Newcastle Poker Festival 12th – 13th April 2008

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ShipItDonkMeet 32Red Poker Player ”ShipItDonk89″ and read here about his adventures during the Poker Festival Newcastle 12th – 13th April 2008…

I’ve just got back from a fantastic weekend of poker up in Newcastle. The occasion was the second Newcastle Poker Festival and wat a festival it was…

The main event was a £150 deep stack tournament with an excellent structure where you started with 10,000 chips and blinds of 25/50 with a 40 minute clock making it so there was a lot of play compared to most
of the internet tourneys. Along with the great structure that the tournament had there was also some added value in the form of some pro bounties. The bounties consisted of the lovely Maria Demetrious,
veteran pro Lucy Rokach and someone I’m not so common with was a guy called Evil Elvis (a tubby guy dressed in an Elvis suit). I think the organizers of the festival did a brilliant job of keeping all entrants feel at home and ran the festival as well as they could of; everyone I talked to thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Now to the tournament…

As the structure was so good it meant that instead of having to gamble in some spots I would normally have to I could bide my time and wait for better spots to come around, so for the first few blind levels I
sat back and barely played a hand gathering as much information as I could about my table. The first confrontation I had was 4 levels in and by this time I pretty much knew most of the player’s tendencies. So it folds round to me on the button with a stack of 8k and I pick up JJ; the small blind is an extremely tight player who hasn’t played many pots all day and the big blind is an loose maniac aggressive player who has
been caught with his hand in the cookie jar numerous times the first being where there was a raise to 1500 with the blinds 150/300 a re raise all in for 3k then a called call and then it was on Mr. maniac who
thinks for a second then over shoves for about 10k showing 44 at the showdown. The second was on a scary board of AhQh7? J? 3h. He bet on every street finally getting his opponent off the pot on the river only to
show 52 off lol. So with this knowledge I raise to 900 with my jacks, the SB folds as expected and the maniac insta pushes having me covered. Now this is a real tough spot for me because although I know his range is as wide as it gets all he needs is 2 over’s to be nearly a coin flip and I’m not a player who really likes to race for my tournament life, after a long think I call and he shows Q4suited lool at least it was suited =). I hit my 3rd J on the flop and leave Mr. Maniac crippled bumping myself up to about 16k or so.

The second key hand was against last year’s winner of the first festival, Dave Young. Now this was the first time I’d played against Dave and he seemed to be a pretty good tight aggro player. In a previous hand I’d
seen him make a standard pre flop raise then made a continuation bet on a rainbow flop of 10 6 2 only to be raised. Dave smooth called. An A came on the turn and the flop raiser bet about half the pot leading to Dave folding KK face up on the table, so I knew he was capable of folding hands as I know a lot of people who would have shoved and hoped for the best on the flop. As Dave had won last year he also had a bounty on his head so I felt that he was going to fold many hands if he was put to the test. In the hand Dave opened with a raise to 1300 with the blinds at 200/400 it folds round to me in the small blind and I look down at 2 red 8’s with a stack of about 15k so I decide to peel off a flop as Dave is quite deep stacked and if I hit my 8 then I could get all his chips; big blind passes. So in the HU pot the flop comes down 974 rainbow, and with Dave being a bounty I can’t see him calling a bet on this flop with 2 over’s so I lead out for 1600 which he calls, getting me slightly worried. The turn comes another 7 which I thought was a great bluffing card for me because now even if he has an over pair he has to be scared of a bet on the flop and the turn so again I lead out for 3k and this leads Dave to insta min raise to 6k. Wow great read lol, I fold my hand as quick as he raised and he flips over 99 for the second nuts. I felt this was rather unlucky to walk in to 99 as I can see him folding just about any hand except 77 or 99 in this spot as I can’t see him raising with any other hands here because he was so tight. That knocks me back down to 9k, but I’m still in it as the average was 12k.

My final hand of the tournament was a fairly regrettable one but I think in the long run this would certainly be a winning play. I’ve built my stack back up to 11,500 mainly from stealing pots/blinds without much resistance when the following hand occurs. With the blinds at 200/400 with a running ante of 25 a fairly oldish guys limps into the pot. This must have been about the 5th time in a row he’d done this and had
been limping all day. Folds round to the guy on my right who seems to be a solid tight aggro player who earlier in the tournament made a standard raise pre flop only to be re raised three times the bet,
leading to a long thought by the guy on my right before he finally folded 1010; he had also been caught out in a earlier pot where he made a pot sized bet on a four flush board to insta muck when he was called
so I knew he could fold big hands but could also make a move or two as well. With the old guys limp he bumps it up to 1500 which makes me think he could do this with just about any 2 cards to isolate the weak
limp from the old guy. With this in mind I see A4 off on the button and decide to make a move as I’m falling way behind the pack in chips. I re raise to 3,500 leaving myself 8k behind. The blinds both fold and it so
does the initial limper as expected but the guy on my right now calls which I don’t like 1 bit. In this spot I’m going to give up on the hand now 9/10 as he must have a premium pair with the minimum I’m putting him on AK, I’m not going to carry on in this pot unless I flop a monster draw or trips etc. The flop is J24 with two hearts and I have the A of hearts. He checks so I decide to check behind. At this point I’m putting him on 6 possible hands, JJ, QQ, KK, AK and possibly AQs or AA but I strongly feel he would push with aces. The turn looks to be a great card for me the Ad giving me 2pr, now he leads out for 2,500 into a 7,500 pot which to me looks extremely fishy, only betting a 3rd of the pot leads me to believe he’s either got the buts or nothing here as he could be wanting a call with trip aces or jacks, but also he could be betting AK AQs (possibility) and even kings or queens because he could have been trying to trap check raise me on the flop with these 2 hands. With this in mind I decide I’m beating more hands than I’m losing to and decide to push for my last 8k and end up being called in no time. My opponent shows JJ having flopped the nuts against me (for a change lol) leaving me 4 outs in the deck for the win but I don’t get them. Well better luck next time I guess =)

But all in all I think I played the cards I got dealt as well as I could have and couldn’t have done much more different in the tourney and had a brill time afterwards. Finally just like to say a big thanks to 32Red Manager Isabel for sponsoring us for this tournament.

Good luck at the tables


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