32Red Player hits Jackpot … again!

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We love it when 32Red players hit jackpots and win big prizes, and when England’s Dale Harper won a €1,500 MPNPT Tallinn package for hitting a royal flush in our Flush Royale tournament in 2016, he was rather excited, too.

Since then, numerous others have found themselves proud members of Team32Red, enjoying big money poker festivals around the globe thanks to a €1,500 package won in a single hand in our popular €3 buy-in nightly tournament.

The most recent jackpot winner is… Dale Harper. Yes – the Yorkshireman has done it again! Perhaps Dale should change his alias, dezzie82, to Lucky#2 because he’s won a bumper €1,500 package to the biggest MPN Poker Tour event yet – the hotly anticipated €1M Battle of Malta (26-31 October).

Like last time, he had to wait for the royal flush to materialize on the last two streets before celebrating. He was dealt Qh Jh – not as strong as AJ in 2016, but it doesn’t matter when you’re Dale Harper! The Flop came Js Ks 10h so you could be forgiven for barely even entertaining the prospect of the Ah and Kh providing a miracle by appearing on the Turn and River to fill the royal flush.

But this isn’t your ordinary player, this is Dale Harper of Doncaster, Flush Royale’s Chuck Norris, and the only two cards to give him his second jackpot win dutifully arrived!

We asked Dale how he felt when he hit the runner runner royal – this is what he said: “I couldn’t believe lightning could strike twice but it did! Roll on Malta…”

Roll on Malta indeed. From a €3 investment Dale bagged a €1,500 package, and he could parlay that into big money in the €1M extravaganza.

So could you! As well as Dale’s route and other Specials, we have Package/€550 Seat Finals every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with ‘feeder’ satellites daily, and buy-ins starting at a mere 55 cents.

Click here for more details on how to qualify, and we (and Dale) will see you in Malta!

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€5,000 Freeroll, 28th April

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The Freeroll of Freerolls will get another outing at 32Red when we host another free-to-enter €5K extravaganza at 7pm GMT on 28th April. We’ll be giving away two €1,500 Packages plus €2K in cash prizes, so make sure you keep this date clear in your diary…

The players who finish 1st and 2nd will be awarded either a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour or a €1,500 Cash Game Festival package, so you’re guaranteed a tailor-made trip regardless of your favourite game, whether it’s Tournaments or Cash.

We’re also adding €2,000 in cash prizes for the next 30 places… With 500 starting chips for the free entry, plus €2 rebuys (2K chips) and a €5 add-on (5K chips), it’s sure to be edge-of-the-seat poker!

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Bad Beat Jackpot Hit!

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Like London buses, after a recent winner there’s been another Bad Beat Jackpot hit. Remember that this progressive jackpot is very player-friendly, with multiple payouts, including to those who are playing at the same blind level as the winning hand! Just remember to opt in by clicking on the BB icon, after which you’re good to go and eligible for a share of the money.

Thanks to a recent addition of another great prize there’s now even more to play for in the form of a €1,500 MPN Poker Tour package! The next stop on the MPNPT will be Tallinn (11-14 August), and whoever wins the actual Bad Beat Jackpot will also be awarded this fantastic package to the €150,000 festival in Estonia’s picturesque capital.


Recently, at a €20 max table, with the jackpot at €39,067.66 – four of a kind, sixes, lost to a 7-high straight flush. The hand winner, Frodo86, pocketed €11,138.46 for his royal. A total of 9 players had opted in across the stake, each seeing a juicy €434.08 added to their bankrolls. Then came a second hit! This time, again at a €20 max table, and with the jackpot at €36,883.70, four of a kind, eights, lost to a J-high straight flush. mind8889 received a massive €4,098 merely for playing at the key table(!), and eight others were awarded €409 for playing across the same stake.


Don’t miss out – opt in!

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VoodooL recounts his experience in Cannes

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Playing poker for a living can be a tough grind so when I saw that 32Red Poker were offering online satellites to qualify for the WSOPE E1090 event in Cannes I was extremely motivated to qualify. One of the perks of the job is travelling to hot, sunny, exotic destinations with the added bonus of potentially shipping a 6-figure score (first prize was E144k). Cannes fitted the bill perfectly especially considering my last live event was in Luton!  When you get knocked out of a tournament in Luton, you get a view of a dilapidated car park and the local Wetherspoons. In Cannes, you have a glorious beach and coastline, 1000s of restaurants, Ferrari’s cruising past, Rolex and Gucci shops and of course – plenty of stunning French women!

Myself and my guest Will arrived at the very nice Gray D’Albion hotel (certainly beats Travelodge in Luton) and headed straight for the bar where microgaming had arranged for the players to meet for a welcome drink or 4.  Heineken always tastes sweeter when it’s free. After registering for tomorrows Day 1A of the WSOPE at the casino a group of us headed down to a seafood restaurant where myself and Will decided to order the ‘royal seafood platter with lobster’ for E110. It was the first tilt of the trip but to our complete surprise, microgaming also covered that bill. I felt as if we were unintentionally taking advantage considering that the others ordered meals worth about E20! After spotting Negraunu, Hellmuth, Devilfish and a few others (although no sign of Lederer or Ferguson surprisingly) I headed back early to the hotel to get focussed for tomorrow.

VoodooL catches a spot of sunshine

VoodooL catches a spot of sunshine

The plan was to not have a plan. I never see the point of having a pre-arranged strategy in live events because you simply do not know how the table will pan out. The general intentions though were to pick up a few pots early on and maintain an aggressive, positive approach. The tournament was 3000 starting chips, 25/25 blinds and 1 hour blind levels. I walked into the poker hall and the first thing I spotted was a fridge full of free red bull.  I decided to take a couple of cans incase I got knocked out on the very first hand. Sat down at my table and I was asked by the dealer if I speak French. ‘Erm, no’. For some reason I assumed everyone at the table would be speaking English. The first guy to sit down was this well-fed French guy armed with a magnifying glass. He was moved to seat 5 because he had poor vision. He proceeded to give me banter. Apparently France had just beaten England in some important egg-chasing match the night before? When the tournament started I counted 7 Frenchman, 1 American and myself.

First hand, I was big blind with 99 and button raises to 100. A decision in my first hand was exactly not what I wanted. I decided to make a statement, take the aggressive option so I reraise. Board comes T8842 and he has AT and I lose 1k chips on my very first hand! I pick up a few small pots and I recognise this table has below average ability. Everyone is speaking French and that French guy puts his magnifying glass over every flop, turn and river even when he is not involved in the pot. Annoying!

Wish you were here?

Wish you were here?

I get AQ and reraise preflop only to get 4 callers and the flop was Q73. One guy fires out, another calls so I reraise but then the initial bettor announces allin. What an earth can I put him on?! What do I beat? There were no straight or flush draws out there and he was playing fairly tight. I wasn’t sure so I decided to fold. I lose more chips with 99 to KT and this is an awful start and I’m down to 1300 chips and it’s not even the first break yet. What a disaster! I pick up a couple of pots and then raise with QJ and the magnifying guy calls from the button. Flop is J64 I bet he calls.  Turn is a 7 so I check because I know he will bet anything here and he doesn’t disappoint. He bets 400 and I have 1300 left so I push allin and he thinks about it for ages calls and flips over 88. I hold and for first time I have more than the starting stack! Nice time for a break.

I was playing nicely, maintaining an aggressive streak without being reckless. I had got upto 3500 before I had AQs but utg raised so I just flat called from the cutoff. The button who had 900 chips pushed and utg folded.  An easy call for me and he shows AT. I’m up to 4500 if I win this but obviously first card out is Ten and I’m down to 2500. A few hands later 2 guys go allin with JJ v 33 and the inevitable 3 on the river.

VoodooL wears his best shirt for the big game

VoodooL wears his best shirt for the big game

The next hand I raise to 350 with QQ and the guy who had been muffed with JJ the hand before calls from the big blind as does the small blind. Flop is 962 rainbow. I fire out 400, sb folds and the bb thinks about it for ages before pushing allin. I have about 1500 left and I have QQ on a 962 flop versus a French guy on tilt. Could you fold this? I couldn’t so I called and he had 66.

I’m out, annoyed but managed to blag 2 free red bulls on my way out and pretty much spent the next 4 days on the beach! I felt sorry for myself for about 10 minutes before realising how lucky I was to be here. I could write so much more about this trip because it really was awesome and once again, many thanks to microgaming and especially 32Red Poker for their organising and great hospitality. I’m off to try and qualify for the ECOSTT in Malta and if it’s half as good as this Cannes trip was then you will want to be there too!
Good luck,

VoodooL (32Red Poker player)