Dom Does Vegas and the WSOP – Part I

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DominiqueFrom Freeroll to the WSOP, Dom recounts his first day at the biggest poker event in the world…

Hi everyone,

I made it throught day 1. 47850 chips after a full day of play. Could have been more but was playing really tight and didnt take any risks. I was all-in once with a caller early in the tourney. I was on Ace king and the board gave me 2 pair. He was small stack and when I went all-in he called me straight away. I got real scare but he turned a flush draw and the turn and river held and gave me the 12500 pot.

It is amazing out here. There are some damned good poker players out here, but I am sure with the first day passed I will start making more moves at the tables tomorrow as my confidence grows. I was stuck on hard tables with the chips leader for most day – he was on 200K when I joined so I had to be extra cautious all day. The average at the moment is 38K so I am well in touch with the rest of the field and i am feeling good for the next day. I was card dead yesterday for at least 3 hours, so when i entered the last 2 hours with 21K in chips and managed to build up to 47k I was really pleased.

Durign the day I folded an Ace Queen on a Queen Jack 3 board. The other player flashed me a set of Jacks to make me feel so much better. It took me everything I had to let it go but i did and my confidence after that was solid. Anyway that same guy was knocked out after a few hand by the chips leader.

I have played very few hands and only one quality one, but my image at the table gave me a few chances for bluffing some big pots. All in all, I am very pleased with my day’s play.

Right, back to enjoying Vegas!

Speak to you soon.


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trickyrock · July 10, 2008 at 2:18 pm

Hey Dominic,

Many congrats on your first day, and surviving the tricky field. I was going to come watch you today, but decided to play the $5k event at the Bellagio, so couldn’t make it. Hope things went well; let us all know how it went!

Aaron_32Red · July 10, 2008 at 2:55 pm

Yes, nice one Dom – everyone at 32Red was thinking of you. Enjoy Vegas!

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