32Red Poker interviews muffty


muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

muffty in action at the 32Red Poker tables

 So where/how did you originally hear about 32Red Poker?

muffty: Ive been a 32Red player for many years now but I am sure I opened my account via a banner ad on a poker forum.

32Red: Did you have any problems registering your poker account?
muffty: The only issue I had was the MPN ruling of only one network alias however the excellent customer support team liaised with security and sorted it. (more…)

Bet Sizing

Beginners are not the only players to make inappropriate bet sizes. It stands to reason that, because the size of the pot relative to bet and stack sizes forms the foundation of each hand, we should try our best to at least find the right bet sizing range. It is Read more…