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ShipItDonkMeet 32Red Poker Player Dave (“beano672003”) and read here about his adventures during the Poker Festival Newcastle 12th – 13th April 2008…

I am Dave or username beano672003 on 32Red Poker.

I have been playing poker for nearly 4 yrs now and found it quite easy to get hooked being a bit of a fish.

I don’t get to play much live poker but play online whilst my other half is watching Corrie and Emmerdale etc. I qualified for my second festival on another site along with my 18 yr old son and even managed to win another ticket for his friend and gladly accepted the offer of wearing 32Red Poker clothing having final tabled a couple of times in their “Be the Bounty” tournament. I by no means profess to be a great player, but just go with my read and instincts and sometimes make daft calls but my explanation for this when I was filmed going into the tournament when the interviewer said “beano the fish” was I put this down to distractions namely my 5 young kids as it is often easier to just press call!!!

We arrived at Aspers casino which is a fantastic place right in the heart of Newcastle after a quick drive up the a1 from Yorkshire having said a few prayers as we passed the angel of the north, and a long drive round Newcastle, going up and down one ways and bus only routes several times.

I had a few beers and meet face to face with players we had virtually sat next to for years but had no idea of their personalities, a couple of 32Red: chipsville, hectormcg and irivrdu were there too. Then the tournament began as it was deepstack and more a marathon than a sprint I settled down with a coffee and just take it easy was my game plan and keep up with the average chip count. There was a mixture of all types on my 1st table with 2 bounty players EVIL ELVIS AND LUCY ROCHAK. There were also a few forum players and two blokes from Ireland one from north and one from south which started to get a bit political when they started appearing to be pinching blinds…

There was Tikay doing running commentaries on any all-ins and having to run from any one of the 23 tables to the next. It seemed every 4/5mins there were all-ins and every time KK vs AA with all sorts of outcomes but I still thought it was far too early to risk an allin in a 2 day tourney to be sucked out for your entire stack

The table remained pretty tight with Lucy’s experience showing and few seemed prepared to take her on, I got involved in a few pots where I raised with decent hands pre flop, missed and checked so she would usually bet the pot or missed and bet and she would re-raise, on the rare occasion I hit she always seemed to have a read on me and ended up folding so I was finding it hard work. My best catch was about after 3 hours play with K(H) 10(S) limp when the blinds were 300/150 with 2 callers and also the big blind. The flop came J9Q rainbow giving me the nuts str8.I checked hoping somebody would stick in a bet but it checked all the way round. Turn came A(D) improving my str8 with no flush draw so I hoped that somebody had hit 2 pair possibly with the ace. I bet 1k into the pot and got an instant call from a player who had just been moved to our table with a fair stack of about 15k all the others folded. The river came 2(C) which still left me with the best possible hand so I continue bet 1k which I hoped made me look weak if he had two pair and he raised to 3k so I re-raised all-in and he thought for ages then eventually called showing A9 doubling me up and leaving him a little crippled. By now the action was growing and people were coming out of their shells on our table helped by Elvis standing up and singing VIVA LAS VEGAS every time he won a bit pot or went all-in then stating “Elvis has NOT left the building!!!”

Nothing else too memorable on my first table after doubling up I stayed about level on 20k for the first four hours or so and people were dropping out every 3 or 4 minutes as the blinds increased, along with the numerous bad beats being announced. The winner of the worst bad beat got a free return trip to Vegas. One notable one was 55 v kq on a k5kq board, both went all-in before the river card which was flipped over to give quad 5’s. Also JJ got out of jail against AK on AKX board with turn and river of Q 10.Another guy was unlucky on my table with 22 on a 10 4 2 board; bet 1k into 600 pot and called by a pro bounty player. Bet 2k on K turn, again called and continue bet 2k on Q river for the pro to turn over AJ!!!!

My table was broken down shortly after the dinner break and I was pleased to think I was moving from the bounty players who had some form. That was until I found myself sandwiched between Maria Demetriou with once again Lucy Rokach the other side and some players with sizable stacks. I now had to tighten up even more and only played position with premium hands and happy to just take blinds or considerably small pots without pushing or risking a large chunk of my stack that was now just below the average of 25k I watched one memorable hand with Lucy on SB and “Al the fox” on BB with AJ, Lucy raised and Al called. FLOP = J 10 6(rainbow); Lucy bet, Al raised, Lucy called, turn card 5. Lucy checked with about 25k in the pot and about 11k left. Al looked at her stack and put her all-in she took a minute or so saying “I really didn’t believe you had hit on that flop, I’m miles behind now but I call” showing Q7 with no draws; river comes Q for about 47K!!!!

Just before it was my turn for BB at 1600 I was asked to join another table which I hoped would help improve my now relatively small stack as everyone seemed to be doubling up and although treading water I felt I had to make some moves soon especially joining a new table and thought to come back to the tournament for day two I would need 40k to work with and only an hour or 2 more play left. I joined the table and sat out the first hand and then posted my big blind of 1600. There was a minimum raise about third position to 3200 and it folded all the way round to me, checking my cards I had QQ which was the biggest pair I had all day after 7 hrs play apart from KK very early on where everyone folded and I just took the blinds with a minimum raise. I thought I needed to push with this, having already put 1600 in the pot which had 1600+800+3200+1000 antes= 6600 and would have been happy not to see a flop hoping the raiser would fold there and then or if he called I may well double up. He didn’t take long to call and the bloke who I had just sat down next to said “heeeee last time he did that, he had pocket rockets” I thanked him for not telling me beforehand and prepared for my expected departure having not even warmed my seat up. He flopped over his cards and true enough staring straight back at me were those lovely aces we all long to behold, which were to be my downfall as with so many others that day who had exited, either holding them or coming up against them!!!!!

No regrets and thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish.


Bring on the next one.


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