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It’s that festive time of year again, and at 32Red Poker we like to make sure you’ll remember December for being a great poker month. From Monday 1st December, right through to Thursday 1st January 2015, our 32 Days of Poker will feature a range of festive goodies. Check out what’s on offer by clicking on the corresponding bauble on our special seasonal tree… Read more

No Limit Tournament Tips

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Given that beginners are absolutely not the only group of players to make fundamental errors in NL tournaments thanks to good old human nature, here are a few tips to help maximise our chances of finishing in the money. Or to put it another way, a few reminders to help prevent us from exiting a tournament because we did something we really knew we shouldn’t have.

Perhaps the most annoying way to leave a tournament is to do so very early on because we ‘played the percentages’ with a non-monster hand. Regardless of whether we think someone who has just (re)raised all-in – after we have committed a couple of hundred of our couple of thousand stack – is gambling/stealing and we should therefore oblige with our QQ, it’s prudent to fold when the tournament has barely started. Some players would be averse even to calling an all-in with kings during the early stages.

Of course the advice above is particularly relevant for freezout tournaments but it is also important not to become too loose in a rebuy just because we are ‘happy’ to invest in a certain number of additional bites at the cherry. Speculative play can pay off in these tournaments and, while we should keep in mind that the option to rebuy is going to influence how others act (and how they might perceive certain plays given this context), rebuying should nevertheless be seen as a safety net and as bringing key psychological factors to the game, rather than an excuse to go mad. A good idea is take advantage of 32Red’s excellent Auto Rebuy tool to pre-select the number of rebuys we are willing to have before the tournament starts and the adrenaline gets the better of us.

If we do succeed in building a big stack it would be nice to keep it that way. Too many players cancel out any good play or lucky breaks once they find themselves with a virtual mountain of chips by playing too many hands or taking risks that cold, hard numbers simply don’t justify. It’s one thing to use a big stack effectively when the time or situation calls for it, but quite another to get involved just for the sake of it because we think we can ‘afford’ to – sooner or later such cavalier tactics tend to come unstuck and we go hurtling back down the field, often unable to adjust.

Limping out of position with suited connectors such as 78 or with small pairs is fine in the early stages as long as we are willing to let go of the hand in the event of annoying raises, but generally – particularly with a medium stack – it’s best to keep in mind that on a full table these hands can lead to trouble and instead wait until the tournament progresses and the game tightens somewhat. That isn’t to say we should dump these hands all the time, rather be selective and conservative during the early stages.

Beware Aces with ostensibly good kickers. While AK is strong – and anyway not that strong! – AT and AJ (and even AQ) are trouble hands that are best left alone in normal circumstances. The likelihood of being dominated simply relegates these hands to the dustbin unless we have a very special reason to believe otherwise or our tournament situation demands a stand of some sort.

Finally, don’t be afraid of ghosts. There’s nothing wrong in being cautious, but if we give in as soon as a scary card appears or when someone bets big we’ll never win anything.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

More great software features at 32Red Poker!

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Recently there have been yet more new and improved features at 32Red Poker, and it’s well worth taking the time to check them out as the point is to both make our playing experience more convenient as well as streamline typical practicalities in order to increase our thinking time at the tables.

I have already written about the usefulness of the Pocket Card Manager – especially to beginners and lesser experienced players. This is a great tool that allows us to set out which hands – in each table position from Small Blind around to the Button – we never wish to get involved with so that these holdings are automatically folded pre-flop (even with random timings for the actual play!). For anyone interested in multi-tabling this is a great piece of software. We can access this feature via the Global Table Options menu from Preferences in the Lobby.

There is also a handy Multi Table Launcher that does what it says on the tin. Once seated, the icon appears at the bottom right-hand side of the table, accompanied by a speech bubble. Clicking this icon lets us automatically open further similar tables without the inconvenience of having to go the Lobby and look out for them while we’re busy playing.

Another tool that is appreciated more once we actually begin to use it, particularly when combined with the Multi Table Launcher, is the Auto Buy-in feature. This enables us to set up a pre-determined buy-in amount so that, when enabled, as soon as we choose a table we skip the usual buy-in procedure and are instead immediately seated with whatever buy-in we pre-selected (anything from the minimum to the maximum), and consequently ready to get involved in the next hand.

As well as being accessed via the Global Table Options menu from Preferences in the Lobby, this feature is also available when first sitting down at a table in the Bring Money to Table box by clicking on the ‘Seat me then set up Auto Buy-in’ button.

Tournament fans can make use of the Auto Rebuy function with which we can opt to rebuy in tournaments automatically – note that it is possible to use Redbacks as well as money. This option is available when clicking ‘Join’ when registering for a rebuy tournament.

To set up, simply click ‘Configure Auto Rebuys and Add-ons’ for the options. Of course it is convenient to be able to select how many automatic rebuys we want for a tournament, but we must remember not to get carried away!

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

Srojitas wins 32Red’s Diamond Royale jackpot!

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Congratulations to 32Red Poker player ‘Srojitas’ who on Saturday evening landed the big Diamond Royale hand that burst the €3,350.00 jackpot.  The lucky hand number was 4,106,668,105 and a total of 8 players shared in the jackpot winnings.  Here is how the hand played out:



hendythehawk has the dealer button
Srojitas posts small blind (35.00)
evilbow007 posts big blind (70.00)
_FEAR_ME_ folds
meerkatx folds
fatcigar calls for 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Your_round folds
hendythehawk folds sitting out
Srojitas calls for 35.00
evilbow007 checks

Dealing Flop

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks

Dealing Turn

Srojitas checks
evilbow007 checks
fatcigar bets 70.00
TheRookie5 calls for 70.00
Srojitas calls for 70.00
evilbow007 folds

Dealing River

Srojitas checks
fatcigar checks
TheRookie5 checks
Srojitas shows cards
fatcigar mucks cards
TheRookie5 mucks cards



Jackpot Winners


Srojitas Diamond Royale Winner €1,675.00
_FEAR_ME_ Participating Winner €95.71
meerkatx Participating Winner €95.71
fatcigar Participating Winner €95.71
TheRookie5 Participating Winner €95.71
Your_round Participating Winner €95.71
hendythehawk Participating Winner €95.71
evilbow007 Participating Winner €95.71


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Congratulations to Ashley for winning our previous Poker Quiz (click here for details).

32Red Poker Quiz

Welcome to 32Red’s regularly updated Poker Quiz section where we ask you all sorts of poker questions and all you have to do is answer them correctly to enter our draw for free cash prizes & tournament tickets!

Are you ready?

August’s Summer Festival on 32Red Poker consists of how many Events?

A: 6 Events?
B: 8 Events?
C: 10 Events?

Click here for a clue!


Post your answers below and if we pick your name out of the hat and you’ve posted the correct answer, we’ll give you a free ticket to the following tournament:
Summer Festival, Event #2, €40,000 GTD Rebuy (buyin €55 + €5)
Date & Time: 26th August at 8pm (UK time)

Bankroll Management

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Bankroll Management

It’s time to revisit the important subject of Bankroll Management, so here are some guidelines. Obviously different people have different attitudes to risk, but while we should find criteria specific to our personality, it’s sensible to have a realistic minimum number of big-blinds or buy-ins (and it is reckless not to).

There are all sorts of theories and opinions, so the recommendations below are aimed at providing a starting point for those players yet to give bankroll management serious consideration, as well as those not happy with how they currently approach their poker quest. Bankroll requirements depend on what type of game(s) we prefer as some formats of poker generate more variance and so on than others, while a Fixed Limit cash game, for instance, is a completely different animal to a massive multi-player No Limit tournament.

For Fixed Limit cash games I would suggest a bankroll of at least 300 big bets, preferably closer to 500 or 600 if possible. After seeing only No Limit tournaments on TV, many new players assume Fixed Limit cash games offer great security due to the betting restriction, but big downswings are a part of the game, in fact.

As for No Limit cash games, some experienced players might be happy with a mere 10 buy-ins, but even 20 buy-ins is cutting it a bit short. Instead, having a bankroll of 40 or 50 buy-ins offers both greater security and flexibility, so that it is easier to move down levels if necessary, or step up for a shot at a higher level.

The world of Sit & Go tournaments is quite different again, with anything from 30 buy-ins necessary to help withstand the inevitable variance. The ‘V-word’ really makes its presence felt, however, in multi-table tournaments, which is why it is quite feasible if you intend to concentrate heavily on the rough and tumble of this exciting but often frustrating format to play in tournaments costing only 1/100th of your bankroll. Remember that there are various tournament types, with few or many participants (each requiring it’s own style), and note also that if this level of caution seems restrictive, a decent win can sky-rocket the bankroll in one evening!

Generally, be prudent and make adjustments when appropriate, and keep in mind that the whole process could take time, during which the cumulative experience will anyway augur well for when the time comes to move up a level. And somewhere along the line don’t be too proud to move down levels in order to maintain more comfortable bankroll control.

As in life, patience is key…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD)
32Red Poker Ambassador


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Get in the money and multiply your winnings!

Join us every evening at 8pm (UK time) for a new and exciting 32Red tournament Multiplicity.

The aim of Multiplicity is to finish ‘in the money’ in as many consecutive games as you can.  Each time you cash in, you multiply your last winnings by however many times you’ve finished ‘in the money’ consecutively.

For example…

Finish in the money twice to DOUBLE your winnings!
Finish in the money 3 times to TRIPLE your winnings!
Finish in the money 4 times to QUADRUPLE your winnings!



Has Black Friday affected WSOP numbers?

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Has Black Friday affected WSOP numbers?

Meanwhile, with the ghost of Black Friday still haunting US-facing online poker rooms as well as the countless US players who continue to have problems with their accounts with the affected operators, the poker world is even more interested than usual in the numbers at this year’s WSOP. Perhaps surprisingly – or not, depending on who you ask – attendance records in 2011 are still being broken, with tournament, side events and cash game numbers showing healthy increases compared with last year.

For example, on Friday, June 18, an impressive 5,946 players showed up for that day’s scheduled tournaments – a record for a single day in live poker history. Moreover, Event 18, the $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament, had the largest ever entry (3157) for such a single day start event, as did Event 20 for a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em (3,175 entries), the two combining to generate the largest consecutive-days starting field sizes in poker history at 6332 entries.

And if you think poker is exclusively for the baseball cap and shades wearing younger generation, then consider Event 30, the Seniors tournament, which attracted a record 3752 entries…

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington
32Red Poker Ambassador

Diamond Royale

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The hunt is on for a Royal Flush of diamonds…

Join us every evening at 9pm (UK time) as we hunt for a precious Royal Flush of diamonds!

Be the first player to make a diamond Royal Flush and claim the Diamond Royale (DR) progressive jackpot.  Our  DR tournaments are played on the classic game of no-limit Texas Hold’em and offer 1500 starting chips with 10 minute blind levels.  Each game is guaranteed at €150 and costs a tiny €6 + €1 to enter.  While all buyins go towards the game’s prize pool, all tournament fees go towards the DR jackpot which we’ve started off at €500…



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Congratulations to Cidium for winning our previous Poker Quiz (click here for details).

32Red Poker Quiz

Welcome to 32Red’s regularly updated Poker Quiz section where we ask you all sorts of poker questions and all you have to do is answer them correctly to enter our draw for free cash prizes & tournament tickets!

Are you ready?


What is 32Red celebrating on May 28th?

A: Will & Kate’s Honeymoon (€500 Freeroll)
B: Summer is Coming (€1,000 Freeroll)
C: UEFA Champions League Final (€2011 Freeroll)

Click here for a clue!

Post your answers below and if we pick your name out of the hat and you’ve posted the correct answer, you’ll receive a FREE WSOP Qualifying Ticket (worth €9 + €1) to play at 32Red Poker!

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