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Learn Poker terms at 32Red Poker


The speed at which the action is occuring at the table.

Paint Cards
Also known as Picture Cards, Face Cards and Court Cards. King, Queen and Jack.

Two cards of the same denomination.

Used more commonly on the UK poker circuit, Pass is the same as Fold.

Picture Cards
Also known as Paint Cards, Face Cards and Court Cards. King, Queen and Jack.

Pocket Cards
The first two cards dealt to you in Texas Hold'em Poker. These cards are dealt face down and are also know as Hole Cards.

Pocket Rockets
A pair of Aces as Hole Cards.

Your seat in relation to the dealer. This also determines when your opporunity to bet is.

This describes a forced bet such as a Blind.

The Pot is the total of the chips bet during the hand. The pot is positioned in the centre of the table and the balue of the pot should always be taken into consideration when deciding your next action at the poker table.

Pot Limit
In Pot Limit poker games, the maximum bet is limited to the size of the existing pot.


A flop (or board) that doesn't appear to help anybody very much. A flop that came down Jd-6h-2c would look ragged.

The rail separates the poker players from the spectators. If you watch a poker game from the rail you are a spectator. People on the (virtual) rail are called railbirds.

A flop that contains three different suits, thus no flush can be made on the turn. Can also mean a complete five card board that has no more than two of any suit, thus no flush is possible.

To place a bet raising the current level of bet.

Rake is a small percentage of the Pot taken by the House for services rendered. Click here to see details of rakes at 32Red Poker.

Raked hand
Each time you play a hand at the real-money tables at 32Red Poker a tiny percentage of the pot is raked by the house, as a service charge. These hands are referred to as ‘raked hands’ and they operate differently for Freerolls as they do for certain poker promotions.In Freerolls for example, a hand is considered a 'raked hand' when a player is dealt cards and the pot is raked a minimum of €0.01. However for promotions that use ‘raked hands’ as an entry requirement (e.g. Wise Guys), a raked hand is defined as one where a player has contributed to the pot and the pot was raked.

Putting a player on a particular hand, or making a well thought-out guess as to what your opponent has, is all part of reading your opponent.

Oftne a shrewd tactical move, a re-raise is to raise the level of bet placed by a player who as already raised the level of the current bet.

Ring Game
A poker game where all the available seats are occupied, thus forming a ring (opposite of a Short-handed game). Also refers to cash (i.e. not tournament) games.

The last Community Card dealt in a Flop game. The River is the fifth card dealt face up buy the dealer in Texas Hold'em Poker and the seventh card dealt in 7 Card Stud. Sometimes referred to as Fifth Street.

Royal Flush
The highest ranking hand in poker: Suited 10-J-Q-K-A

Running Pair
Concluding a hand that cannot possibly win the pot (except for bluffing).


32Red Poker offers many Satellite tournaments. The winner of a satellite obtains low cost entry into a more substantial tournament.

Scare Card
A card hitting the Board that has the potential to make a strong hand. A good example is having a Pair of Kings as Pocket Cards, and an Ace being dealt to the Board.

A common expression used by UK poker payers which means the same as to Call.

Semi Bluff
To bet on your hand which is likely not the best hand at the time of betting, but has a very good chance of becoming so as you have lots of Outs.

Another description for Three of a Kind.

Seventh Street
The last card in the poker game of Seven Card Stud.

Sit and Go
Also known as single table tournaments, where the outcome is decided by the 10 players at the table, with a cash prize for the first three players.

A game which ends up with just the one winning player.

A poker game where not all of the seats at the table are occupied (opposite of a Ring game).

Short Stack
This is when you only have a small number of chips left. Short stacked is generally when you have less than 10 times the value of the Big Blind.

This describes the point at which all betting has finished for the hand and those players left in the Pot turn over their cards to see who has won.

Side Pot
When a player has gone all-in and other players are continuing to contest the hand, the additional bets form a side pot.

Sixth Street
The sixth card dealt in a game of Seven Card Stud.

Slow Play
This is where a player attempts to fool other players by underbetting when in reality they have a strong hand.

Small Blind
In order to get the aciton going at the poker table, the player to the immediate left of the dealer places a Small Blind bet. To the left of the Small Blind is the player who must place the Big Blind bet which is twice the size of the Small Blind.

Two 8s as Pocket Cards.

Soft Play
This is when players play without putting pressure on their opponents by betting aggressively. The players are not necessarily colluding, but they are not out to get each other's chips either. When they find themselves in a game together they play easy. For example, they may just check each hand to the end of the game.

Refers to the number or pile of chips a player has.

Good players steal pots. This play is best described as a bluff by a player in a late position around the table, against a table of seemingly weak hands.

A Straight consists of give consecutive cards, not of the same suit.

Straight Flush
The Straight Flush is fice consecutive cards, all of the same suit. A very strong hand.

Stud Poker
Stud Poker is the generic name for any game of poker where cards are dealt face down to the player, followed by several face up cards.

Card of the same suit

Suited Connectors
This describes two Pocket Cards dealt to a player that are of the same suit and can also be used as part of a Straight.


Not only the poker table itself, but also a term for the collective players in the game.

When a player has no chips.

This is an action or mannerism by a player which can give opponents some idea of the strength or weakness of the player's hand. Check out our guide to Online Tells.

Texas Hold'em
The most popular poker game, Texas Hold'em Poker is a game in which you use the 5 Community Cards dealt by the dealer, along with your 2 Pocket Cards to form the best five card hand. Click here for a guide on how to play Texas Hold'em at 32Red Poker.

Third Street
The round of betting after the first three cards are flopped in Seven Card Stud.

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same denomination. Also known as Triplets.

A tight player is soeone who plays less hands than average when at the poker table, ususally only playing strong hands. Whilst this type of player may win a good erpcentage of the pots he takes part in, the pots will generally be smaller than the norm.

Playing on Tilt is often due to losing a hand which you felt you should have won, and then playing poorly thanks to your emotions. Not recommended!

Top Pair
Pairing the highest cards on the Board in flop poker games.

Three cards of the same denomination. Also known as Three of a Kind or 'Trips'.

The Turn Card is the fourth of the Communtiy Cards in Texas Hold'em Poker. Sometimes referred to as Fourth Street.

Two Pair
A hand consisting of two sets of pairs.


Under the Gun
The position of the player who acts first on a betting round. For instance, if you are one to the left of the Big Blind, you are under the gun before the flop.

Up Card
A card dealt face up by the dealer to the table.

Value Bet
A bet which, if made in that position each time, is expected to produce long-term value for the player making the bet.

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