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UCOP 2020

UCOP 2020

€500K guaranteed over 54 Events. €20K performance-based leaderboard. See full terms.

We’re kicking off 2020 with the €500,000 GTD Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) Grand Finale, which will run between 19th January and 2nd February and will feature a whopping 54 events, as well as a €20,000 Leaderboard.

As usual, not only will there be a variety of formats to suit all tastes, but this fantastic tournament series also caters for all bankrolls and, thanks to ongoing satellites, it’s possible to qualify for the bigger buy-in events for peanuts.

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Week 1

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UCOP 2020 week 1 schedule

Week 2

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UCOP 2020 week 1 schedule

UCOP Leaderboard

With the UCOP Grand Finale being the final edition, the overall winner will be the last player to earn the much sought-after title of Greatest Poker Player in the Universe, and with it the last ever UCOP trophy.


Of course, there’s also the matter of over €20,000 worth of prizes in this performance-based challenge, which tracks your progress throughout the UCOP series.

There will be 20 places paid, with 1st being awarded the following:

• The Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2020 trophy

  • €3,100 Online Tournament Tickets Package
  • €1,000 Cash
  • Player’s Choice Prize

The Player’s Choice Prize can be any one of:

  • €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package or
  • €1,500 MPNPT Madrid package or
  • €1,000 Cash

Leaderboard Prizes

Place Prizes
1st Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2019 trophy + €3,100 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €1,000 Cash + Player’s Choice Prize
2nd €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €500 Cash
3rd €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €300 Cash
4th €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €100 Cash
5th- 8th €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package
9th- 10th 5x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
11th – 12th 3x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
13th – 20th 1x €110 Online Tournament Ticket

How it Works

It all boils down to your overall UCOP performance - the better you do, the fewer points you pick up, with 1 point for winning a tournament, 2 for finishing second, 3 for third and so on down the field of each event in which you play. Ultimately, the fewer points you collect during the series, the higher your position on the Leaderboard.

For those tournaments in which you do not take part, your points will be the number of players in that event plus 1. For example, missing a 100-player tournament will see 101 points added to your running total. Note that a player’s worst (i.e. highest) 15-point scores will be discarded when determining overall scores.

Tournament of Champions

Winning any UCOP event earns a place in the Tournament of Champions (16th February 2020) which will boast over €2,750 in prizes, including a €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package for the winner!

Tournament of Champions Prizes

Place Prizes
1st €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package
2nd 5x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
3rd 3x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
4th 2x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
5th- 8th 1x €110 Online Tournament Ticket

UCOP Main Event Entry

Along with entry to the Tournament of Champions, when you win any of the first 48 UCOP events you will receive a €110 ticket for the €50,000 UCOP Main Event (2nd February 2020).

Dust off your favourite virtual poker cap, bring you’re A-Game and get ready for a fun-filled tournament ride as you make the most of the UCOP Grand Finale…

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Help Centre.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Universal Championship of Poker (UCOP) Grand Finale tournament series runs from 00:00 on the 19th January 2020 until 23:59 on the 2nd of February 2020.
  2. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC) applies to all times stated.
  3. On each day of the tournament series, you can play events with different buy-in and guaranteed amounts as set out in the tournament schedule. For clarity, each UCOP event is an individual game/tournament played during the series.
  4. Online satellites for UCOP events are running from the 6th January 2020 and start at €0.01.
  5. Leaderboard positions for each UCOP event are calculated as follows:
    1. If you win an event, you will get 1 point, 2 points for 2nd place, 3 for 3rd place, etc.
    2. If you do not enter a tournament, you will get the number of entries +1 in points. For example, if 100 players enter a tournament that you do not play in, you will get 101 points for that tournament.
    3. Your highest (worst) 15-point scores will be discarded from your overall score after the series has ended.
    4. If there is a tie on the leaderboard at the end of the series, it will be broken by whoever has the amount of most number of wins. If it is still tied on wins, then it will come down to most amount of 2nd places, and so on.
  6. Points will be displayed on the MPN website with the normal leaderboard (Alias & Points) for the top 500 players, along with a link to a PDF showing a full breakdown across all the events for all players.
  7. The leaderboard overall winner may choose one from the selection of prizes as per below:
    1. €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package (8x €110, 8x €55, 11x €22 tickets) or
    2. €1,500 MPNPT Madrid package or
    3. €1,000 Cash
  8. The prizes for the top 20 places on the UCOP leaderboard are:
    1. 1st prize: Greatest Poker Player in the Universe 2020 trophy + €3,100 Online Tournament Tickets Package (12x €110, 14x €55, 14x €33, 16x €22, 18x €11 tickets) + €1,000 Cash + Choice
    2. 2nd prize: €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €500 Cash
    3. 3rd prize: €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €300 Cash
    4. 4th prize: €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €100 Cash
    5. 5th-8th prizes: €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package
    6. 9th-10th prizes: 5x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
    7. 11-12th prizes: 3x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
    8. 13th-20th prizes: 1x €110 Online Tournament Ticket
  9. The leaderboard positions will be finalised within 48 hours of the Promotion Period closing. The winner of the 1st prize will be contacted within 5 business days of this date and notified of their win. The winner must respond and confirm their Choice prize within 30 calendar days of being notified, or their Choice prize will be forfeited.
  10. You can earn 1 ticket for the UCOP Tournament of Champions at 19:00 on Sunday the 16th of February 2020 if you win at least one UCOP event. For each additional UCOP event you win, you will start with an additional 5,000 chips. The top 8 players of the Tournament of Champions will be awarded as follows:
    1. 1st prize: €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package
    2. 2nd prize: 5 x €110 online tournament tickets
    3. 3rd prize: 3 x €110 online tournament tickets
    4. 4th prize: 2 x €110 online tournament tickets
    5. 5th-8th prize: €110 online tournament ticket
  11. If you win any of the first 48 UCOP events you will receive a €110 ticket to the €50,000 UCOP Main Event. You must register to the €50,000 UCOP Main Event yourself. Tickets are only valid for this event and unused tickets will expire. Only one €110 ticket can be used for entering the €50,000 UCOP Main Event on the 2nd February 2020. If you win more than one ticket it/they will changed to a generic ticket that can be used for any tournament with same buy-in.
  12. Players based in Sweden are not eligible for the leaderboard portion of this promotion.
  13. We are not responsible for any adverse effects any participant experiences throughout the use of their prize.
  14. We reserve the right to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.
  15. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
  16. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.
  17. You may not create more than one account at 32Red Poker. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.
  18. In addition to these rules, all the normal network rules and 32Red’s Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms and conditions last updated 16:00 GMT+1, 9th January 2019

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