Short-handed No Limit Poker Tips

Years ago, when first introduced to online poker, we would start off on the No Limit path by sitting down at full-ring games, where the conventional, solid ABC approach tends to be a good foundation on which to build a repertoire of strategies. It’s a good idea to do the same today, not least because it teaches us to have patience and appreciate the (relative) value of starting hands.

However, short-handed poker is so popular now that we tend to try out the murkier waters of 6-player tables earlier in our careers, and it’s important to appreciate the implications of there being fewer players at the table. (more…)

Expected Value in Poker

Many poker strategy articles start with something along the lines of there being countless strategies, tricks and traps ‘but this particular subject is especially important’ etc. Well, there are indeed countless important aspects of the game… but understanding Expected Value (EV) is absolutely crucial if we have any intention of Read more…