Cash Game Festival London: The Tour is back!

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July 11th – 15th, 2018

It’s not just royal weddings – London will play host to another great event this summer: namely the next leg of the Cash Game Festival! Yes, this exciting tour is making a triumphant return to UK shores (11-15 July), and we have fantastic €1,500 VIP packages to win.

The €1,500 CGF London package includes €500 Cash Game stake money, four nights’ accommodation, €250 travel/expenses and a VIP Hospitality package.

You can win your way to London by hitting a royal flush in our daily (6:30pm BST) €3 Buy-in, €300 Guaranteed Flush Royale tournament, but the main route to a package – and your place on Team32Red – is via our bi-weekly CGF Leaderboard. This revolves around picking up Redbacks by playing at our Cash tables and finishing in the top 40 places to qualify for either an 8 or 32-player fortnightly Freeroll, each featuring a package and €500 in cash prizes!

Have fun at the tables in your quest to London!

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Leaderboard based on gameplay. Package terms & conditions apply. Click here for full terms.

Universal Championship of Poker (Sept 10–24)

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Being a world champion must be a great feeling, but what about winning the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) and being awarded the title of Greatest Poker Player in the Universe? Take part in UCOP, which is held between 10-24 September, and you could find out.

There’s also the matter of a guaranteed €750,000 in prizes for the tournament series, €5,000 for the eventual winner and, as a bonus prize exclusive to 32Red players, a fantastic €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package will be added!

Universal Championship of Poker 2017 Schedule

Note that as well as a main UCOP €10,000 leaderboard on which you can follow your progress throughout the fortnight, there is also a €5,000 leaderboard that features an important UCOP element – ‘streaming’ events to promote the game.

Universal Championship of Poker 2017 Leaderboard Prizes

Winning the coveted title of Greatest Poker Player in the Universe is more than making a few good results in tournaments – you’ll also need to be a worthy poker ambassador, so valuable extra points can be earned by streaming your UCOP play on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live. 100 points are awarded for each event streamed, as well as 250 points for the most interesting daily stream and 50 for each final table you broadcast.

Universal Championship of Poker 2017 Leaderboard Prizes

So, there you have it. The Universal Championship of Poker is a terrific opportunity to win prize money in a series of great value tournaments and to share your experience as you battle it out for the ultimate poker title. The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe – it could be you!

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€32,000 Depositors’ Freerolls

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In poker, as in life, it’s always a good idea to have goals. This month your task is to make minimum deposits, qualify for special Depositors’ Freerolls that boast €32,000 in guaranteed prizes, and then win loads of cash – and maybe get your hands on the €1,500 MPN Poker Tour Malta package and €550 seat that are up for grabs. How’s that for a plan? 

This particular promotion runs for three weeks from February 6, with the three tournaments taking place on three consecutive Tuesdays, each at 6:30pm (GMT), starting on February 14. The guaranteed prize funds increase with each event, beginning with €5,000 for the opener, €10,000 for the tournament on February 21 and a whopping €15,000 pool for the finale on the 28th. 


In order to be eligible to play you need only make a deposit of €10 or more during the qualifying period of each of the freerolls. This is enough to earn your seat at the virtual baize with a starting stack of 1,000 chips. However, we’re giving players the chance to earn themselves some extra ammunition in the form of an additional 2,000 chips! The good news is that, to be able to sit down with a bumper 3,000 stack, the only requirement is that you do what you were planning to anyway – i.e. play poker! Simply achieve 100 or more raked hands in the seven days before a freeroll and we’ll award you the extra 2,000 chips. Easy. 

If you’re new to tournaments, freerolls provide a perfect – and very entertaining – way to learn the ropes, and if you take full advantage of this promotion you’ll have three bites at the cherry and some juicy prize money to aim for along the way. Have fun and good luck!

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Bad Beat Jackpot – it could be you!

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If you’ve not been opting into our player-friendly Bad Beat Jackpot while playing at the cash tables then you’ve missed out on a chance of some juicy cash prizes. The jackpot keeps getting hit, and opted in players keep being rewarded.

There’s even more reason to opt in because we’ve added a great bonus prize to the Bad Beat Jackpot at 32Red Poker – now the winner will receive a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package, too! The Estonian capital, Tallinn, plays host this summer (11-14 August), and whoever hits the Bad Beat will also be awarded this fantastic package to the €150,000 festival.

Don’t forget that you only need to be playing at the same blinds when the crucial hand hits to be eligible for a share of the money, and opting in couldn’t be easier – simply click on the BB icon!


The latest jackpot hit came at a €20 max table, with the running total having reached € 29,661.56… This time four of a kind, sevens, ‘lost’ to four tens and the 13 players who had opted in each won a bankroll boosting €228.16… Don’t miss out – opt in!

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Flush Royale Jackpot Hit

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After the Flush Royale Jackpot was hit recently when someone flopped a royal flush to pocket the €1,000 jackpot, another 32Red Poker player has seen the magical hand materialise in front of him – and this time the prize is a €1,500 package for the Tbilisi leg of the MPN Poker Tour! The latest lucky winner is Darrell Hewitt, from Mablethorpe, UK, who plays under the alias UFO003. Having been dealt Ad Jd he called a pre-flop all-in bet, and must have been pleased to see the flop bring Qd Td 3h… The nut flush was filled when the Turn brought the 5d, but Christmas came early when the River card was the Kd, filling the royal flush and sending Darrell on his way to Georgia’s historic capital for the €250,000 Main Event

One of 32Red Poker‘s exclusive nightly Special tournaments, Flush Royale is action-packed and great value thanks to the €4 buy-in, while rebuys and an add-on spice up proceedings. Players can keep alive both their chances of hitting the Jackpot hand for a fantastic prize as well as €300 in guaranteed prize money. Play today and you, too, could win a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour Tbilisi package with a single hand.

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Win a €1,500 Package to Tallinn, Estonia

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After successful events in London and Malta, the MPN Poker Tour will move to the picture-postcard Estonian capital, Tallinn, 15-18 January 2015. Live poker is always thrilling, but being part of a poker festival in such a great setting makes the experience even more memorable.

We’re giving our players at 32Red Poker the opportunity to qualify for a €1,500 package  which includes the €550 buy-in for the €40,000 Guaranteed Main Event, a €150 buy-in for a Side Event, four nights’ accommodation at the fantastic Radisson Blu Olümpia venue hotel and €400 expenses.

That should be more than enough motivation to begin your qualifying quest, which is as bankroll-friendly as it gets. There are satellites to suit all pockets, with buy-ins starting as low as 40c. Furthermore, the tournament formats are also varied, featuring SnG, Freezeout, Rebuy, Turbo and even Carnage tournaments. These, of course, each require different skill sets, and will make the qualifying experience an interesting and rewarding one whether or not you win your way to the €1,500 package (and the  15 January Welcome reception that also comes with it…).

Good luck, and hopefully you’ll be celebrating the New Year with a trip to Tallinn…

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Battle of Malta 2013

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Having served a strategic role militarily, Malta could play a key role in terms of your bankroll… The tiny Mediterranean island plays host to the aptly named Battle of Malta poker tournament, held in the excellent Portomaso Casino, St Julien’s, 26-29 September, and promises a guaranteed prize of fund of €200,000!

Rather than fork out the buy-in of €550 as well as travel, hotel and other expenses, it would be much more convenient to let 32Red Poker foot the bill for the whole caboodle, and all we need to for that to happen is qualify for one of five packages on offer in one of the five BoM Freerolls. Simples.

There’s more than just the Battle of Malta package on offer as each freeroll (as long as you get some raked hands under your belt you can enter) also has €500 in prize money so there’s a lot to play for. And to add extra incentive for the final tournament there will be €1000 on offer.

Unlike usual multi-table tournaments, those with a ‘star’ prize up for grabs should be approached a little differently if you fancy a few days in the sun in late September. Some players will adopt an understandable all-or-nothing policy, so with a modicum of patience it should be possible to identify who is taking risks and exploit them. Obviously you might not be the only one, and it’s not unusual to find multi-all-ins pre-flop, so you’ve been warned. Generally, you can’t go wrong with a sensible solid, selective but aggressive strategy during the earlier blind levels, after which the tournament will have taken shape and you’ve hopefully maintained a healthy chip stack with which to get busy as you work through the gears. If you’re still in contention for the prizes continue as per plan, and only when getting your hands on the top prize becomes a realistic possibility should you actually place it in your sights.

Good luck, and have a good time trying for Malta!

Big Events: Online and Off

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Big Events: Online and Off

Whether you’re a parent worn out by school holidays, can’t stop sneezing during summer, have been to more than enough barbecues or simply love playing tournaments on 32Red, then make sure that you free up some time in your calendar so that you don’t miss out on the online Summer Festival at 32Red. Starting on the 26th August, the continues until the 29th, with a total of eight events and over €600,000 in guaranteed prizes!

With something for everyone, the tournament formats aren’t limited to No Limit, as Omaha also features and you can even try out Razz. The festival culminates in the Main Event, which starts on the 28th and spans two days (for those who survive long enough), and has a whopping €500,000 in guaranteed prize money! For those who like to play themselves into form and save money in the process, there are great value qualifiers on the go throughout the day – plus, as well as qualifying via the ‘Multi Event’ satellites, it is possible to earn a free entry ticket by winning 5 consecutive Multiplicity games. Click here for details.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to win packages for two excellent offline events. Worth €3,100, you can start your qualifying quest for as little as €2.50! If successful you can decide between a WSOPE side event in Cannes this October or the Gibraltar Poker Masters in September (of course with the right amount of skill/luck both packages can be won).. Players winning two packages can of course attend both events.

The Gibraltar Poker Masters 2011 package includes a €1,100 High Roller 3-Day Event buy-in as well as travel money, four nights accommodation, casino chips and dinner, while if you fancy the French Riviera, the Cannes package features a €1,090 buy-in into a WSOPE side event, plus travel money and five nights accommodation. I can say from experience that both packages are well worth winning, having played poker in Gibraltar and – during my days as a pro chess player – numerous international chess tournaments in Cannes.

You’ve got to be in it to win it…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador

New Year’s Resolutions!

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions always seem to be a worthy idea when they’re made during the good times of the festivities but, in my experience, before January is even halfway through we’re back to our old bad habits.

Poker-wise, the positive psychological aspect of a new year bringing with it a clean slate and new beginnings means we should really make a concerted effort to improve our game. For this it will be necessary to make a dozen or so resolutions and endeavour to stick to them long enough for our new-found discipline to become second nature. If we promise ourselves, for example, that we will stop limping so much (add up every habitual, weak limp we make throughout the year and it comes to a significant chunk of wasted money!), play flop draws more aggressively, bet strong hands for value more instead of passively holding back, closely observe what the other players are doing even when we’re no longer involved in a hand and so on, then 2011 will prove more successful at the tables than 2010 – fact.

As we become increasingly fascinated with poker we find ourselves wondering what it would be like playing at a major festival, rubbing shoulders with top players as we sit there stony-faced, wearing dark glasses and impressing all and sundry with elaborate chip tricks…

A great festival to aim for is the Irish Open 2011, which takes place 22-25 April in Dublin. Fortunately 32Red Poker players now have a chance to win their way to what is the longest-standing No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament in Europe (it started way back in 1981). Qualifiers start from as little as €3 and are available every day until 27th March – see the 32Red Poker lobby for details. The package up for grabs includes the €3,500 buy-in (meaning a potentially life-changing prize fund!), €1,275 travel & spending money and 5 nights accommodation in the luxurious surroundings of The Burlington hotel. Like the archetypal travel agent I can heartily recommend you give this a shot as I have experienced the Irish Open magic myself.

Put your shades on and give it a whirl!



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Qualify to the Irish Open 2011 with 32Red Poker

Secure an early seat to the Irish Open 2011!

32Red Poker has just launched their Satellite Schedule (below) to the Irish Open 2011!

Qualifiers start from as little as €3 and are available at the 32Red Poker lobby every day up until 27th March 2011.  You can locate the Satellite Tournaments under the following lobby tabs: Scheduled Tournaments > Satellites > Irish Open.

Our €5,500 Irish Open packages include…

  • €3,500 buy-in
  • €1,275 travel & spending money
  • 5 nights accommodation at The Burlington hotel in Dublin

Here’s a breakdown of 32Red’s Satellite Structure for the Irish Open 2011…

Irish Open 2011 - Satellite Schedule

Irish Open 2011 - Satellite Schedule

We hope to see as many 32Red players qualify to the Irish Open 2011.

For more information about this promotion, please click here.