MPN Poker Tour Manchester

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One of the biggest poker rooms in the UK will host the MPN Poker Tour this summer (July 20-23) when the MPNPT hits Manchester. While British players will appreciate the opportunity to take part in poker festivals around the globe, it will make a welcome change to see the tour return to home soil. Those from other countries will also be able to see how poker tournaments are organised in the UK, and no better place to show them how it’s done than the Grosvenor Casino in Manchester which, as well as being the ultimate poker venue, also boasts excellent facilities that will add to the experience.

As usual, we’ll provide poker fans with the most comprehensive, player-friendly qualifying structure so that, whatever the size of your bankroll, you’ll get every chance to win a fantastic €1,500 package – in fact the satellite quest starts at just €1! You can even bag a package in our nightly, €500 Guaranteed Flush Royale (only €3 buy-in) by hitting a royal flush.

And the package is well worth winning because it consists of the £550 entry to the £150,000 Guaranteed Main Event, entry to the £110 MPNPT Manchester Poker Cup, four nights’ accommodation (including breakfast) for two at the Park Inn by Radisson, €200 towards travel and expenses and an invite to the Players Welcome Party…

If the presence of #Team32Red at the Welcome Party is anything to go by these days, it’s a sign that our players now regularly qualify for MPN Poker Tour events. We want to maintain our presence so that true poker enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the thrill of big money poker and, with this in mind, will endeavour to keep providing you with the best satellite structure around.

Good luck, remember to have fun along the way, and hopefully we’ll see you in Manchester…

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Referendum Freerolls: Part 2 – Results

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As the old cliché goes, a week is a long time in politics, and a great deal happened after the UK voted to leave the European Union. At 32Red Poker we held our own unique poll in advance of the big day in the shape of two €500 Freerolls – namely Remain and Leave. Players were invited to choose one or the other, with the result being Remain 40% and Leave 60%

Millions of people signed a petition in the (futile) hope of getting a second vote, but we have our own rules at 32Red and decided to give players a second chance to have their say, and, of course, to enjoy another two €500 Freerolls!

The results proved quite interesting. The run-up to our aptly named Referendum Freerolls: Part 2 saw our original poll result virtually repeated exactly, with entries hardly altering initially from 60%-40% in favour of Leave. However, we can report that, when the dust had settled, opinion was much, much closer than last time, with the final numbers being:

Remain 49%

Leave 51%


So there you have it. Our UK poker community had initially ‘voted’ overwhelmingly to leave the EU but, only a week or so later – perhaps influenced by the subsequent bizarre goings on in British politics, the 20% gap had narrowed to the point of being almost level…

We hope our players found the re-vote interesting and that fun was had in these bonus freerolls. We endeavour at 32Red to provide as much poker enjoyment as possible, whether this is in the form of such freerolls, opportunities to win packages for big money poker festivals and a host of ongoing promotions. Have fun, and good luck at the tables!

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Poker Chat

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

Poker Chat

Taking too much interest in other players’ chat can be quite distracting, so those new to online poker might want to switch off chat until they get used to the actual mechanics and pace of the game itself. Some players – particularly multi-tablers – simply never look at the chat and concentrate wholly on the game.

However, with no physical tells available, the contents of the chat box during a session often offer useful information about players. Indeed different games attract different types of player, and the chat tends to vary from one format to another. On a NL cash table, for example, the very nature of the game, when a whole stack can disappear in seconds, tends to generate simplistic comments such as ‘bad luck’ or ‘wow!’ rather than analysis of a hand.

It is not unusual to see emotional, abusive chat after a big pot. Some players bemoan their bad luck, reload, are unlucky again, reload and start to play wildly (or too passively) because they are too emotional and should really be taking a break. While it might seem a little mercenary, in these cases keeping an eye on the chat will help against such players.

Potentially valuable chat might follow a fold in the face of a big bet, with players giving away information either voluntarily or in response to a question from someone trying to induce opponents into revealing something. For example a pre-flop raiser might be called in two places and then again post-flop. Then a sizeable bet on the turn could be called by one player but met with a massive all-in, which takes down the pot. After folding, the pre-flop aggressor might then say something like ‘Nice bet – did you have trips/flush draw/two pair?’ in order to gain some info while the winner is feeling good about winning. The answer could mean anything, of course, and might not be true, but cumulative comments combined with that player’s actual play could come in useful. Note that it is worth considering this psychological aspect of the game only if we keep an eye on the play itself. Chat information is far more valuable when part of an overall picture.

When it comes to luck, the ‘luck of the Irish’ always plays a part in the Irish Open, which is one of the world’s best poker festivals. 32Red Poker are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by offering 32 free qualifying tickets to this year’s Irish Open in Dublin in the special “St. Paddy’s Day” Freeroll today, Thursday 17th March at 19:30 (UK time). Entry is free and the top 32 positions will each receive a free shot at qualifying for the Main Event.
Good luck at the tables!