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Robert12345The festival started on Wednesday 18th June, with a £100 freeze out. Then on the Thursday there was a £200 freeze out and the £500 main event had two starting days on the Friday and Saturday and it would finish on the Sunday.

I decided to pass on the Wednesday and Thursday donkaments to play cash games instead. On Wednesday I played a 6 hour cash session at £1/£2 no limit and turned a £200 losing into a £300 winning session. Biggest help was calling about £40 pre flop with 89 off with 4 other people and hitting an 885 flop and getting a max payout from 99!

Thursday was a new day and I arrived at the casino about an hour before the cash games started. I don’t like blackjack, but I was so bored that I decided to sit down with £50 and play basic strategy with £10 bets. At the blackjack I met a gentleman who was going to be playing on my cash table and seemed to like a flutter, this was going to be very useful information to me later.

At the cash table I started off trying to play short and get an easy double through. In about an hours time I had lost £300 and to be honest I hadn’t really had one bad beat. 3 hours through my session most of the table went to dinner and I bought in for £250 was playing 3 handed with my friend from the blackjack table. I had Ac10c on SB button, the button folded and I call to £2 and the man from the black jack table, who made it £20. I pushed instantly and he instantly called tabling KQ off suit. I doubled through and could see he was getting agitated.

I started playing a few side games with him of red or black (betting on a red or black flop) starting off at £20 and when he was losing it got up to £100. Then when he was down I refused to play red or black and wanted to change the side game of AJ2 falling on the flop where I had the edge. At the start he refused to play, but as he gradually lost and was down about £600-700 he agreed to play for £200 and then £150 and lost both times. Then he lost a £1.2k pot after pushing with Ac3c vs KK, at least it was suited!

My stack had risen from £250 to around £1300 in the last 2 hours, but I was starting to get tired and the effects of 14 hours a day of poker (online and live) were starting to take their toll on me… I tightened up a lot until I got QQ on the BB. A mid position raiser made it £20, button flat calls and I made it £140. The raiser folded and button pushed for around £600 I called and he flipped AA, £600 down the drain 🙁

Then the champagne came out and I was felted about an hour later, which does prove I can’t play deep. I lost 650 big blinds! Then I went home and played a session of $5/$10 heads up. I had $1900 against his $80 at one point, but he managed to felt me thirty minutes later. I guess I really can’t play deep!

The £500 tournament began at 3pm on Friday and I overslept! I rushed down to the casino and got there just before the first hand. The tournament layout was 10000 starting chips, 1 hour blind levels starting off at 25/50. There were 249 entrants and the winner was going to receive a massive £40750 for his efforts.

First hand I’m dealt Jc10c on the big blind. There are two callers one from second position and one from the small blind. The flop is 9c8c5h, I bet out he pot 150, second position makes it 450 and the small blind folds. I think for a few second and chuck in three 1000 yellow chips, he shoves and I instant call. He shows 6d7d, which is actually an underdog against my monster drawing hand. The turn is the two of clubs and I take down a 20000+ chip pot.

What a start and I thought I deserved a break so when the button had passed me I went to the casino restaurant to get some lunch. The next big hand I had was AK off under the gun. I played it as Doyle says by flat calling and there were about 7 people to the flop. The flop was a rainbow K107. I bet out 250 into a 350 pot, 2nd position flat calls and it is then folded to the button who makes it 900. I folded my hand as I thought one of them for sure had two pair and the other could be drawing for the straight so my A out could be dead. 2nd position folded as well and the button showed K10 for two pair, good fold by me.

I was pretty bored in the tournament so I decided to get some side bets going, only red or black this time. After few hours I had won 5 of the red or blacks in a row for £50 each always betting on black. I had managed to even convince one of my opponents black was a 51.09% favourite due to the weight of the ink and he believed me!

Back to the tournament at the 50/100 level I had AQ off under the gun and made it 300 to play, only the button called. The flop was J103 and I checked to the button who bet out 400, I made it 1100 and he flat called. The turn was a K, I bet 3000 and he flat called again. Then the river was a blank and I bet out 6000 and another flat call. I flipped AQ and he mucked, but I was later told he had 1010.

There was a pretty famous tourney pro at my table, called Ash Hussain who I had previously seen in Luton. I knew he was a pretty good player and I made a loose call for 500 against him which I wasn’t happy with, ace high. This silenced me for a while and my stack remained pretty constant at around the 29000 mark for a few hours. When the blinds reached 200/400 with 25 ante, I woke up to JJ one off the button and everyone folded to me. I raised to 1025 and the button re-raised to 3000 and the blinds folded. I had heard the button moaning to me about getting no hands and seemed to be losing his patience, so I pushed and he called after thinking for a few minutes to show AK. This was about a 24000 pot and he spiked an ace on the river.

The next big pot I played was at 300/600 with 50 antes, I had QQ on the big blind and Ash Hussain raised all in for 4000 and I instant called. He showed 99 and I won the pot and knocked him out the tournament. My stack was around 21000 now. A new player took Ash’s seat with about a 70000 chip stack and told the table how he got in through an online freeroll. By him saying this I knew he would be easier money than the rest of the competition (no offence to the free rollers out there). I had KQ off in one of the button and raised to 1500 and I had one caller in the big blind who turned out to be the free roller. Flop was KsJd6h, he checked and I bet out 4000, which is around the pot. I still have 16,000 behind me and he thought for about 5 minutes before eventually pushing. I instant call and he shows Ad6d and hit’s runner runner diamond to send me home after 7 hours. I guess this is why they call them donkaments…

I was pretty upset as I thought I had played really well and deserved a bit of luck to get me through this one pot and give me enough chips for the second day, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be. After this experience I will still be mainly sticking to the online cash games, but I’ll probably play much more tournaments over the next year than I have done so this year as I really do enjoy the whole aspects of a festival (cash games, side games and poker players) not just the big tournament.

I would like to thank 32Red for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

Best of luck at the tables


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