Final Call for Malta!

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Not long left now…

All good things come to an end, and Sunday will be your last chance to win a €1,800 package for the €1M Battle of Malta! The MPN Poker Tour’s record-breaking event will be held on the popular little Mediterranean island between 26-31 October. The €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 5 Package Final (7pm UK time), guarantees five filled-to-the-brim €1,800 packages!

You’ll find a full schedule of satellites – including Feeders – in the Poker Lobby, our aim being to take as many qualifiers as possible to Malta. We are always very well represented by Team32Red nowadays, but this will be something else again…

The Package

To help explain why so many players want to be involved, here’s a taste of what the (upgraded) €1,800 package includes:

  • €550 buy-in to the €1,000,000 guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event.
  • €150 buy-in to the “MPNPT Battle” Side Event.
  • Accommodation (including breakfast) for 5 nights, for you and a guest.
  • €200 towards travel/expenses.
  • MPNPT @ Battle of Malta last longer competition, with one €1,500 MPNPT package on offer to each of the three players who last longest in the Battle of Malta Main Event.
  • Access to VIP chill-out room next to the main tournament hall.
  • Invite to the Players Welcome Party.
  • Access to the VIP area in the main Battle of Malta party.
  • Access to all other Battle of Malta player parties.

Battle of Malta Tournament Schedule

Not surprisingly, as well as the juicy action at the tables, there’ll be a lot going on elsewhere, too. Throw in the great weather that sees Malta provide an escape from the dark and dreary winter nights, and there’s plenty of incentive to bag a package.

Have fun, good luck, and we’ll see you in Malta


It’s not déjà vu (again) – it’s another Fish Party Jackpot Hit!

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The €20 Fish Party Jackpot has been hit!

We like to think it’s not a coincidence that, soon after we introduced our new daily Fish Royale tournament, another Fish Party progressive jackpot is hit! This time the total paid out to the 3 players in a €20 game was €317,849! Read on…

Jackpots happen far more often than you might think. If you keep up with our latest news instalments you’ll have noticed that this jackpot has been hit a number of times recently. There are five buy-in levels for this popular Sit & Go turbo format, each having its own jackpot. Payouts, as you can see, are enormous in relation to the buy-in.

And it’s not just the jackpots that are worth winning. As soon as all three players have entered, the prize is determined by a spin of the Fish Party slots game. Unlike the standard Sit & Go, where the prizes are always the same, the attraction here is that you don’t know until the reels spin. Each new game is a mini adventure, with the prize ranging from twice the buy-in to increasing multiples up to the jackpot itself.

The Lucky Winners

This latest hit was massive! The €317,849 was shared out as follows: SipsCommin (1st) won €158.9K, Check_Norris (2nd) won €95.3K and grndonlck pocketed €63.5K for finishing 3rd! Such sums can have an impact on more than someone’s bankroll and, with buy-ins at €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50, everyone has a chance of hitting a juicy jackpot.

Fish Royale

With this in mind, don’t forget to make our aforementioned Fish Royale a part of your regular poker time at 32Red. Starting at 7pm UK time, this fun tournament has €300 in guaranteed prizes, including over €100 in Fish Party tickets! €3 rebuys and a big €3 add-on add to the fun (see table below). There’s also a €1,500 Live Events package for hitting a royal flush!

Whether you’ve already been converted to Fish Party games or have yet to test the waters – give them a go, have fun, and good luck!


Prima Software Feedback: Help us help you!

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We constantly strive to provide you with the best possible experience at 32Red Poker, and the launch this summer of the brand new Prima poker platform introduced software aimed at raising the bar still further…

However, the beauty of this latest software is the built-in Feedback system. ‘User-friendly’ is an oft-used term, but it’s totally relevant in this case. The facility for players to voice their opinions and make suggestions, requests and even propose new ideas – at any time – serves as an invaluable development resource.

As with poker itself, information is key, and by logging and collating direct feedback it’s possible to make necessary tweaks or even more fundamental changes as part of an evolving process.

In fact, since the new software was first launched, the vast majority of improvements and fixes came about precisely as a result of such player feedback.

Helping us hone the poker platform is a simple matter of clicking on ‘Feedback’ and making whatever suggestions you may have. Good or bad, we don’t mind – the point is to take into account what the players think and then make positive changes accordingly.

It’s all about helping us help you get the most out of 32Red Poker. That our development teams can focus their efforts specifically on what players believe are issues worth mentioning is the whole point of the Feedback system.

In the words of Alex Scott (Managing Director – MPN) “We’re hoping that what it does is show that we’re doing what we said we would do. All the people who have criticized us for not having feature X or feature Y—whatever their most favorite feature is—this is a way of showing them that we are listening to them; we’re doing what we believe are the most important things to players out there. We’re letting players drive the development of our client.”

Share your thoughts! Don’t ‘not bother’ because you think this or that opinion might seem trivial – your observation or suggestion might well be shared by other players, and the more info we have, the better placed we are to investigate and perhaps do something about it.

So, there you have it. Any thoughts regarding the software that might occur to you during a session, please share them with us via Feedback and they will be duly noted… Have fun, and good luck at the tables!


Prepare for the €1M Battle: 5 more €1,800 packages guaranteed!

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The temperature is hotting up – at least in Malta, which is preparing to host the €1M Battle of Malta, 26-31 October. This will be the MPN Poker Tour’s biggest ever event, which is reflected in the value of the latest packages to be won.

So, we’re giving our players plenty of notice about the upcoming €200 buy-in MPNPT Sunday 5 Package Final, which will guarantee five €1,800 packages!

Options this October: hide away from the gloomy weather, or escape to a popular Mediterranean island known for sun, sea and loads of other things you could be enjoying, with some big money poker thrown in. All courtesy of 32Red…

It’s a no-brainer. In fact, this is the perfect time to earn a place on Team32Red. Even the Side Event which package winners also win the buy-in to promises to be a tasty competition. Meanwhile, a host of activities and parties and general non-poker fun mean that the €1M Battle of Malta will be a great holiday both on and off the tables.

As well as logging on on Sunday (kick-off is 7pm UK time, with two hours late registration) and simply buying in directly to the mega satellite, there are numerous ways to sit down at a bargain price. If you go to the Poker Lobby and take a look at our schedule, you’ll find a range of so-called Feeder satellites to this and other Package/Seat weekly finals. And to make the qualification process as player-friendly as possible, we’ve made it just 55 cents to start the quest!

Have fun at the tables, and we’ll see you in Malta…


New €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!)

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7pm Daily (UK time) at 32Red Poker…

We’re nothing if not flexible at 32Red, and sometimes even good things can be favourably tweaked. Our new nightly €3.30 buy-in €300 Fish Royale (Bonus Package!) tournament is a perfect example. This will replace our popular Flush Royale tournament, but retains the style and set-up. And the star prizes are well worth making this your regular evening poker treat!

There’s a pretty obvious clue about the new twist in the tournament’s name. Our 3-player Fish Party Sit & Go games have become a player favourite, with progressive jackpots at all five buy-in levels and no shortage of jackpots being hit. It made sense to combine a popular tournament with a popular Sit & Go, so the €300 in prizes includes €100 in Fish party tickets.

Hit a Royal Flush, win a €1,500 Live Events package!

This feature is what makes Fish Royale so special. Our players can find themselves on Team32Red at a big money international poker festival by seeing their €3.30 buy-in turn into a €1,500 package! And this happens just by hitting a Royal Flush… Use both hole cards to make a Royal Flush and, as long as the hand reaches a showdown, a €1,500 Live Events package is yours.

You even get to choose between the MPN Poker Tour and Cash Game Festival, with both visiting interesting places around the globe.

So, join us every evening at 7pm (UK time) for this player-friendly tournament that pays out Cash, Fish Party tickets and a €1,500 Live Events package for a royal flush. To spice up proceedings you can take advantage of €3.30 rebuys and a €3.30 monster add-on. Have fun, and good luck!


New Features Coming to 32Red Poker

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We strive to bring our players the best online poker experience, which is why our latest software is getting even better! By 17th October a batch of new features will be introduced…

Here’s a taste of what new and improved features you can look forward to this month:

Stealth mode

Some players prefer to strip the screen contents down to the basics, and the new Stealth Mode will allow you to do just that, making for a totally uncluttered interface.

Resizing tables

If you’ve ever wanted to play more than one table simultaneously but had problems fitting them nicely on to your screen, then resizing tables is about to become child’s play. Once you find your perfect setting you’ll be able to lock it into place.

Dealer button/Blind indicators

New visual features will make it even easier to keep track of who’s on the Dealer button, and we’re also adding Blind indicators!

Table settings/layout

To avoid having to tinker with game settings once you’ve joined the action at a table, the player-friendly Table settings being added to the Lobby will enable you to configure tables beforehand. You’ll also be able to retain table layouts.

Confirmation dialog

To smooth the process, we’re introducing confirmation when players click the +1 button on Sit & Go games. A confirmation will also appear when you close the Lobby while tables are still open.

New betting tool

You’ll now be able to use your Enter button to make bets or raises.

Smaller screens, bigger space

If you like to play at 32Red on devices that have smaller window sizes, hiding promotional banners will free up screen size to leave you with more playing space.

We’re also enhancing the user experience on smaller sized tables by improving readability and text size.

So, there you have it – playing at 32Red Poker is about to get even better! Keep sending in your Feedback so that, with your help, we’ll continue to deliver the best poker software.


Yet another Fish Party jackpot, and three tasty Fishrolls!

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It’s jackpots galore at 32Red!

Three more players saw their bankrolls increase by four-figure sums when a jackpot was hit in a Fish Party game they’d paid €1 to play in!

The prizes in these Sit & Go games are determined by a spin of the Fish Party slots game, and there’s a jackpot at every buy-in level. Given that these are €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50, you have a chance at a juicy jackpot whatever the size of your bankroll. But the point of this fun-filled turbo format is that you can enjoy the thrill of poker playing games that take just a few minutes. If you don’t have hours to play tournaments, then Fish Party games are a perfect solution for an action-packed session.

Meanwhile, the jackpot this time was hit at €5,544.32, with Jooseplen (1st: €2,772.17), POV5h (2nd: €1,663.29) and Krrios (3rd: €1,108.86) each bagging a hefty payout. If you have a feeling that you’ve read about Fish Party jackpots quite a bit recently, that’s because there have been multiple hits, so jump in, and have fun…

Continuing the Fish Party theme, a new freeroll tournament – the Fishroll – is being rolled out (see what we did there?). It’s free entry, and there’s €300 in prizes, including over €100 in Fish Party tickets! To spice up proceedings you can take advantage of €3 rebuys and a €3 monster add-on. Try your luck tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, each tournament starting at 8pm UK time.


Fish Party: Yet another Jackpot Hit!

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In the tradition of London buses, we’ve now had a quick succession of three Fish Party jackpots during the last couple of weeks! After two jackpots at the €5 buy-in level, three lucky players benefited from a hit in a €1 game…

The Fish Party format gives players a Sit & Go game experience with a (big) difference. First, the prize each time is determined by a spin of the Fish Party slots game, producing random multiples of the buy-in. The main attraction which makes Fish Party so popular is that each of the €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50 buy-in levels has a progressive jackpot!

This time the pre-game Fish Party slots prize-picker threw up the magic jackpot symbols, the running total at the modest €1 level being a whopping €8063.39!

prstg3 (1st for €4,031.71), Mrgndz (2nd for €2,419.01) and Luckysilva (3rd for €1,612.67) were the players whose €1 investment each saw a massive return bring Christmas a few months early.

Whatever your bankroll, there’s always going to be a Fish Party game for you, so sit back, have fun and enjoy the party!


€1M UCOP – Broaden your horizons!

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When we think about the Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) that’s going on right now, with €1,000,000 in guaranteed prize money on offer, it’s only natural to see the money aspect. There is, after all, lots of it on offer! But it would be a mistake to let hard cash distract us from all that poker’s rich tapestry has to offer.

Poker – particularly tournaments – is a game that provides us with excitement, a challenge, the thrill of the chase and all manner of elements that make it so entertaining. Of course you should be aiming to win, to boost your bankroll here and there. But it’s the fun factor that keeps you playing.

This is why, as well as the more obvious attraction of the UCOP series, which features 88 events over a fortnight, the tournaments have been selected to offer a wide range of variants and formats…

We want our players to emerge from the UCOP experience having found new aspects of the game they normally wouldn’t have come across. And to make it easier from a bankroll point of view there’s a full schedule of satellites that makes all the events affordable.

So, whatever your favourite game is or your level of experience in tournament poker, get involved in this great series and you might find new avenues to explore as well as sharpen your game on the virtual poker battlefield.

Thanks to the €15,000 Leaderboard – which rewards not only tournament performances but also your sharing your UCOP adventures via social media, you could even find yourself being the Greatest Poker Player in the Universe! There’s also the overall winner’s prize… That’s €3,000 in cash and two fantastic €1,500 MPN Poker Tour packages – but it’s not all about the money, is it?


What’s in a bet? (Part 2)

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In Part 1 I mentioned that we can bet or raise in order to obtain information. Of course there tends to be a price for everything, but it’s equally important not to take this too far because we can often learn enough without having to part with much, or, indeed, anything at all. Moreover, our opponent’s bet in itself can be information enough, of course.

Here’s an example that helps differentiate between stereotypically wasting money ‘to see where we stand’ and making a genuinely purposeful bet.

Let’s say we’re dealt 9d 9c, for instance, raise on the button and are called by only the Small Blind. When our opponent then opens with a ¾ pot bet on a flop of Kh 8s 7h we have a typical teaser of a situation, with a decent pair, an overcard showing and an opponent willing to call our pre-flop raise out of position. Are we up against a bluff, and therefore well ahead? Is our opponent aggressively playing out a draw (perhaps with a suited Ace)? Were we called by A8? Or AK? It’s quite a conundrum, but not at all necessarily one that should justify our raising here for the sake of buying information. It’s true that doing so might result in us picking up the pot, but anything else is going to provide us with no more knowledge about the hand than the realisation that 99 isn’t looking too good, and that we didn’t get much for our money. In fact our subsequent folding in the face of a hefty reraise doesn’t seem to have been a worthwhile venture on our part.

Other than folding to the flop bet (a reasonably sensible option), simply calling allows us to remain in the hand while still giving us something by way of information in the form of whatever action (or otherwise) our out-of-position opponent comes up with on the Turn. Another bet on, for example, a Turn of Jd, and there is nothing wrong with stepping down, although we could still attempt a bluff if we so wished.

However, a check certainly piques our interest, and this is quite different in terms of decision making from the Flop scenario. If we invest money here then our bet has far more purpose in that it does more than seek to fill in a few potentially key pieces of the information jigsaw, and makes sense regardless of whether we think we’re ahead or behind. If it’s the former, we’re betting for value, while if we believe we could be behind but sense weakness, we’re trying to steal the pot – either way, it’s not purely for information. Moreover, the information part of the ‘aims’ is almost a secondary – albeit important – issue. Of course we could be walking into a big check-raise, but if that happens and we have to fold, at least this is a preferable (and cheaper) way to make use of bets (not only our own, remember!) than raising the Flop. We have also learned, of course, more about how this particular player thinks and acts.

Good luck at the tables!

Angus Dunnington (AngusD at the tables)
32Red Poker Ambassador

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