Mission Freeroll: €50K to be won!

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There’s another one of those no-brainer promotions happening at 32Red (9-25 March) that you’d be a fool to miss. Mission Freeroll puts a very tasty €50,000 worth of prizes on the line for you to take full advantage of.

Easy Money

Two €1,000 Mission Freerolls will be held every day during the promotion, at 5pm and 7pm GMT, and to get your hands on tickets all you need to do is play in any of the qualifying games – namely €10 Max and higher Cash games, Sit & Gos with minimum buy-ins of €2 and Scheduled Tournaments with a minimum buy-in of €5 – and complete simple daily tasks (e.g. winning a NLH pot at showdown with less than a pair).

Bonus Bonuses

In addition to the daily €2,000 in prizes we’ll be awarding the winner of each Freeroll an Immediate Bonus that can be anything from €250 to €1,000!

And to make your playing time as flexible as possible, the tickets will remain valid for up to 7 days, so you can choose when to jump into the action.

And that’s it. So, have fun at the tables, pick up free tickets and good luck in the Mission Freerolls!

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32Red Poker interviews muffty

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muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

 So where/how did you originally hear about 32Red Poker?

muffty: Ive been a 32Red player for many years now but I am sure I opened my account via a banner ad on a poker forum.

32Red: Did you have any problems registering your poker account?
muffty: The only issue I had was the MPN ruling of only one network alias however the excellent customer support team liaised with security and sorted it. Read more

Manage your Poker Bankroll

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

The subject of Bankroll Management (BRM) is an intriguing and potentially cruel animal. Regardless of the size of your bankroll, if you don’t treat it with respect it will turn around and bite, perhaps with fatal consequence to your poker playing survival.

Obviously some people will feel more (or less) comfortable than others in terms of how much of their bankroll they put on the line when sitting down to play, while simple maths will render a certain level too risky, however ‘confident’ you are – if you have $200, for example, and put half of it at risk in one visit, then you are putting your bankroll in jeopardy as anything can happen at any time.
A very sensible percentage of your bankroll to play with is 5%, while those for whom reloading is a possibility might opt for a riskier 10% figure. It all comes down to what suits your situation, mindset and experience, and you should get used to adhering to the plan in order to avoid potentially disastrous rushes to the head, such as going on tilt in response to bad beats by recklessly breaking your golden rule and suddenly sitting down with a much bigger chunk of your roll.
So let’s say that NLH cash is your thing, you have a bankroll of $200 and opt for the more cautious approach. In this case you could sit down at a 5c/10c table with a full stack ($10), thus risking only 5% of your total bankroll and offering decent protection against (ultimately) inevitable ‘unlucky’ sessions where even the most correct play in big pots is not enough to overcome whatever ugly reverses fate has in store.
Remember that a series of bad sessions will call for adjustments or significant changes in BRM. For instance if your initial $200 takes a few hits you could sit down with less in order to keep the risk at 5% of the total, so that with $150 you would start with a $7.50 stack (a minimum to maintain anything like big stack strategy) or, to steady the ship, simply move down a level until which time your bankroll returns to $200 and you feel like stepping up to 5c/10c again (there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the lower level a little longer as your confidence, skill and bankroll levels continue to increase).
Of course this advice is pretty fundamental but should be a good starting point. We’ll keep returning to this subject in the future, especially as tournament and sit & go BRM require a different approach to cash games.
Good luck at the tables!