Bad Beat Jackpot Hit on €200 Max Table

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The Bad Beat Jackpot has been hit, paying out multiple players who opted in and were playing at the same blinds level as the ‘winning’ hand.

For the latest hit the progressive jackpot total was €33,570 when four of a kind, sixes, lost to a 10-high straight flush. Seven players at that limit opted in, each receiving €479.58 for simply clicking on the BB icon!


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Diamond Royale

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The hunt is on for a Royal Flush of diamonds…

Join us every evening at 9pm (UK time) as we hunt for a precious Royal Flush of diamonds!

Be the first player to make a diamond Royal Flush and claim the Diamond Royale (DR) progressive jackpot.  Our  DR tournaments are played on the classic game of no-limit Texas Hold’em and offer 1500 starting chips with 10 minute blind levels.  Each game is guaranteed at €150 and costs a tiny €6 + €1 to enter.  While all buyins go towards the game’s prize pool, all tournament fees go towards the DR jackpot which we’ve started off at €500…


JACKPOT SIT & GO: Can you win 5 in a row?

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€25,000 up for grabs at 32Red Poker!

€25,000 up for grabs at 32Red Poker!

Sit & Go Tournaments are fun.  Even people who don’t play STTs give them a try from time to time for a change of scene or purely for entertainment.  With this in mind, 32Red Poker’s latest promotion revolves around a simple challenge: Can you win 5 in a row? (Don’t worry – there’s also a bonus for near misses!).

If you can indeed manage this magic winning streak in 32Red’s new 6-Seat Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments, then you’ll be rewarded with a tasty bonus of €5,000 plus a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot seeded at €20,000!

Of course success ultimately depends on a certain level of skill and a dose of luck and, fortunately, there is an additional incentive that will keep players smiling even when finishing runner-up. This is in the shape of a €500 bonus prize for anyone placing 1st or 2nd in five consecutive STTs.  These new tournaments, in Normal and Super Turbo formats, have buy-ins of €12 + €1 (including the Progressive Jackpot fee), payouts of €30, €18 & €12, and can be found in the Jackpot area of the Sit & Go section.

Note that a qualifying winning streak must be completed within 21 consecutive days of the first win (see Terms and Conditions).

As for adopting a special jackpot STT strategy, it wouldn’t be a good idea to allow the potentially very high rewards to distract you from the usual sensible approach of starting reasonably tight and loosening up as the blinds increase and players are eliminated. With three prizes on offer it is reasonable to concentrate on making the top three and, once in the money, mix up your game further, being willing to get jiggy with hands such as 99, for example.

But remember also to be on the lookout for those players who have made significant and exploitable adjustments, meaning observing the opposition’s tendencies (who is scared, who is stealing too much etc.) is even more critical to success than usual.

Click here to visit 32Red’s Jackpot Sit & Go promotion.

Good luck at the tables!


32Red’s BadBeat Jackpot hits AGAIN!

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BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

BadBeat Jackpot at 32Red Poker

It’s unbelievable!

Not even 24 hours had passed since our last BadBeat Jackpot was claimed, when the alarm bells went off again to the sound of yet another lucky winner!  Let’s checkout the details below…

Alias papa45 claimed the BadBeat Jackpot Sunday morning at morning at 1:21 am (UK time) on hand number 3773783370, while the Jackpot stood at $114,264.23. It all happened on the BadBeat table ‘BadBeat Jackpot 267’ when papa45, with quad J’s and zebro74 with a Straight Flush of diamonds (7d – Jd) met at the showdown to reveal the BadBeat. Four other participating winners also claimed whopping amounts from the BadBeat Jackpot.

Here are the results:

BadBeat Jackpot Winners Poker Alias BadBeat Jackpot Prize
BadBeat Winner papa45 $39,992.48
Showdown Winner zebro74 $19,996.24
Participating Winner AMECH1 $4,999.06
Participating Winner bigbadbabaar $4,999.06
Participating Winner HotChip $4,999.06
Participating Winner OwnedByRiver $4,999.06

The next BadBeat Jackpot was seeded with $22,852.85.

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