Route 32: Freeway to Morocco

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October’s Route 32: Freeway to Morocco gives players at 32Red a chance to take part in a MPN Poker Tour event at one of the most luxurious, exotic locations around – namely the Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco, which will play host to the Tour for a second time, 18-21 January.

The Route 32 format features nightly Flip tournaments that you register for but don’t actively participate in because everyone is automatically put all-in, every hand, until the winners emerge, with the top eight finishers winning starting chips for the Final (1 November).

The idea is for players to enjoy themselves at the tables as usual, along the way collecting Redbacks, a few of which are used to register for the Flips… and the task couldn’t be easier in simply remembering to register each day. Place in ANY Flip and you qualify for the Final. The more Flips you enter, the better your chances of racking up a bigger starting stack with which to take to battle for the €3,000+ in MPNPT prizes, including a €1,500 package for the eventual winner.

The package includes entry into the 6,000 MAD Main Event, entry into the 1,100 MAD Side Event, accommodation (including breakfast) for four nights at the Mazagan Beach Resort for you and a guest, €250 towards travel and expenses and a Players Welcome Party invite.

Have fun on the quest for Mazagan…

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Chasing Redbacks: Mission Morocco

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Our Chasing Redbacks promotion takes on an exotic flavour in October, with Mission Morocco giving you a chance to earn a free MPNPT ticket just for playing as usual at 32Red.

There’s no race or challenge or specific tasks – in fact you don’t have to do anything differently to other months because it’s all about enjoying your time with what 32Red has to offer. The point is that you pick up Redbacks as you play and, depending on how many you manage to collect throughout the month, you earn a free MPN Poker Tour ticket that could be a €550 Main Event seat or even a €1,500 package for the much-anticipated Morocco leg of the Tour.

This will take place at the fantastic Mazagan Beach Resort (18-21 January), which proved incredibly popular last time (see report). Whatever the value of the MPNPT ticket you win in October, there are numerous ways to turn it into a full package.

Given that the package includes entry into the 6,000 MAD Main Event, entry into the 1,100 MAD Side Event, accommodation (including breakfast) for four nights at the Mazagan Beach Resort for you and a guest, €250 towards travel and expenses and a Players Welcome Party invite, and that Chasing Redbacks: Mission Morocco requires no additional effort, then it’s a no-brainer promotion.

Note that Chasing Redbacks doesn’t affect your being able to take advantage of the usual 30% Rakeback deal, so, have fun Chasing Redbacks, and make the most of your time at the tables in October.

Here’s Chasing Redbacks table:

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Chasing Redbacks: Tallinn Treat

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Picture those little things you cherish the most at summer time: strawberries and cream, cold drinks, ice cream, a dip in a pool… all very nice, but will such treats help you on your way to a big money MPN Poker Tour festival event in Tallinn? No.

But our Chasing Redbacks: Tallinn Treat promotion, which runs during the whole of August, could well do, because this particular treat is a MPNPT ticket. And what do you have to do to earn the treat? The answer is no more than continue having fun at the tables at 32Red.

Poker players always find freebies welcome, but when this treat comes on top of an existing bonus it’s even better. And here there’s also the potential to turn a ticket into a big cash payout.

So, treat yourself to a special MPNPT treat on the house. The more Redbacks you accumulate during your time at the tables, the greater the value of your reward at the end of the month. It could – if you reach the top tier – be a €1,500 package.

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Blaze of Glory

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If you haven’t tried Blaze Poker yet, you’ve been missing out! The point behind this nifty format is the so-called ‘Quick Fold’ facility. Clicking on the Quick Fold button automatically folds your hand without waiting for the play to reach you, and then automatically sends you to a brand new table, with a new set of hole cards, and a new set of opponents. This means there’s no waiting for play to come around to you and, when you have a trash hand or simply don’t want any further involvement in a pot, you can get straight into a new hand immediately. Over the course of a typical session of poker, the Blaze version allows you to get the most out of your time.

Maximising your time at the tables means more hands per hour, and more hands per hour, of course (even without multi-tabling), means being able to fully take advantage of our excellent 30% Rakeback deal.

Add to this the fact that this format also helps maintain a higher level of solidity compared to the standard format where we tend to be less patient and thus a little looser than we’d like to admit, and Blaze Poker is a noteworthy alternative to the traditional online experience. Knowing that it’s possible to immediately start a new hand certainly makes it easier to get rid of bad habits!

Play on our Blaze Poker tables now and take advantage of the Blaze of Glorywe’re giving away €500 in cash prizes and an exclusive freeroll, every week!  Check out the dedicated leaderboard that keeps track of the Redbacks you earn on Blaze tables from Monday to Sunday. If you manage to finish in the top 12 you’ll receive a share of €250, while simply making it on the leaderboard (minimum 100 Redbacks) is enough to earn free entry to our weekly €250 Blaze of Glory Freeroll.

Good luck at the Blaze tables, and with Blaze of Glory!

Get the most out of new-look WiseGuys

As well as extending the prize distribution of the Bad Beat Jackpot, and making it easier to be triggered, another recent development at 32Red Poker is the WiseGuys set-up.

WiseGuys, which rewards winners with over €2500 in free chips every month, has been broadened so that there are now three quite different categories at which to have a bash, namely Cash, Sit n Go and Multi-table tournaments (MTT). Regardless of your favourite format there will be a leaderboard to fight your way up, and the fact that prizes are on offer regularly means that we’re always in with a chance of pocketing a useful cash bonus for our efforts.

Cash games on WiseGuys is run on a daily basis, with the top three cash earners netting themselves €50, €30 and €20 respectively in free chips! All we need to be eligible to win one of these gold, silver and bronze prizes is to earn 500 Redbacks during the relevant 24-hour period (note that 500 Redbacks earned exclusively in each format are required for eligibility on a specific leaderboard). Of course having seven opportunities each week (instead of the former, weekly format) to find ourselves on the leaderboard affords us the flexibility of suffering losing days – even disasters – yet nevertheless starting on a level footing with everyone else in a brand new race as soon as midnight chimes.

The WiseGuys Sit n Go leaderboard runs on a weekly basis, so the rewards are higher, with €150, €100 and €50 going to the three players with the highest profits through the week.

Multi-table tournaments being a little more difficult to get into the money, the WiseGuys MTT category gives 32Red Poker’s MTT fans a whole month to build a successful leaderboard campaign, with the Gold, Silver and Bronze rewards being €250, €150 and €100 in chips respectively.

Good luck at the tables, whether they are Cash, Sit n Go or MTTs, and don’t forget to check your progress by visiting the leaderboards, which are updated hourly at

Be a Poker Wizard in Magical March

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After writing about good and bad luck, and how most people tend to believe they go through life experiencing mainly one or the other, it seems that we’ll all enjoy a bit more good luck than usual this month thanks to 32Red Poker’s Magical March.

Cue puns about wands, rabbits and hats, and allow what’s on offer in March help broaden your poker horizons. Most players tend to stick to one particular aspect of the game, such as short-handed No Limit cash games, Turbo Sit & Go tourneys, Heads-Up Sit & Go or big field tournaments. Poker is great fun, and winning money is, too, so those who rarely/never play tournaments might not fancy the idea of investing cash in a multi-table tournament buy-in that might last less than an orbit of hands.

The best thing about some of the Magical March offers is the opportunity for these players to have a go thanks to free tournament tickets! Between March 8th and 14th, for example, a deposit of 50 chips or more (in any currency) will see tickets for both Multiplicity and Diamond Royale tournaments appear magically in your account! And, just like magical rabbits producing more floppy-eared brothers and sisters, between March 15th and 21st a tap of 32Red Poker’s wand means a giveaway of three tickets for depositing 75 chips… with four free tickets available for a deposit of 100 chips between March 22nd and 28th! With all these free entries, the tournaments are going to be populated with a lot of newcomers to this type of competition so expect the play to be interesting, and perhaps profitable (especially with an extra large dollop of good luck thrown into the mix).

Meanwhile, there are value added Magical March Freeroll tournaments throughout the month for anyone who played ‘at least’ one raked hand in the previous week, culminating in a €400 added event, March 29th, 8.30pm (UK time).

And the magic dust is set to fall on cash tables, too, with Magical March Cash Bonuses available – up to €250 depending on how many Redbacks you earn. Time to slip those aces out of your virtual sleeves…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

32 Days of Poker!

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We might have been bemoaning the fact that as far as shops and television ads are concerned Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year, but at least we know that with 32Red Poker we’re in for some tasty treats once December arrives.

Until January 1st, each day brings at least one Christmas surprise, from free money (the present we all like but dare not ask for) for racking up Redbacks, to freerolls, added-value tournaments, free tickets and an assortment of other goodies.

Whether it’s Christmas cheer we’re after in the shape of Survivor tournaments with a buy-in of one cent(!), Multiplicity events that require just a single raked hand in the previous seven days(!!) to enter or the ever popular Everyone’s a Bounty events at €5 + €0.50, these are far better things to find in our Christmas stocking than the usual fare of chocolate coins and a few nuts…

The main event to make a note of in the festive diary is the Goodbye 2011 €5,000 Freeroll, which starts at 9pm on Tuesday 27th December – perfectly timed for when the usual Christmas ‘fun’ has started to wind down – and resumes for those still in contention on Wednesday 28th at 9pm. With a nice and sober set up of a 5000-chip starting stack and 20 minute blind levels, this will offer us an opportunity – safe in the knowledge that there’ll be plenty food and drink left over – to settle down to some ‘proper’ poker, with enough poor souls still recovering from the previous days to donate enough to maintain a healthy virtual pile…

To see 32Red’s Poker Tree click HERE and get clicking on the baubles to see what’s on offer…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the 32Red tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

More great software features at 32Red Poker!

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Recently there have been yet more new and improved features at 32Red Poker, and it’s well worth taking the time to check them out as the point is to both make our playing experience more convenient as well as streamline typical practicalities in order to increase our thinking time at the tables.

I have already written about the usefulness of the Pocket Card Manager – especially to beginners and lesser experienced players. This is a great tool that allows us to set out which hands – in each table position from Small Blind around to the Button – we never wish to get involved with so that these holdings are automatically folded pre-flop (even with random timings for the actual play!). For anyone interested in multi-tabling this is a great piece of software. We can access this feature via the Global Table Options menu from Preferences in the Lobby.

There is also a handy Multi Table Launcher that does what it says on the tin. Once seated, the icon appears at the bottom right-hand side of the table, accompanied by a speech bubble. Clicking this icon lets us automatically open further similar tables without the inconvenience of having to go the Lobby and look out for them while we’re busy playing.

Another tool that is appreciated more once we actually begin to use it, particularly when combined with the Multi Table Launcher, is the Auto Buy-in feature. This enables us to set up a pre-determined buy-in amount so that, when enabled, as soon as we choose a table we skip the usual buy-in procedure and are instead immediately seated with whatever buy-in we pre-selected (anything from the minimum to the maximum), and consequently ready to get involved in the next hand.

As well as being accessed via the Global Table Options menu from Preferences in the Lobby, this feature is also available when first sitting down at a table in the Bring Money to Table box by clicking on the ‘Seat me then set up Auto Buy-in’ button.

Tournament fans can make use of the Auto Rebuy function with which we can opt to rebuy in tournaments automatically – note that it is possible to use Redbacks as well as money. This option is available when clicking ‘Join’ when registering for a rebuy tournament.

To set up, simply click ‘Configure Auto Rebuys and Add-ons’ for the options. Of course it is convenient to be able to select how many automatic rebuys we want for a tournament, but we must remember not to get carried away!

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador


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…because the early bird catches the worm!

Here at 32Red Poker, early risers can catch up to three fantastic ‘Early Bird’ Freerolls every morning between 8am and 10am (UK time).  Read on to find out more…

$10 ‘Early Bird’ Lottery

Join us every morning at 8:15am (UK time) for an exciting lottery tournament where cards are dealt face up every hand and in an all-in situation until the tournament completes.

Tournament Details

Date & Time Every morning at 8:15am (UK time)
Buyin 100% free
Chips/Blinds 1 starting chip, all-in levels
Details No-limit Texas Hold’em, knockout
Prize pool $10


$20 ‘Early Bird’ Survivor

You have about 15 minutes after the lottery completes to make some tea and toast before hitting the tables again for our super-turbo Survivor freeroll at 8:30am (UK time).

Tournament Details

Date & Time Every morning at 8:30am (UK time)
Buyin 1 Redback
Chips/Blinds 3000 starting chips, 3 minute levels
Details No-limit Texas Hold’em, Survivor
Prize pool $20


$32 ‘Early Bird’ Freeroll

A tiny 32 Redbacks will gain you entry into our $32 Freeroll, every morning at 9am (UK time).

Tournament Details

Date & Time Every morning at 9:00am (UK time)
Buyin 32 Redbacks
Chips/Blinds 2K starting chips, 6 minute levels
Details Rebuy 2K chips for 32 Redbacks during the first hour, or addon 5K chips for 50 Redbacks at the break.
Prize pool $32


32Red’s New Tables & New Loyalty Plan

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32Red's Poker School Blog

32Red's Poker School Blog

With the virtual and real worlds increasingly overlapping it is fitting that 32Red Poker have introduced an alternative format in the shape of ‘arcade’ tables which, no doubt, will prove very popular with the generation of players used to seeing the world through a monitor. As the classic Simon & Garfunkel song At the Zoo goes: “Orangutans are sceptical of changes in their cages” but, as it happens, online poker players are way ahead of their entertaining cousins when it comes to change, and I must say that it is well worth trying out the arcade feature. This is done by clicking on Menu, then Views followed by Arcade View.

The first thing you will notice is that the important features on the table are considerably larger, namely the hole cards, board cards and the player boxes (even the other players’ cards). Not surprisingly this makes following the action during a hand easier on the eye, requiring less effort. Indeed, while the colours for the various actions remain the same – yellow for Fold, green for Call and orange for Raise – the distinct blocks of yellow of the players who have folded, for example, better help highlight which players are still in the hand. Of course I really like the traditional set-up, too, so I’ll probably switch between formats depending on what mood I’m in. Try the Arcade tables out for yourselves and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

New Players get 3x FREE Tickets!

New Players get 3x FREE Tickets!

Meanwhile, by now you will have noticed 32Red Poker‘s new and exclusive 30% Loyalty Bonus. Basically, this is an excellent and very fair ‘everyman’ system as everyone receives a 30% deal regardless of how much they rake. But the best feature is that there is no need to wait until the end of the month, and no inconvenient hoops to jump through to receive your cash – simply log in, click on the Redbacks icon and redeem however many of your Redbacks you prefer for cash, your poker account being updated instantly. Alternatively, use your Redbacks for excellent value tournament buy-ins!

Good luck at the tables.


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