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Learn Poker terms at 32Red Poker


Ace High
A 5 card poker hand contiaining an Ace but no Pair. This hand beats another high card hand but loses to a pair and above.

General description of the betting taking place at the Poker table.

Active Player
A player still involved in the pot.

Add On
The chance to buy-in during tournaments. This type of tournament is available at the 32Red Poker Room. Click here to see out tournament schedule.

All In
All in refers to a player betting all of the chips he has on the table. All in is usually a sign of confidence in a hand but can be a total bluff of course. A player may also go All In when they are down to their very last few chips in order to meet the small blind or big blind requirement.

A token bet required from all players before a hand is dealt.


Catching both the turn and river card to make a drawing hand. For instance, suppose you have As-7s. The flop comes Ad-6c-4s. You bet and are called. The turn is the Ts, which everybody checks, and then the river is the Js. You've made a "backdoor" nut flush.

Bad Beat
This expression is used to describe getting beaten with an excellent hand by a player with an even stronger hand. An example may be having a Four of a Kind being beaten by a Straight Flush. At 32Red Poker, you can ease the paid of a Bad Beat with our Bad Beat Jackpot.

The amount of money you have at the poker table with which to bet.

You are behind if by the time the last card is dealt your hand is not the strongest.

Belly Buster
Same as a Gutshot; getting the middle card for a Straight.

Voluntarily putting money into the pot.

Bet Into
To bet into the pot before your opponent, with the knowledge that he has a potentially strong hand. This move may dissuade the other player to call your bet, even though he may have quite a stong hand like a high straight draw or flush.

Bet the Pot
Place a bet equal in size to the current pot.

Betting Black
Black chips are generally of $100 value. This expression refers to placing bets at the poker table of $100 each.

Betting Green
Betting green is placing bets to value of $25 each time. Chips worth $25 are often coloured green.

Betting Red
Red chips at the poker tables of Vegas are usually worth $5. Betting ref indicates betting in $5 denominations.

Betting White
White chips are generally valued at $1. Betting white indicates placing bets at the poker table of $1.

Big Blind
In order to get the action going at the poker table, the player to the immediate left of the dealer places a Small Blind bet. To the left of the Small Blind is the player who must place the Big Blind bet which is twice the size of the Small Blind.

Big Full
The highest possible Full House in Hold'em.

Big Hand
A high valued hand such as a Full House, or a big draw with very good odds on winning the pot such as a Straight Flush draw.

Big Slick
Big Slick refers to strong Hole Cards consisting of an Ace and a King.

A term that describes a card that came on fourth or fifth street and did not help any player's hand.

A forced bet that one or more players to the left of the dealer have to place in order to take part in the hand.

Blind Raise
A player making a raise without looking at his or her cards.

A bluff is what many people believe poker is all about. Put more simply it is straight lying about the strength of your hand by betting into the pot when you strongly suspect that there are other hands around the table better than your own, with the intention of scaring off the other players.

This refers to the cards dealt face up in the middle of the table. Also known as Community Cards.

Another name for a Full House; Three of a Kind with a Pair.

Bottom Pair
Using the lowest card on the flop to make a Pair.

An Ace-High Straight (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten)

Broken Fall
A flop where it is impossible to make a Straight on the next card, e.g. K-8-3

The Bubble refers to a player that places just off the money in a tournament. For example, if a tournament pays out the top 10 players, 11th place would be said to have finished on the bubble.

The Ace is sometimes referred to as the Bull.

A pair of Bullets is Hole Cards of Ace-Ace. This hand is the strongest Hole Card hand there is. A Pair of Bullets is also referred to as American Airlines and Pocket Rockets.

A verya ggressive player who creates a lot of action by his continuous betting and raising, especially to players with small stacks.

The button denotes the player who is dealing the hand. After each ahnd the button moves one seat round in a clockwise direction. Being on the button is often said to be the best place to be as you get to bet last.

Buy In
The cost of entering a poker tournament at 32Red Poker.


When a player calls they are mathcing a bet already placed on the table by another player.

Calling Station
Not a kind description of a player who will call most hands in the hope that their hand is good enough.

Card Room
The area of a casino where poker is played.

Cash In
To take your chips to the cashier in exchange for their monetary value.

Cash Out
The same as Cash In, to take your chips to the cashier in exchange for their monetary value.

Caught Speeding
You may hear this exprssion at the 32Red Poker Room when players are talking about someone getting caught bluffing.

Centre Pot
The first pot created during a poker hand. This is as opposed to one or more Side Pots that are created if one or more players go all-in. Also called the Main Pot.

Change Gears
This term is used when a player adjust his style of play from tight to loose or vice versa. Changing gears will ocnfuse other players at the table and create a style of play difficult to follow.

To Chase a pot means to call the Fourth and/or Fifth Street hoping that the next card will give you a good hand. You may stand to lose quite a few chips chasing this card, but if it comes, you stand a very good chance of winning the pot.

On the occasions when nobody at the table bets, you have the opportunity to Check and allow the game to continue without addition to the por. In an offline casino, a player will tap the table to signify a Check.

Check Raise
To pass on your first opportunity of betting, then raising your opponent's subsequent bet.

A 'token' varying in denominations used at poker games instead of real cash.

Chip Dumping
This is when a player deliberately loses hands until all their chips are passed to a partner player.

Using the chat facility during a hand to mislead opponents as to the strength of your hand.

This is when players form partnerships with the intent of defrauding other players. For example, players may signal their hand to their partner players, so that the best hand is played.

Cold Call
When a player calls a re-raise when he has not yet invested any chips in the pot.

Community Cards
The Cards dealt face up in the middle of the table. Also known as the Board.

Complete Bluff
A bluff made with a completely worthless hand.

Kings. A pair of Cowboys - particularly strong Hole Cards - are a pair of Kings.


Dead Hand
A non-playable hand such as having a 3-2 offsuit when the board has flopped a rainbow 10-J-Q.

Players do not actually deal cards at the 32Red Poker Room. However, each player does have the dealer deal for them - see Button above.

Defensive Bet
By acting before your opponent and betting on a potential winning hand, you could be limiting your losses. For example, a player might think his hand is good enough to win the pot, but if he checks he feels that his opponent would bet too large an amount for him to call and could be forced to fold his hand. Therefore, rather than having to call a large bet, he makes a defensive small bet in the hope that his opponent will simply call.

A 2 card, the lowest value card in High Poker.

Door Card
The first exposed card in a player's hand at the Seven Card Stud poker table.

Double Belly
Another name for a two-way inside straight draw. For example, if you are dealt 5-7 and the flop comes out 3-6-9, you could make a Straight be landing either a 4 or an 8 on the Turn or River cards.

Double Through
to go all-in and be called by an opponent, winning the hand and thus doubling the amount of chips you have. Also known as Double Up. Similarly you could 'Triple Through' by winning a pot from two other players.

Draw Poker
Poker variant where a player receives five cards and then has the option of discarding one or more of them in return for new cards in their place.

Drawing Dead
Concluding a hand that cannot possibly win the pot (except for bluffing).


The early positions in a 10-handed game are the first three players to act on their hand.

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