€200,000 Escalator Series

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It might seem like stating the obvious to say that there’s a lot of poker to look forward to at 32Red, but there is indeed even more juicy stuff than usual to get stuck into thanks to our Escalator tournament series.

Between 9-16 April we’ll be hosting 29(!) special events, with guaranteed prize funds totaling €200,000. There’ll be an assortment of freezeouts and rebuys, full-ring and 6-max tables, with varying buy-ins. The theme of the series is that each successive tournament will have bigger starting stacks and longer blind levels than the previous one – hence the name Escalator – and, as the week progresses, a certain amount of versatility will be needed to navigate your way through the various tournaments.


By the time of the €320 buy-in Main Event – which boasts €75,000 in prize money, a hefty 10,000-chip starting stack and 15-minute blinds – poker fans will have experienced a whole range of tournament dynamics. Too many players underestimate the implications of stack sizes and what is effectively the cadence of the blinds, but the optimal play for the same hand in the same position is heavily influenced by relative stack sizes and the blind structure…

Highlighting the contrast, and getting the series off to a fun start, will be the inclusion of so-called Flip tournaments, where everyone is all-in each hand until a sole winner emerges. After that, events will be decreasingly frenetic until the deeper stacks and longer blind levels test players’ patience and staying power.

And finally…

Bonus Promotion

It wouldn’t be the same without a bonus to aim for, and the target here is to play 10 or more Escalator events by April 15th, the reward for which is a free ticket (worth €22) for a Main Event Mega Satellite!

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Celebrate the Cheltenham Poker Festival with 32Red…

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Whip your game into shape (get it?)

Those of you who follow sports will already know that, as well as sponsoring the entertaining Swansea in the English Premier League, 32Red is also involved in horse racing. With this in mind the Cheltenham Poker Festival at 32Red promises to be a bumper few days, with something on offer for all our poker fans. Note that this includes your being able to use your existing account details to find great value wagers on the races themselves through www.32redbet.com.

Back to the poker, there will be €5,000 of specials up for grabs from 12-15 March thanks to no less than 10 events – all taking place in the evening so race enthusiasts can get their fix of both passions without any distractions. The first tournament (Cheltenham Freeroll) takes place at 8pm (all times GMT) on the 12th, is free to enter and comes with a €1,000 guaranteed prize fund! An hour later sees the start time of Event 2, a €300 guaranteed No Limit tournament with a buy-in of only €3 + €0.30…

To make sure that all tastes are catered for, 32Red’s festival will consist of a varied selection of events, with low buy-in PL Omaha H/L, NL 7-card Stud, NL Razz and PL Omaha guaranteed prize fund tournaments during the week, as well as a €250 guaranteed Depositor Freeroll (just a single deposit in March required!), a €250 guaranteed Raked Hands Freeroll (only 25 raked hands in March required) and the Gold Cup Freeroll at 8pm, 15 March – for which you need only 50 raked hands in March to enter for a swipe at the €500 guaranteed prize fund.

Topping off the festive four days is the Cheltenham Main Event (9pm, 15 March). This has a buy-in of €20 + €0.20 and a whopping €2,000 guaranteed on offer!

As well as these events there’s a £/$/€ 100 Cheltenham Bonus – any player who simply logs into 32Red Poker during the festival dates of 12-15 March will have 100 free chips instantly credited to their bonus account!

Click here for more details, and good luck at the tables…

Anonymous Tables are Changing the Poker Landscape

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Now that Anonymous tables have proved – as predicted – to be quite a hit, with the vast majority of poker fans no longer having to worry about their opponents knowing so much about their game, here are a few more thoughts about what many consider to be online poker’s purist version of the game.

Heads Up

An important implication of the anonymous factor is how the terrain of 32 Red Poker’s Heads Up cash games will change. Because heads up is a more specialist discipline, inexperienced players looking to try it out might usually have been intimidated by the regulars, who like to lurk in the shadows armed with their database and other software. But heads up cash is no longer the domain of the ruthless, as Anonymous tables have eliminated these tools and forced these players to survive solely on their own (natural) resources. Now ‘building a profile’ means finding out information and using it the old-fashioned way – by actually playing (in the dark) and learning about the opponent as they go along. Of course good players remain good players, but now the so-called ‘bum hunters’ are essentially having to do without the edge they have hitherto relied on. At least now we can all start on the same level footing that the cloak of anonymity affords us.


Note how the definition of ‘skill’ will be different with Anonymous tables. The aforementioned bum hunters would prefer to call what they do measured, deliberate game selection, and they would be right. It is indeed a skill, as are the other aspects of exploiting weaknesses and poor habits discovered through data-mining. But some players’ approach to the game has become so focused on the software that they will feel rather under-dressed on an Anonymous table, less confident in making decisions which require a certain level of analysis, and without the software that has saved them time and made the process conveniently mechanical. Observations must now be carried out ‘manually’ and over a much shorter time-span; it’s important to follow the game as closely as possible continuously.

Anonymous tables have returned poker to the realms of position (ourselves and others), pre-flop decisions, post-flop play, hand ranges, stack sizes and so on. Good players who use tracking and other software will still appreciate this part of the game, but many won’t. We are all learning and striving to improve, but thanks to Anonymous tables we are at least all taking the same route.