbecues or simply love playing tournaments on 32Red, then make sure that you free up some time in your calendar so that you don’t miss out on the online Summer Festival at 32Red. Starting on the 26th August, the continues until the 29th, with a total of eight events and over €600,000 in guaranteed prizes!

With something for everyone, the tournament formats aren’t limited to No Limit, as Omaha also features and you can even try out Razz. The festival culminates in the Main Event, which starts on the 28th and spans two days (for those who survive long enough), and has a whopping €500,000 in guaranteed prize money! For those who like to play themselves into form and save money in the process, there are great value qualifiers on the go throughout the day – plus, as well as qualifying via the ‘Multi Event’ satellites, it is possible to earn a free entry ticket by winning 5 consecutive Multiplicity games. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to win packages for two excellent offline events. Worth €3,100, you can start your qualifying quest for as little as €2.50! If successful you can decide between a WSOPE side event in Cannes this October or the Gibraltar Poker Masters in September (of course with the right amount of skill/luck both packages can be won).. Players winning two packages can of course attend both events.

The Gibraltar Poker Masters 2011 package includes a €1,100 High Roller 3-Day Event buy-in as well as travel money, four nights accommodation, casino chips and dinner, while if you fancy the French Riviera, the Cannes package features a €1,090 buy-in into a WSOPE side event, plus travel money and five nights accommodation. I can say from experience that both packages are well worth winning, having played poker in Gibraltar and – during my days as a pro chess player – numerous international chess tournaments in Cannes.

You’ve got to be in it to win it…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador


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Congratulations to Gyendor for winning our previous Poker Quiz (click here for details).

32Red Poker Quiz

Welcome to 32Red’s regularly updated Poker Quiz section where we ask you all sorts of poker questions and all you have to do is answer them correctly to enter our draw for free cash prizes & tournament tickets!

Are you ready?


This tournament runs daily on 32Red Poker at 8pm (UK time), what is it called?

A: Multiplications?
B: Multiplicity?
C: Multipliers?

Click here for a clue!

Post your answers below and if we pick your name out of the hat and you’ve posted the correct answer, we’ll give you 5 free tickets for the tournament in question!


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Get in the money and multiply your winnings!

Join us every evening at 8pm (UK time) for a new and exciting 32Red tournament Multiplicity.

The aim of Multiplicity is to finish ‘in the money’ in as many consecutive games as you can.  Each time you cash in, you multiply your last winnings by however many times you’ve finished ‘in the money’ consecutively.

For example…

Finish in the money twice to DOUBLE your winnings!
Finish in the money 3 times to TRIPLE your winnings!
Finish in the money 4 times to QUADRUPLE your winnings!