Sit & Go Tournaments...

Every day we will be holding a variety of single table tournaments. These can be found under the "Sit and Go" tab in the poker software. Please note that there are no specific times for each event as they start whenever there are enough players to begin.

Rounders Tournaments - a new kind of Sit & Go...

Welcome to Rounders - the new-style Sit & Go tournaments from 32Red Poker.

Rounders tournaments run all day, every day - the tournament for each Round
starts whenever 10 people have sat down. So there's no waiting for a tournament
to start at a certain time that might not suit you, and you don't have to play all 5 Rounds in one go. You choose which table you sit down at, and when, at every stage.

Play when you please - any Round, any place, any time!

Play Rounders Sit and Go Tournaments at 32Red Online Poker Room

Extreme Stack Sit and Go

Do you find yourself being caught out by the pace of standard sit & go tournaments? Do you find the blinds go up so fast your starting stack gets eaten up by the blinds before you can get into the swing of the action? Then you'll love our new Extreme Stack Sit & Go tournaments at 32Red Poker.

Extreme Stack tournaments start with 8 players and a $2,000 chip starting stack. Blinds increase every 10 minutes according to the table below:

Level 1$10/20
Level 2$20/40
Level 3$40/80
Level 4$60/120
Level 5$100/200
Level 6$150/300
Level 7$200/400
Level 8$300/600
Level 9$500/1000
Level 10$600/1200

Payout Structure...

Buy-ins range from $20 + $2 to $1,000 + $50, and you can choose from Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud, Pot Limit and No Limit tables.

The tournaments run continuously, so you can register now under the Sit & Go Tournaments Extreme Stack section.

Last updated: 29th August 2008, 15.00 BST

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