Bad Beat Jackpot Hit Twice

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With such a player-friendly payout structure our progressive Bad Beat Jackpot merits your attention – if you’ve not been opting in you’ve been missing out. All you need to be eligible for a share of the booty is to click on the BB icon and then you’re good to go – you get a cut of the money just for playing at the same blind level as the winning hand.

The first of the two recent hits was at an Anonymous €20 max table, with the jackpot standing at €18,880.33 – four of a kind, sevens, lost to JJJJ. Nine players not even seated at the key table had opted in, each earning €209.78…


Then, only a few days later at an Anonymous €100 Max table, there was another hit. The jackpot had returned to a juicy €19,877.19, and four of a kind, fives, ‘lost’ to 8888. €2,236.18 was awarded to 1oib just for being at the same table, while the seven players elsewhere who had opted in are each now €248.46 the richer….


Bad Beat jackpot – don’t miss out! Opt in.

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Bad Beat Jackpot: 2 more hits!

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The progressive Bad Beat jackpot is absolutely worth getting involved in, given the potential gains even for those merely playing at the same blind level as the winning hand. All you need to do when playing at these cash tables is opt in by clicking on the BB icon.

Those who opted in during the last few days were well rewarded, with the jackpot being hit twice. On an Anonymous €100 max table, with the running total at €45,475.59, 2222 ‘lost’ to KKKK. Away from the main table only six players had opted in, earning each of them a juicy €757.92… Meanwhile, at an Anonymous €50 max table – the jackpot at €42,931.91 – 3333 was beaten by a devilish 6666, but the ‘loser’ (karralhinho) wasn’t complaining because his share of the jackpot was a cool €18,603.82! This time only two other players had opted in, thus finding themselves €1,431.06 the richer.

Join the Bad Beat quest when next you play cash games at 32Red Poker!


Join the Bad Beat quest when next you play cash games at 32Red Poker!

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Player-Friendly Rake Changes

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The comparatively generous rake set-up in online poker is just one of the many advantages the modern player finds over the so-called bricks & mortar variety of cash games. Adding our 30% rakeback deal into the mix is, of course, another attraction, but at 32Red Poker we appreciate the significance of rake, which is why we’re looking to improve the situation still further for poker fans with a view to making the overall experience for our recreational players as bankroll-friendly as possible.

Consequently, after considerable research, and given that rake affects some players more than others in that its impact is more detrimentally noticeable for the many lower stakes players compared with the few who play at the highest level, we will be altering the rake structure, in games played in Euros, in late October. Our aim is to provide the cheapest micro and low-stakes games around in order to maximize the value and enjoyment for the majority of our players.

The new structure, which is scheduled for Wednesday 21st October, will essentially be 5% rake, rounded down, with a cap determined by the number of players dealt in as well as the actual stakes. For example, with only two players dealt in the cap is one big blind or €2, while if five or more players are dealt in it will be three big blinds or €3, whichever is the lower.

With a more player-friendly rake structure in place we want you to be able to simply get on with it, improving your game and building your bankroll while having fun at the same time!

New ‘Name Change’ Feature at 32Red Poker

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Many players put a lot of thought into their alias, and not without justification – even a name can contribute to someone’s perception of a player. If nothing else, we can create a little confusion amongst the opposition, who might interpret a name such as ‘RockSolid’ as jokey choice of an actual poker maniac, for example (when, of course, it may indeed indicate an absolute rock…).

Until now it has been the convention that players stick with their original name choice but, from 22nd September, you’ll be able to change your screen name pretty frequently. One reason for this is to protect players from the ruthless datamining specialists who hunt down others, while another is, simply, because changing names is both fun and part of the mind games that make online poker so fascinating a challenge.

Mr RockSolid, for example, will now be able to do a 180 degree turn and switch to ‘PreflopManiac’ should he so wish… In fact it’s possible to change your name every 30 days, or (usually even quicker) after every 1,000 real money hands. This will allow some players the facility to change their name more than once in the space of a day!


Have fun!

Festival of Speed at 32Red Poker

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One of the attractions of online poker is the tempo of the play and how the game runs nice and smoothly. This brings with it a lot of flexibility in terms of thinking time, the rate at which blinds increase in tournaments, and so on.

Speed is the theme of 32Red Poker’s latest promotion, the Festival of Speed, which runs July 10th-26th, 2015. Spread over three different sectors of the varied poker output, there’s something for everyone, and it’s anyway worth trying out all three parts of the festival as carrying out three simple tasks will see €5 being added to your account.

First, the Super Turbo Micro Stakes MTT Series provides a daily fix for multi-table tournament fans as well as a great opportunity for those new to tournament poker. With tournaments held every day at 8pm UK time, and very low buy-ins (from 50c to €2), the focus is on speed. There’s also the matter of there being €15,000 in prizes!

If you’ve not yet experienced the fun and potentially profitable Blazing Cannon game, then now is a good time. This is a game to which you are sent after completing 20 raked hands at the Blaze Poker tables. You fire a poker chip from a cannon to win up to €100! The idea behind Blaze Poker is that as soon as you fold a hand you’re transported to a new table, straight into a new hand – no waiting around.

Also during the festival there will be Added Money Turbo SNGs to take part in where up to €20 will be added to the prize pool.

Just to make sure you appreciate that being part of the Festival of Speed is a no-brainer, if you get involved in all three parts of the promotion you can receive €5 as part of the Festival of Speed Achievement promotion. Fulfil three simple tasks (win a hand while playing in a turbo tournament, play Blazing Cannon and win a prize, play a scheduled tournament) and collect €5.

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

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We like a nice juicy jackpot at 32Red Poker – one such being the Bad Beat Jackpot where, to add a bit more spice, the jackpot’s biggest winner achieves the goal by losing a hand; hence the name. See your AAAA lose to a straight flush, and your ‘compensation’ for the bad beat is the lion’s share of the jackpot.

This progressive jackpot keeps increasing until it is hit, at which point varying shares of the booty are paid out to those who are involved by virtue of their simply opting in – even playing at the same blind level as the jackpot hand then makes you eligible for a payout!

Our latest hit came has been hit came at a €20 max table, with the jackpot value being a whopping €71,329. Four of a kind, fives, ‘lost’ rather poetically to 6666. Two 32Red Poker players, malcb and checkrise, happened to be at the table in question and, because they had opted in (by simply clicking on the BB icon) they each received a ‘table share’ payout of €2,734.28! Nice.

In fact across the stake 16 players had had the foresight to opt in, and they were each rewarded with a cool €356.64 for doing so. When at the cash tables, don’t miss out… opt in.

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MPN Poker Tour Dublin

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‘Live’ poker… Not surprisingly, it can be quite a thrilling experience playing live, actually sitting at a table with our opponents. Online poker fans yet to venture into the ‘traditional’ environment can win their way to a seat in one of the MPN Poker Tour’s exciting festivals by playing at 32Red Poker. Make an entry in your diary for the Dublin leg, 2-6 September, and start your qualifying quest now because we have all sorts of ways to win €1,500 qualifying packages to what is sure to be a lively event.

Dublin has a reputation for being one of the friendliest, fun cities in Europe, and the capital of the Emerald Isle is also no stranger to international poker. Investing a little time and effort in our bankroll-friendly satellites – which come in all shapes, sizes and formats to suit all tastes and pockets – really is a no-brainer.

The city itself and the experience of the buzz of a major poker festival are already enough incentive, but the fact that the Main Event has a guaranteed prize fund of €250,000 is a nice bonus… As for the €1,500 package you can win at 32Red Poker, it includes the €500 buy-in to Main Event, a €120 Side Event buy-in, 4 nights (for two people) at Bewley’s Hotel and €400 for Travel/Expenses, as well as an invite to our Welcome Party.


We like the qualifying process to offer great value, fun and diversity, so tournament formats cover Freezeout, Rebuy, Turbo, Sit & Go and even Flip tournaments – and buy-ins for early level satellites start as low as 22c!

Start playing now, and you could be savouring the atmosphere of big money live poker in Dublin in September.

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €50 Max Table

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The Bad Beat Jackpot paid out multiple players yesterday. Remember that opting in means that playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand qualifies you to be involved.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €25,461 when four of a kind, aces, lost to a straight flush. Seven players at that limit opted in, each receiving €318 for simply clicking on the BB icon! Do the same – don’t miss out…

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €20 Max Table

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The Bad Beat Jackpot paid out multiple players yesterday. Remember that opting in means that playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand qualifies you to be involved.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €19,797.91 when four of a kind, threes, lost to four nines on a €20-max table. 23 players at that limit opted in, each receiving €86.07 for simply clicking on the BB icon!

Do the same – don’t miss out…

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Carnevale: Win Money Anonymously…

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Poker is already a thrilling game, and Anonymous tables allow you to add to the intrigue by having your alias kept secret. Now at 32Red Poker you have the chance to add to your bankroll, too, thanks to our €25,000 Carnevale Promotion, which will run April 1-19. There are some big prizes worth winning, and the more hands you play at Anonymous Tables the better your chance of earning some welcome free money.

A chief attraction of Anonymous tables (marked with a red ‘A’ in the Hold’em Poker Lobby) is that the hidden aliases mean you can play without being up against opponents using data-gathering software to dissect your game. It’s poker at its purest and, understandably, it’s become an incredibly popular form of online poker.

Depending on how many raked hands you rack up at real money Anonymous tables during the April 1-14 promotional period, you’ll earn entry to one of three Carnevale Freeroll tournaments which, between them, boast €5,000 in prize funds as well as hundreds of qualifying places for the final on Sunday, April 19 at 6.30pm GMT, which has €20,000 on offer. All take place on Saturday, April 18 at 6.30pm GMT. (Note that you can also guarantee a place in the Final with 3000 raked hands).

See below for rake requirements and tournament details (click here to find out more).

Have fun and enjoy playing anonymously!

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