€200,000 Escalator Series

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It might seem like stating the obvious to say that there’s a lot of poker to look forward to at 32Red, but there is indeed even more juicy stuff than usual to get stuck into thanks to our Escalator tournament series.

Between 9-16 April we’ll be hosting 29(!) special events, with guaranteed prize funds totaling €200,000. There’ll be an assortment of freezeouts and rebuys, full-ring and 6-max tables, with varying buy-ins. The theme of the series is that each successive tournament will have bigger starting stacks and longer blind levels than the previous one – hence the name Escalator – and, as the week progresses, a certain amount of versatility will be needed to navigate your way through the various tournaments.


By the time of the €320 buy-in Main Event – which boasts €75,000 in prize money, a hefty 10,000-chip starting stack and 15-minute blinds – poker fans will have experienced a whole range of tournament dynamics. Too many players underestimate the implications of stack sizes and what is effectively the cadence of the blinds, but the optimal play for the same hand in the same position is heavily influenced by relative stack sizes and the blind structure…

Highlighting the contrast, and getting the series off to a fun start, will be the inclusion of so-called Flip tournaments, where everyone is all-in each hand until a sole winner emerges. After that, events will be decreasingly frenetic until the deeper stacks and longer blind levels test players’ patience and staying power.

And finally…

Bonus Promotion

It wouldn’t be the same without a bonus to aim for, and the target here is to play 10 or more Escalator events by April 15th, the reward for which is a free ticket (worth €22) for a Main Event Mega Satellite!

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It’s that festive time of year again, and at 32Red Poker we like to make sure you’ll remember December for being a great poker month. From Monday 1st December, right through to Thursday 1st January 2015, our 32 Days of Poker will feature a range of festive goodies. Check out what’s on offer by clicking on the corresponding bauble on our special seasonal tree… Read more

No Limit Tournaments: To re-buy or not to re-buy? And what about add-ons?

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The easiest answer to the first question should really be ‘yes’ which, given the nature of this kind of tournament, is logical as it suggests that we should be willing to invest a number of buy-ins in order to maximise our chances. The more firepower the better the prospects of cutting through the jungle to emerge with a stack big (enormous) enough to keep us in contention for the very top places.

There are players whose approach is rather conservative, opting instead to see how far a single buy-in will take them on the usually dangerous journey. Of course with so many extremely loose players gambling all-in so often this strategy could pay dividends and quickly catapult us up the leader board but, on the other hand, playing with limited resources compared with much of the opposition can be very restrictive. Also, even if we get lucky we might have been ‘patient’ for so long that we’re still battling with a below average stack!

Moreover, it’s not a coincidence that the massive stacks tend to be in the virtual hands of players happy to rebuy. Indeed it is typical strategy for those experienced players with their eyes firmly on the (1st) prize to buy in double if this option is available or, otherwise, as quickly as possible deliberately let their stack dip below the point at which they can rebuy. They then concentrate on finding lesser able victims with similarly large stacks and make no secret of their willingness to ‘gamble’ against anyone.

As far as investing further at the end of the rebuy period is concerned, it isn’t always the best policy (for example with such a giant stack that the add-on hardly makes a useable difference), but is more worthwhile than most people believe.

It is surprising how adding on can make a significant difference even when the extra is an ostensibly insignificant fraction of the current stack. This is because we need to take into account the potential impact of additional chips over the course of just two or three double-ups (and it helps to give this some thought in advance rather than weigh up possible implications as the seconds tick away when decision time comes!). For instance if we have a stack of 7000 and take a 2000 chip add-on, double to 18000 and then again to 36000, this leaves us with 8000 chips’ worth of ammunition more than had we stuck with the 7000 – not to be sniffed at!

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the 32Red tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador